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Originally published January 18 2008

Week in Review: Cloned Meat, Scientific Fraud and Mandatory Organ Harvesting from (Nearly) Dead Patients

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Wrapping up the important health news stories this week, the FDA announced that cloned meat and milk could now be sold to consumers without any labeling indicating its cloned status. Now factory cattle farms -- which already operate with a disturbing lack of ethical behavior or compassion for animals -- will soon become cattle clone farms, churning out genetically-identical cows which will be squeezed through Advanced Meat Recovery (AMR) machines to produce genetically-identical processed meat products for genetically-damaged gullible consumers who have no idea what the USDA's definition of "beef" really entails (or entrails, actually...)

All those cattle farm owners should hope that someone doesn't sneak into the cloning factory and inject a warrior gene into the master gene set, or one day all the cows might rise up and launch the Attack of the Clones. There's nothing more frightening than an 800-pound angry bull with a light saber...

Antidepressant Drug Studies Selectively Censored by Big Pharma

On the "Evidence-Based Medicine" front this week (insert laughter here), a study conducted at the Oregon Health & Science University revealed that drug companies routinely censor studies showing antidepressants don't work while pushing the rapid publication of the studies that show positive results. The result? A cherry picking of the science that's clearly designed to make useless drugs appear to work while hiding the evidence showing they don't work.

What this study reveals is that, once again, the whole system of "evidence-based medicine" is a grand medical hoax and the FDA continues to conspire with drug companies to mislead American consumers and promote medically useless, yet dangerous drugs based on fraudulent science. What these drug companies are doing with clinical trials is like going to Vegas and being allowed to place bets on your poker hands AFTER the cards are dealt and revealed! Could you make some money cheating like that? Sure you could. So does Big Pharma.

This whole fraudulent system of selectively deciding which studies to publish (or bury) after the results are in sort of makes the whole idea of conducting clinical trials pointless, doesn't it? Why doesn't the drug company just skip the whole process of running these mock scientific trials and announce whatever fiction they want the public to believe anyway? That's ultimately the same thing that's going on right now, only it's a whole lot cheaper and faster. This way, drug companies could shave years off the time needed to introduce dangerous new drugs to the marketplace, and consumers who are stupid enough to take those drugs could have quicker access to these very drugs that will kill them faster, thereby making our roads and highways safer due to a reduction in the number of "pharmaceutically-impaired drivers." (Which is a huge problem, believe me.)

I think all the people begging the FDA to let Big Pharma give them "experimental" drugs for cancer should be collectively awarded the Darwin Award this year. The gene pool can certainly do without people who choose to commit chemical suicide. It sorts of works automatically, too, since people who take pharmaceuticals suffer DNA damage that's passed on to their kids, and those kids are increasingly infertile. (Want fertility? Go raw. The sperm motility rating of your average raw foodie is enough to put a wild horse to shame...)

Statin Drugs Found Useless in Preventing Alzheimer's

Remember the hype a few years ago when drug-pushing idiot doctors insisted that statin drugs treated Alzheimer's disease? As usual, it was all just a lot of scientific nonsense and wishful thinking. A new study conducted at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found zero benefit for Alzheimer's patients taking statin drugs.

I guess the pill-pushing hucksters will have to find yet another ridiculous off-label prescription target for their deadly statin drugs. What's next: Claims that statin drugs will cure cancer? For the record, please note that many doctors still prescribe statin drugs for Alzheimer's even though the FDA has never approved the drugs for that health condition! Off-label prescribing is yet another grand medical hoax that allows doctors to prescribe drugs for anything, even if they've never been tested or approved for those conditions.

So much for the "evidence" in evidence-based medicine, huh?

FDA Attacks Compounding Pharmacies

This week also saw the FDA take a threatening stance against compounding pharmacies -- local pharmacy operations that custom-make medicines from drugs and nutrients to fit the specific biochemical needs of each customer. The FDA doesn't like the existence of compounding pharmacies because they compete with the "one size fits all" approach of Big Pharma, so it has decided to engage in yet more organized crime behavior and try to snuff out Big Pharma's competition by threatening Compounding Pharmacies over bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

It's just the latest round in the FDA's mad criminal rampage against the People of this nation. It's especially interesting given that other research released this week shows combination HRT drugs cause a rapid acceleration of lobular breast cancer (source: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center). Of course, the whole point of attacking compounding pharmacies is not to protect patients, but to protect Big Pharma's HRT profits.

