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Originally published February 20 2008

Hawaiian Doctor Kills Anti-Aspartame Bill, Condemning Hawaiian Children to Drink Neurotoxic Sweetener

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) In a move that surprised no one, the bill to consider the banning of aspartame in Hawaii was crushed by Chairman Josh Green, M.D., who deferred the initiative, denying the Hawaiian legislature the ability to vote on the measure (while condemning Hawaiian children to drinking and eating yet more of this toxic substance). That this move came from a medical doctor is no surprise whatsoever, given the ties between conventional medicine and industry and the willingness of doctors to subject consumers to any number of toxic chemicals.

Anti-aspartame champion Dr. Betty Martini covered this development in great detail on a story posted on, which includes this section about the side effects of aspartame:

Paralysis is one of the 92 disabilities the Food & Drug Administration named in their 1995 list of aspartame reactions which they now deny ever existed. FDA derived these from over 10,000 complaints volunteered by American consumers; more than those reported to FDA for any other additive. FDA slammed the complaint window in 1996 and have ignored all testimony and research, including over 100 damning scientific peer reviewed studies on the devastating consequence of consuming aspartame. Seizures, sexual dysfunction, birth defects, blindness, paranoia, diabetes, migraines, obesity, and its a multi-potential carcinogen concluded an award winning 3-year study on1,800 rats by Dr. M. Soffritti of the Ramazzini Institute. The 2005 study was peer reviewed by 7 world experts. His second study showed it only takes a small amount to cause cancer and if pregnant women use it and their baby survives the offspring can get cancer.
- Dr. Betty Martini,

You can read more about aspartame at the MPWHI website:

Protect our children from aspartame

I strongly urge all NaturalNews readers to read Dr. Betty Martini's work and stay informed about the dangers of aspartame. This is a crucial issue of protecting our children from toxic chemicals that are compromising the health of their brains, eyes and entire nervous systems. Do not be surprised when you see doctors, legislators and corporations doing everything in their power to keep aspartame legal. Doctors are purveyors of death by chemical ingestion, as is quite evident from their chemotherapy chemicals and toxic pharmaceuticals. As I've said before, doctors have never met a corporate-sponsored chemical they didn't like! Aspartame is no exception.

Forget about honest science or genuine compassion for the health of children. American doctors will knowingly destroy any number of lives as long as it protects their power and authority. Of course, in the long run, not only will western doctors lose this fight over aspartame, they will witness the collapse of their entire system of medicine! The news is out: Pharmaceuticals are deadly, aspartame is dangerous, and toxic chemicals have no place in our foods and beverages. The mainstream consumer is finally starting to wake up and wonder why all their family members have cancer and Alzheimer's disease, and they're finally figuring out that it's largely due to the toxic chemicals added to foods, drinks, medicines and personal care products.

In my opinion, aspartame is a deadly neurotoxin, and the people defending it should be arrested and charged with criminal negligence. It is time to take action to protect our children from the evil, chemical-spewing corporations that have poisoned us for generations. If we hope to have any real future for our children, we must put an end to the mass poisoning of our population. That means banning aspartame (and other toxic chemicals used in the food supply).

Stay informed. Stay vigilant. There will be yet more opportunities to end the aspartame madness and reclaim our health. Stevia is making headway and may actually be FDA approved within two years, since Cargill and Coca-Cola are now on board. Once these corporations realize they can no longer hide behind the scientific truth about aspartame, they will abandon the chemical and switch to stevia. At that point, banning aspartame will be much easier, because fewer dollars will be at stake. So getting stevia approved should be our first step towards getting aspartame banned.

The only reason aspartame remains protected today is because there is an economic incentive for corporations to protect it (it has absolutely nothing to do with safety). Once the economics are no longer in place, banning aspartame on a scientific basis will be more easily accomplished.

Aspartame's days are numbered. But unfortunately, due to the actions of ignorant doctors (who probably should have retired long ago), aspartame looks to remain legal for a while longer. The number of children poisoned by aspartame must now be in the hundreds of millions, worldwide. That aspartame remains legal today is a sad statement about the stupidity of humanity and the foolishness of allowing corporations to influence the legislature.

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