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Originally published April 28 2008

Living Life to the Fullest: Interview With Dorit, Raw Foods Chef and Educator

by Kevin Gianni

(NaturalNews) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Raw Summit Teleseminar program which can be found at ( . In this excerpt, Dorit shares her secrets on living fully.

Raw Summit Excerpt with Dorit, a Certified Living Foods Chef, educator for the Chopra Centre, coaches Lifeskills Groups, and is a retreat and workshop leader for medically supervised Cleansing and Detoxification Retreats.

Kevin: Hello everyone. This is Kevin Gianni and I'd like to welcome you to another very special Raw Summit Teleseminar, which can be found online at ( . Today I have a very special guest on the line. She is a raw and living foods transition expert and author of Celebrating Our Raw Nature. Dorit, welcome to the Raw Summit.

Dorit: Thank you very much Kevin.

Kevin: What do you do on a daily basis to maintain your health and your mental

Dorit: Meditate. I do not start a day without meditating. I meditate, meditate, meditate.

Kevin: Right when you get up?

Dorit: As soon as I get up I meditate. I used to get up and run and then meditate. At
the moment, I meditate first. It keeps changing with me because, you know, I listen to what I need. As the moment, I meditate first. That's my preference at this moment. I'm talking to you about my change. But right now, that's what I've been doing, I meditate first. If I happen to prefer moving first then I will move first and then I will meditate afterwards.

Kevin: How long do you meditate?

Dorit: Usually an hour to keep up to the meditation that we teach at the shopping center. The one that I do is an hour long and we also have affirmations that are focused. I say affirmations but that's not what they really are that we do at the very end. It's my way of getting in the body first in the morning. Again, the body first because at night we are not in the body.

Kevin: Where are we?

Dorit: I don't know. Everybody has a different place. All of us have different places
and the hours between 10 to 2 are the hours that we need to be sleeping no matter what times that we are because that is when all healing occurs. So I try first thing in the morning just to be in my body and I might usually have movement and meditation in the morning and that's my way of getting in the
body. If you are in your body, you'll find that you're very grounded and you no longer start judging the day. I had a bad morning, I had a bad day. It's not about the day or the morning, you are responding that way to your day. The day is not bad, the day is not good. You are responding and judging your experiences as you go through the day. For example, people would say, "Oh my gosh, I'm not
going anywhere today because the weather is bad".

I don't know what they mean about bad or when the weather is good. Weather is just weather. The weather needs to be great, it needs to be sunny, it needs to rain, it needs to snow, it needs to be windy and it needs to also be quite sometimes. But we resist it, just like we resist everything else in our lives. So, it's almost like we use it and every little thing that comes along. A change in the weather, a person walking by too fast in front of us, somebody rushing by us. Everything affects us and all of a sudden we are having a bad day. So we give away our power, we disempower ourselves by living on the outside and not being fully grounded in our body. When you are fully grounded in your body, you'll find that experiences come and go and you are not attached to any of them and they have not ripped you apart nor are you exhilarated by them.

Kevin: What happens if one by one more people started doing that?

Dorit: I think we would start living fully. Anything less than fully is not living and it is
totally against the mediocrity in the book. I have talked about that. I don't believe that this silly thing which I hear so much, Kevin, in the media about moderation and all things, that's mediocrity. We just come here to live life in moderation. We came here to have all our experiences fully shown up for them which is why the raw vegan diet facilitates it, we are ready. We have done the work before hand, fully ready and fully capable of having an experience, without labeling it, just an experience and not being attached to it. If we all show as a choice, as a decision, show to live that way, we would stop creating ogres of presidents and prime ministers, kings and queens, and stop creating demons of people, stop demonizing people, and stop putting people on pedestals as well. We'll instead look at our own selves and we see how everything reflects back to us and take responsibility for everything that shows up in our lives. If we did this, the earth would not have to be hurting itself all the time, with earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes which is what it does.

It needs to purge the fact that we give out so much anger all day long, and that's heat. So a lot of heat we give off with our anger, resentment, and all emotions, and our suppressed emotions. The earth takes it all and then it has to purge and then we get angry and we feel like we are victims because of the earthquake, the hurricanes. Whatever it is with the earth purging and we don't want that either and it's just a cycle where we're so miserable. The misery just keeps replenishing itself and I think if we just live a little bit more this way, we would let go of the misery a bit. When we let go of the misery, we begin to realize how powerful we are. If we realize how powerful we are, if we stop blaming, we start really feeling the joy that is within ourselves and we start looking for happiness because happiness in on the outside. With happiness, you are always attached to something, a person, a circumstance, or an experience, you happen to be happy. You stop looking for happiness and instead know the essence of who we are with just pure joy and love. We start asking people not to create wars anymore because when there's a war, that's only indicative of the internal wars that are going on within us. Everything has a miracle.

