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Originally published January 8 2008

Fidozac: Antidepressant Drugs for Dogs (comic)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Big Pharma is constantly looking for new ways to develop its markets and generate more profits. This is the inescapable directive of all corporations: Be more profitable, regardless of the cost to society. In Big Pharma's case, the pursuit of this mission inevitably leads to the targeting of an ever-increasing selection of pharmaceutical consumers who have the potential to become lifelong customers.

With antidepressants, deeply depressed adults were targeted first. When that market was saturated, drug companies began selling the idea that antidepressants were "happy pills," suitable for use in not merely serious depression states, but even as "depression prevention!" (So-called "early intervention," where you use antidepressant drugs in perfectly healthy people in order to "prevent" depression from appearing.) This was a major breakthrough for Big Pharma: Now they could sell drugs to healthy people and were no longer limited to merely selling drugs to the sick.

When that market was saturated, they went after the children. Multi-million dollar marketing and propaganda campaigns convinced children that virtually any experience of sadness -- say, losing a pet or having a friend move away -- was a disease that could be treated with pharmaceuticals. Soon, millions of children were put on drugs like Prozac, and the great push towards diagnoses of bipolar disorder was underway by the hopelessly corrupt psychiatry industry, which is wholly owned and controlled by Big Pharma.

When a sufficient number of children were drugged with antidepressants and amphetamines (like Ritalin), the drug companies realized there was still one non-drugged entity in a typical household that could potentially become a new revenue source: The family dog. So Big Pharma lobbied the FDA for the approval of antidepressant drugs for dogs, and in February, 2007, the FDA approved Prozac for dogs. Because, apparently, dogs have "chemical imbalances in their brain" requiring treatment with patented synthetic chemicals, just like children and adults, right? (See the book Selling Sickness: How the World's Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Are Turning Us All Into Patients.)

Prozac liquid drops for your pet fish are, apparently, just around the corner. And don't be surprised to see Ritalin for "hyperactive" dogs, too. There's no emotion, behavior or experience that's safe from the disease labels of Big Pharma and the FDA.

The massive scientific fraud behind the sickness industry

It is altogether curious that these "brain chemistry diseases" like ADHD and bipolar just happened to emerge in the population immediately after the drug companies started advertising drugs to treat them. If you are to believe the hucksters pushing these drugs today, diseases like ADHD and depression have spontaneously appeared in tens of millions of children and dogs. There is no explanation for the explosion in diagnoses of such brain chemistry diseases, nor is there any rigorous examination of other potential causes for unhappiness such as poor dietary practices, chemical exposure, chronic environmental stress or just simply the fact that life is sometimes an emotional roller coaster, and that's perfectly normal.

What used to be just a normal unhappy moment or episode of sadness is now described by drug-pushing psychiatrists as a disease requiring chemical treatment. Shyness is no longer simply a personal attribute; it's also a disease requiring chemical treatment. Creative expression, excitement and active curiosity in children is no longer a sign of a healthy, learning child; it's a symptom of a "disease" called ADHD that requires treatment with powerful mind-altering amphetamine drugs that used to be called "speed" when they were sold on the street. The mass drugging of America is underway, and the whole point of this grand medical charade is to simply increase the share prices of the stocks of powerful corporations.

There is nothing resembling scientific medicine in any of this. It's all a grand marketing scam, contrived by those who have a financial interest in the sales of yet more pharmaceuticals. Our families, our children and even our pets are now being exploited by these Big Pharma criminals and psychiatric quacks. We're losing not just a generation of minds to this mass chemical warfare being perpetrated on our population; we're actually losing our souls. We're giving away what it means to be human by surrendering our experiences to "chemical containment."

Big Pharma will stop at nothing to find more ways to force yet more pharmaceuticals down the throats of anything that has a throat. As long as there's more money to be made, drug companies will do whatever is necessary to generate more profits, including bribing doctors, subjugating medical school curricula, committing deliberate scientific fraud, paying off medical journals, handing kickbacks to FDA decision makers, buying lawmakers, controlling the media and directing the very course of medical belief in the western world. The number of children harmed, killed or mentally lobotomized by their dangerous drugs is of no concern: The only number that counts is the share price at the end of the day. And besides, even if millions of people are killed each year around the world by Big Pharma's drugs, they know that humans are always making new babies, and every newborn represents a new opportunity for disease diagnosis and a lifetime of chemical treatment.

The human race has nearly reached the point of absolute chemical enslavement by drug companies. And the people who have no idea what's happening are, not surprisingly, the very same ones currently taking the pharmaceuticals.

First, they come for your wallet. And then your mind. And then your soul.

And when they're done with that, they come for your children.

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