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Originally published January 8 2008

Kevin Miller's New "Generation Rx" Documentary Exposes Mass Betrayal of Children by FDA, Big Pharma

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) A new documentary on the dangers of mind-altering drugs will be arriving this year, and the film's creator Kevin Miller was kind enough to send us an advance copy of the film for review. Not many films have the potential to radically reshape the understanding of an entire nation and create positive change for the health of future generations, but this is one that clearly qualifies. "Generation Rx" delivers a devastating blow to the psychiatric drug pushers, FDA puppets and Big Pharma marketing fraudsters who have sold an entire nation on an absurd idea that turns out to be a grand medical hoax: that millions of children have "chemical imbalances" in their brains requiring treatment with patented, profitable pharmaceutical drugs like Prozac and Ritalin.

The film features interviews with many notable doctors, authors and health experts, including Dr. Julian Whitaker, Dr. Fred Baughman, Robert Whitaker (author of Mad In America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and The Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill) and many others. Through the emotionally-charged personal testimonies of parents whose children have committed suicide on Prozac, along with secret memos from the drug companies' own top executives, Generation Rx weaves a terrifying tale of criminal conspiracy, the mass abandonment of medical ethics, and the routine betrayal of an entire generation by an industry that seems fixated on the idea of profits at any cost.

The evidence presented in Generation Rx is damning. By the time you finish chapter three of the film (which contains the most jaw-dropping revelations of FDA corruption and scientific fraud), you'll cry out for the criminal prosecutions of key FDA decision makers, Big Pharma executives and the authors of the DSM-IV, the "bible" of modern psychiatry. Fifty-six percent of the panel members who created the DSM-IV are on the take from drug companies, pocketing cash, bribes, royalty payments or other fees from the very same companies that profit from the mass marketing of "brain chemistry diseases." (Be sure to visit my interactive Disease Mongering Engine to invent your own fictitious brain chemistry diseases right now, just like the drug companies do!)

Evidence of criminal conspiracy

Generation Rx reveals startling evidence detailing the criminal negligence of the FDA. The highly corrupt Food and Drug Administration didn't "accidentally" approve psychotropic drugs that just happened to kill children, you see: The administration knew that SSRI drugs (antidepressants) were killing children for well over ten years! The FDA then went out of its way to bury the evidence, colluding with prominent drug companies to hide key documents while hastening the approval of dangerous drugs and keeping the public ignorant of the true risks from consuming them.

Kevin Miller's Generation Rx covers all this (and more) in heart-wrenching detail. You'll see the remarkably lucid explanations and warnings by the scientifically-minded Robert Whitaker (who used to be a skeptic that Big Pharma money could possibly influence science), pleas for medical sanity by Dr. Julian Whitaker, and even home movie footage of young girls who later killed themselves while on Prozac. You'll walk away from this film shaking your head in disgust, asking "How did it come to this?"

Or, more precisely, how did modern psychiatric medicine come to the point where it's all just a grand marketing scam designed to generate obscene profits by exploiting the minds and bodies of an entire generation of children? How did Big Pharma manage to so completely hijack medical science, taking over the medical journals, FDA regulators, science researchers and medical schools? And why hasn't this been stopped? Why have these chemical crimes against children continued to be tolerated -- even encouraged! -- by the Food and Drug Administration and a Big Pharm-funded U.S. Congress? (Note of hope: There is one peer-reviewed medical journal that remains honest and publishes good medical science: PLoS Medicine, an open-source journal that accepts no advertising from drug companies...)

The simple truth, as the film reveals, is that money buys everything in this modern economy. It buys media coverage, it buys distorted science, it buys legislation, and it even buys the very definitions of disease. Big Pharma money has so completely infiltrated modern psychiatric medicine that any person claiming diseases like ADHD or "bipolar disorder" are based on solid science should be laughed off the world stage. Modern psychiatric medicine is an empty sham, a medical hoax, an uninspired contrivance of scientific-sounding babblydeegook designed to mesmerize gullible parents into putting their children on dangerous patented chemicals that may ultimately kill them.

Even the psychiatric scientists who voted these fictitious diseases (like "ADHD") into existence have no idea what they really are. At one point in Generation Rx, a psychiatrist is asked to offer a clear definition of ADHD. His answer? A 45-second fumbling of words, hesitations and stammering nonsense of such stupidity that it makes you wonder if the psychiatrist is, himself, on crack! Nowhere in his answer does he offer anything resembling rational thought.

Generation Rx is full of shocking little gems like this. Even if you already know the real story about the quackery of modern psychiatric medicine, this film delivers a jaw-dropping emotional ride through the corruption, deceit and downright psychotic behavior of an entire industry. A couple of CounterThink cartoons (by yours truly) also make the film, detailing FDA corruption, Big Pharma's junk science and the grand hoax of modern psychiatry.

(See my most recent CounterThink cartoon, just released today: Fidozac, the antidepressant drug for dogs!)

Only occasionally does the film retreat from its pressure-cooker drama. Chapter Three offers a series of personal testimonies on Prozac that goes on way too long, for example, but the timing of the film is likely to be tightened up before its final release.

We'll keep you posted on the film's release

Generation Rx won't be available for public release until later this year. NaturalNews will be running exclusive clips from the film, and we'll be covering the film's launch and availability. We don't yet know the price of the DVD or where to purchase it, but as soon as this information is made available to us, we'll pass it along to you. (I'll also be asking if it's available in PAL format for our European readers.) We hope to get our hands on some clips that we'll post on YouTube.

Generation Rx is already on the top of my list of Best Films in 2008, and it's almost certain to stay there. (Other films to look forward to this year include All Jacked Up as well as one tentatively titled, "Junk Food, Inc.") Generation Rx is a must-see documentary that reveals the true depth of criminality and fraud in modern psychiatric medicine. It calls for an end to the mass drugging of our schoolchildren and wholesale reforms of the entire corrupt system of pharmaceutical development and marketing.

With this film, courageous filmmaker Kevin Miller has catapulted a giant boulder of truth into the scum-filled pond waters of modern psychiatry, sending out a shockwave of ripples that threaten to finally expose this malicious branch of medicine that depends for its very survival on the chemical poisoning of childrens' brains. I give this film my enthusiastic support, and I urge every parent, lawmaker and doctor to view it. Society owes Kevin Miller a great honor for creating this documentary -- an honor he is unlikely to ever receive, given the mass drugging of the population with the very same mind-altering drugs being exposed in this documentary.

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