So, one of the things I do at the end of my meditation is I go into my heart and sometimes I teach it at workshops too, and everybody has a different experience of it of what I sense with the energies in my heart, and then I thank and love my heart because the blood goes through the heart and goes through all the other organs in the body and every tissue in the body. I then have those emotions sensed from the heart into the rest of the body. And I always create harmony in the heart and I ask my heart to harmonize itself with the other organs. Harmony and peace exist within my own physical body between the organs; when there is harmony and peace between the organs and my body, then they will also exist on the outside and I will reflect that through what I do -- how I eat, how I feel, how I think and respond to other people. I respond peacefully and in harmony to people and that is why my company and my website is called serenity spaces -- serenity in the outside of yourself, but within the physical body. So if you create serenity in your body through the foods you eat or what you drink or the thoughts that you nourish your body with, then that will lead your system. That's where our joy is and that's where love is and that's where our beauty lies.

I really believe that life is made up of joy, beauty, and a tremendous amount of laughter, crying, tears, and also feeling. Anything, pain, pleasure but not being attached to them. I heard the saying 'larger than life'. What a lie. The largest thing we can live is our own lives. One of the greatest lies I've ever heard. There is nothing larger than living this life. There are so many lies that we perpetuate and we begin to believe them and that's the sad thing with those socially conditioned. We think that this is what it is. And yet our teenagers now, this is not all there is. That is why they are on drugs and that's why they are shooting at each other. That is why people are being murdered as we speak right now. People are saying "I'm angry". I know there is something else and so they believe it by the sudden burst of energy that they feel when they kill somebody or when they rape somebody or when they maim somebody or when they hide from whatever they are using to get high from. They're going to come from it at some point. It doesn't pay. It's another depleting thing that we do to deplete ourselves of the truth of who we are. We are not raw, not cooked, and we are not any of the things that we label ourselves. We are just souls living our physical lives having experiences here on earth. I don't want these experiences because the minute I say "Guess what Kevin? It will show up". That is why it is great not to say the word "never". We just need to be open to all these experiences and obviously I was rejecting the experiences that I was meant to have in Los Angeles.

Kevin: We have to be very careful about the words that we choose. It is very difficult to choose words exactly the way we want. It's not a bad thing that you ended up in Los Angeles though.

Dorit: I don't think good or bad. It's just another experience that I was meant to have.

Kevin: You're saying you are fighting your intuition?

Dorit: No. You know what? I had a client in Europe who gave me a gift. Stuart, the man called himself. He was one of those people who saw things before they happen. And he told me I'll end up living in some place that starts with "C" and he couldn't get it and I said, "Canada" because I love Canada. "I know you will be in Canada but not for long again, you will go back to Canada but not for long.. ." No, I said, Connecticut. He said country, its California. I said, "not in California?" And he kept going and he said it's actually Los Angeles. Actually, I said, "no way". And then he said, "Oh yes, and you are going to write a book that's gonna change people's lives". I said, "It's huge! I don't have any books to write, are you out of your mind, I don't write books. That's non sense". And then he kept saying all these other stuffs to me. And every one of them came true. But I throw away all the other stuff he gave me afterwards because I didn't believe him a bit.

Kevin: Really? So what's next for you? So, you're writing this new book, is it finished or
are you still working on it?

Dorit: Yes. This book is called Recipes For life. I have a book about to come out now.
It is at the publisher's right now. The second is of the same title Celebrating Our Raw Nature but this is the truly raw edition, the first one was the transition in England. And the second one, I think you know what's really interesting Kevin, I wrote all the stuff I'm telling you about and I gave it to the publisher as the Sacred Art of Eating. The publisher took it all out. People are not ready for this so I'm putting all the stuff they took out into another book called Recipes For Life which have been self published. Because I think it's important and that's the one I am working on for the moment.

Kevin: And that involves some of the seasonal eating?

Dorit: Yes. all of that. Everything. A lot of exercises in the house to deal with the
emotions that shape around food or the depressed emotions and the anxiety that come up in our lives. We don't want to feel the negative feelings that we do when the anxiety comes up; I describe exercises to do and things to do when that happens.

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