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Originally published February 6 2008

Chocolate for Valentine's Day? This Year, Choose Real Cacao Superfoods, Not Processed Chocolate Candy

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) With Valentine's Day fast approaching, many consumers are once again shopping for chocolate. The rush to buy chocolate is even stronger this year, thanks to the continued reporting of chocolate's remarkable health benefits. Yet most consumers have been deceived: Typical processed chocolate products have virtually none of the health benefits that have been attributed to chocolate in the scientific research. Why? The bitter alkaloids have been removed to make the chocolate taste less bitter. On top of that, most chocolate products are blended with refined sugars and unhealthy fats to create the finished product. The result? A diabetes-inducing, fat-expanding chocolate product with no real health benefits whatsoever.

Fortunately, there are companies selling real chocolate products today. We've reviewed several of them here on this website, and these companies produce chocolate products with all the natural health benefits still intact. My top three recommendations for chocolate companies are:

Transition Nutrition ( - This company produces chocolate brittles that are simply outstanding -- among the best tasting in the industry. This year, they've introduced Valentine's Day Gift Baskets available at

Empowered Chocolate ( - Makers of "empowered" chocolate products that contain numerous superfood ingredients, including goji berries, mesquite and others. I wrote a full review of this company last Summer. Read it here:

Sacred Chocolate ( - Created by Steve Adler, a minister, all Sacred Chocolate is blessed with prayer and positive intention. The ingredients are sustainable, nutritious and delicious! It uses the whole cacao bean, including the skin. I've completed an interview with Adler that will run on this website shortly.

For a wild chocolate bar experience, rich in microalgae superfoods, I recommend the WildBar ( I've also interviewed the creators of this chocolate bar and plan to post that video soon.

SunFood Nutrition (, of course, also offers various chocolate superfood products based on raw cacao. There, you'll find everything from raw cacao nibs to Steve Adler's Sacred Chocolate (mentioned above).

There are several other healthy chocolate sources that I'm not personally familiar with, but are recommended by leaders in the raw foods community. Check out the following:

Golden Bean Chocolate
Chocolate Super Foods
Goddess Chocolate
Gnosis Chocolate

Love to give chocolate? Give HEALTHY chocolate!

The bottom line in all this is that if you care enough to give chocolate this Valentine's Day, be sure to give healthy chocolate superfood products, not "junk" processed chocolate.

Real chocolate offers a multitude of impressive health benefits. It enhances brain function, liver function and heart function. It's loaded with antioxidants and even has anti-cancer properties. There's probably no more delicious way to enjoy such health benefits than eating chocolate!

But remember: Common processed chocolate (and chocolate candy bars) are little more than junk foods. Don't kid yourself into thinking these are "health foods." Only minimally processed chocolate has health benefits, and you can only find that from small chocolate companies like the ones listed here.

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