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Originally published March 27 2008

Health Ranger Show Needs Your Help to Reach More Listeners with Empowering Health Information

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The Health Ranger show has been on the air for one week, broadcasting from the Genesis Communications Network (, which distributes the show via satellite to AM radio stations across North America. Initial response to the show has been overwhelmingly positive on the few stations that know about the show, but most AM stations still aren't aware of the Health Ranger show. It's time to change that!

A few weeks ago, I asked for your help in calling your local AM stations to request they carry the show. While that grassroots effort helped create a lot of buzz in the industry about the show, most AM stations do not pick up shows until after they've heard a few sample shows that have already been broadcast. Now that we've been on the air for one week and posted six episodes (below), I'm asking for your additional help in contacting local AM stations and requesting the show while letting them know about these sample episodes they can listen to right now.

To find a list of the local AM stations in your area, simply click this link:

Here are the Health Ranger Shows that you and AM stations can listen to right now: (MP3 files)

Health Ranger Show #17: Antidepressants make you fat!
This show reveals how antidepressants and antipsychotic medications cause rapid weight gain and diabetes. It also offers alternative natural health solutions that replace dangerous mind-altering medications.

Health Ranger Show #18: Q&A on Nutrition
In this nutrition Q&A show, the Health Ranger answers common questions about nutrition, vitamins, superfoods and much more. Covers common myths about vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Health Ranger Show #19: The Pharmaceutical Contamination of Public Water Supplies
Reveals the truth about the contamination of public water supplies with trace amounts of multiple pharmaceuticals. Learn why the drug industry refuses to acknowledge the existence of this frightening environmental threat to your health.

Health Ranger Show #20: Product Review Friday
This show reviews three recommended nutritional products and one product to avoid. Learn about the very best superfood bars, raw food bars and other healthful solutions available today while avoiding overhyped garbage products that aren't worth the money. 100% independent, objective reviews.

Health Ranger Show #21: Interview with Jack Challem on Prediabetes
An interview with Jack Challem, author of Stop Prediabetes Now, about the causes of diabetes and natural solutions that can prevent the disease. Includes recommendations on specific supplements and nutrients that control blood sugar better than diabetes medications.

Health Ranger Show #22: FDA Censorship of Truthful Health Claims
Did you know the FDA wages a campaign of censorship against the American public? This show reveals the censorship and oppression of truthful health claims by the FDA. You'll be stunned to learn the truth about how the FDA is using fear, tyranny and censorship to suppress the natural health products industry.

The Health Ranger Show could soon be broadcast in YOUR city!

Wouldn't it be great to have the Health Ranger Show broadcast in your town or city? With your help, we can reach 1-2 million additional listeners each week with a powerful message about health freedom, avoiding the dangers of pharmaceuticals, preventing disease and saving lives with natural medicine, and standing up against the FDA and Big Government on issues like mandatory vaccinations, fluoridation of the public water supplies and national health care.

Help me help you! Do your part to get me on the air in your city and I pledge to keep bringing you intelligent, courageous commentary on the health issues that really matter. But I can't do it alone. I genuinely need your help to call your local AM stations again and request the Health Ranger Show. Here's a list of who to call in your area, and what to tell them:

Please do it today. The American public desperately needs honest information about health and health freedom. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and your support!

- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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