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Originally published March 7 2008

Downer Cow Meat Explained in Mark Fiore's "Doreen the Downer" Flash Animation

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Political cartoon animator Mark Fiore has released a satirical flash animation depicting the use of "downer" cows in the human food supply. Created after the unveiling of an underground video exposing the meat industry's extreme cruelty to cows and illegal use of diseased cows in the food supply, Mark Fiore's animation is entitled, "Doreen the Downer" and can be viewed in any web browser at the following address:

The animation offers a satirical look at the lapse in ethics and safety in the meat processing industry, revealing how cows are fattened up with grains and food byproducts, injected with hormones, denied healthful environments, and then dragged onto meat processing lines in order to be slaughtered for profit -- even if they're diseased and can't walk! The cartoon isn't gross or graphic, but it is quite sad, and it offers sharp commentary on the inexcusable conduct of the beef industry today (and why consumers should stop eating beef).

I recommend that everyone watch this informative animation. View Doreen the Downer at:

What could be wrong with "Voluntary Regulation?"

Another flash animation by Mark Fiore exposes the fraudulent regulatory mechanism called "voluntary regulation" which allows corrupt government officials to announce pro-consumer solutions while giving greedy corporations the ability to keep selling dangerous products that actually harm people.

A few years ago, for example, Bill Clinton announced a "children's health" agreement with the soft drink industry that he claimed would remove soda vending machines from public schools. The problem with the agreement? It was based on voluntary regulation. The result is that soda vending machines are still in the public schools, and nothing has actually changed. It was great P.R., but ultimately made of nothing but empty promises.

Politicians and corporations love to announce voluntary regulation agreements, because it gives them lots of positive P.R. but doesn't require them to actually change the way they behave. This animation by Mark Fiore exposes the ridiculousness of voluntary regulation in an informative, entertaining way.

View it at:

Defend the military budget, soldier!

In the realm of politics and national budgets, Mark Fiore has also released a hilarious animation depicting a drill sergeant teaching military recruits how to defend the most important thing in the world: The Pentagon's military budget!

In this video, entitled, Basic Budget Training, you'll learn how the Pentagon budget has driven the United States into bankruptcy and why the pro-war fanatics running this country keep shoveling more cash into the war machine.

View "Basic Budget Training" at:

Petro for President!

Finally, Mark Fiore's most recent animation reveals that no matter who wins the current presidential election, the country is still ruled by oil! "President Petro" shows why oil continues to dominate the U.S. economy and global finance, and why rising oil prices will lead America into depression and financial ruin.

View President Petro at:

As these videos demonstrate, Mark Fiore does an outstanding job commenting on many of the most urgent issues of our times. Now here's the question: Can we encourage Fiore to do a video on the drugging of our nation's children with Ritalin and SSRI drugs?

If you get the chance, send Fiore a polite e-mail and ask if he'll consider creating a video about the mass drugging of schoolchildren with pharmaceuticals. We'll feature it on NaturalNews, of course, and we can even schedule a joint announcement with Fiore. Tell him NaturalNews sent ya! (And be polite, please. He's a busy guy...) Here's his contact page:

Spread the word! Send the URLs of Fiore's videos to friends, family members and coworkers. Help others learn the truth about downer cows, voluntary regulation and other important topics.

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