Every time the FDA threatens another vitamin company, fruit grower (remember the threats against cherry growers?) or natural medicine provider, I keep wondering: How long will it take for the ignorant masses to figure out they've been screwed and rise up against this criminal government agency that's destroying their health and emptying their pockets? Truth is, most people are too drugged up to exhibit a meaningful, conscious thought, so this uprising of the masses may take quite a while to unfold. It may, in fact, have to be conducted using duct tape, sticks and puppeteering strings.

That's especially true since the passage of HR 1955, the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, which makes independent thought a federal crime. Anyone who thinks a thought that goes against the established systems of control and mass exploitation will soon be labeled a criminal, arrested, thrown in prison and drugged up on antidepressant drugs that don't work. If you didn't hear about HR 1955 from the mainstream media, that's because the MSM had no reason to cover it: They're the ones trying to homogenize your thoughts and make sure your ideas comply with the status quo, didn't you know? If there's anything worse for your health than homogenized milk, it's gotta be homogenized ideas. All the people who didn't vote for Ron Paul in the recent state caucuses suffer from homogenized ideas (and pasteurized brains, perhaps...).

Thanks for "Volunteering" Your Organs!

Speaking of incredibly stupid things, the U.K.s Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced a plan to steal organs from dead patients by acting on what he calls "implied consent to donate organs." This is not a joke, by the way: It's true! If Brown gets his way, patients who die in the U.K. will have their organs immediately harvested and sold to the high-profit organ donation industry, where every spare organ generates at least $250,000 in profits for the hospitals, surgeons and drug companies involved. Patient consent is no longer required -- it is implied by the State. I'm not kidding. It's being called "implied consent." Besides, what patient can possibly object? Dead people don't argue with you, right?

Apparently, Brown has already volunteered to have one of his own organs donated away -- his brain! The organ was promised to U.S. President George W. Bush, who has yet to receive the brain implant due to the fact that the removal of his old brain could not be accomplished because surgeons couldn't find it! Instead, they've decided to dose him up on statin drugs and hope the dementia fades away...

There's one thing that's always bothered me about organ harvesting, even from organ donor volunteers: Isn't it true that if the patient dies, their organs lose oxygen and start deteriorating within seconds? So isn't it in the interests of the high-profit organ harvesting and transplantation industry profiteers to get to work harvesting from patients before they're really dead? The brain stem is alive and active for several minutes after the heart stops beating -- the very same minutes in which their organs are savagely cut out of their bodies and put on ice! Think about that the next time you're pondering the organ donor checkbox on your driver's license.

Gordon Brown's mandating the harvesting organs from everyone makes China's policy of only harvesting organs from criminals seem downright humane. If there's one thing you remember this week, remember this: Don't die in the UK! If you're about to croak, run, swim or crawl your way to some other country's jurisdiction so that you can die in peace instead of pieces.

Another week in Looneyville

Every news item mentioned in this article is true, by the way. They're taken from actual news headlines published this week in the popular press. It's just another week in the insane asylum known as "modern medicine," where people are treated like cattle, and cattle are treated like lifeless meat growing machines. It's another week where tens of thousands of people will be killed by FDA-approved pharmaceuticals and medical doctors, where families will be bankrupted by medical costs, and children will be suckered into demanding disease-promoting foods and drinks after watching manipulative television junk food ads.

On the positive side, it's also a week where thousands of new people will be turned on to the healing power of herbs, superfoods and natural medicine. New people will discover the health benefits of raw foods, living foods and Juice Feasting ( Many people will wake up to the realities of processed foods and decide to change their diets, reversing their diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other health conditions, much to the surprise of the conventional medical establishment which still clings to the hopelessly outdated belief that such diseases "have no cures." (Who are they kidding? Anyone who says "there is no cure for diabetes" is actually labeling themselves as a complete idiot...)

For next week, I've got something really exciting to share with you: We'll be featuring a special review of a wonderful new superfood product, along with an unbeatable offer that gets you the product at a ridiculous discount (something like 60% off retail). As usual, we earn nothing from the deal, and YOU get all the benefits of high-density superfoods at an unheard of price. Watch for details on that announcement next week!

Until then, keep your skepticism about you, and protect yourself from the drug companies, the corrupt FDA, the manipulated press and the fraudulent science parading as medical proof that dangerous drugs are actually good for you! You have to protect yourself, because remember: No one has any vested interest in your own health except you. There is no corporation that profits from your health; they only profit from your sickness. Stay healthy and you'll deny the destructive drug companies the profits they so desperately wish to extract from your body. (And don't die in the UK, either!)

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