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Originally published December 27 2007

Join the Ron Paul Revolution to Restore Health Freedom to America

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) It wasn't long ago that I thought Ron Paul was a long shot candidate for president. But now, thanks to a groundswell of support from intelligent people all across the nation, Ron Paul is suddenly in the running. While the mainstream media continues to attack Paul and make it look like he doesn't stand a chance, Paul has actually become the top choice among thinking people across America. That's why the Ron Paul revolution is now being called, "The Revolution of the Intelligent."

But why Ron Paul in the first place? Isn't he a Republican? Like you, I despise most Republicans. They're mostly corrupt, criminal-minded rich fat cats who are destroying our freedoms and driving this country into unprecedented debt. They believe in criminalizing hemp farming, destroying the environment, promoting Big Pharma, defending Big Oil, monopolizing health care and waging illegal wars around the world. But Ron Paul is no such Republican.

Paul is actually a libertarian, meaning he believes in personal liberties and follows the commonsense economic philosophies of people like Ludwig von Mises ( Right now, this nation desperately needs intelligent economic policies. We're facing an imminent financial wipeout due to out-of-control debt spending and steal-from-the-people financial policies run by the Federal Reserve -- a privately-owned institution controlled by rich bankers. The People of the United States, as usual, are being swindled by the rich. When the current housing market bubble pops and house prices collapse, this fact is going to become increasingly obvious to everyone. I believe the financial hard times headed our way will make the 1929 Great Depression look like a walk in the park.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who will attempt to restore fiscal sanity to this country. All the other candidates -- including Clinton and Huckabee -- will only deliver more debt spending and fiscal insanity. The popular mainstream candidates all believe in fighting our illegal, undeclared "war" in the Middle East. And they're determined to bankrupt the nation in order to fight that war. (Nearly 50 percent of all discretionary spending in the U.S. federal budget is spent by the Pentagon.)

Do you believe in health freedom? So does Ron Paul

Ron Paul is also the only candidate who believes in health freedom. All the other candidates would support the status quo in health care today: Big Pharma dominance, FDA censorship, monopoly prices in medicine and the assault and imprisonment of individuals who dare to tell the truth about the healing properties of the superfoods and nutritional supplements they sell. The other candidates may talk about "reforms," but all they're really talking about is a shell game of shifting who pays for all disease in this country.

Only Ron Paul believes in genuine health freedom. He's the creator of the Health Freedom Protection Act, a bill that would reestablish Free Speech provisions for makers of superfoods, herbs, nutritional supplements and other natural remedies. Under the HFPA, those individuals would be able to state scientifically-validated facts about the health benefits of their products right on the bottle! Today, the FDA doesn't allow that. All truthful statements about nutritional supplements are presently censored! (It's a way to protect Big Pharma and keep the American people ignorant about how plant-based medicines can prevent and even cure degenerative disease.)

If elected, Ron Paul would work to restore genuine health freedom in this country, giving consumers access to accurate, scientifically-validated information about how cherries can ease arthritis inflammation, for example, or how pomegranates can prevent prostate cancer, or how broccoli sprouts can prevent breast cancer. There are thousands of healing medicines in plant (herbs, foods, superfoods, etc.), and the public currently isn't being allowed to know about any of their benefits. It's a state of outright censorship promoted by the Big Pharma / FDA criminal partnership, and Ron Paul is the only candidate with a realistic shot at winning who would put an end to it.

The choice of thinking people everywhere

Ultimately, Ron Paul is the obvious Republican choice to anyone with an IQ above room temperature (Kucinich is the obvious Democratic choice). That's why thinking people from all political persuasions (liberals, conservatives, libertarians, etc.) are getting behind Ron Paul. Sure, Dennis Kucinich ( probably better represents the views of many NaturalNews readers, and Kucinich no doubt represents the best choice among Democratic candidates, but it's pretty clear at this point that Kucinich is not going to beat Clinton or Obama ( for the nomination. Ron Paul, on the other hand, actually has a realistic shot at winning some Republican primaries. For starters, he's raised more money online -- and garnered more grassroots supports -- than any presidential candidate in U.S. history!

Let's face it: All the smart people are supporting either Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul. It's the not-too-bright, do-as-they're-told mainstream idiots who are supporting Clinton, Guliani, Huckabee and other mainstream candidates. Obama's supporters are somewhere in between: At least Obama is a bit of an outsider, and he's a far better choice than Clinton for numerous reasons. If given a strict choice between Clinton and Obama, I'd choose Obama without hesitation.

Voting for Clinton or Huckabee requires no thought whatsoever. It only requires doing what you're told and believing in yet more lies from dishonest politicians who are hopelessly corrupted by predatory corporations that thrive on war, disease and deception. It's the idiots of America who are supporting these candidates, and we must all pray that these idiots are not in the majority when Election Day arrives. Any democracy in which the idiots become the majority is doomed to fail (as ours is).

What do I mean by "idiots" when it comes to voting? It's simple: People who strictly vote along party lines are complete idiots. Voters must consider the individuals, not merely the party. People who also vote for candidates simply because of their religious affiliation are not too bright, either. Religious affiliation does not qualify a candidate to direct this nation's economic policies, executive actions or respect for individual liberties. Certainly, it's important to elect a candidate who respects religious freedoms, and when it comes to respecting such freedoms, there's no one stronger than Paul.

It's also idiotic to vote for a candidate just because he hunts. It's hysterically funny to see candidates like Huckabee shooting helpless birds on camera just so he can demonstrate to all the dumbed-down hick voters in Middle America that he, too, is capable of killing birds with a shotgun (although he apparently has better aim than Cheney). Shooting innocent animals should disqualify anyone from becoming president, in my opinion.

Smart people evaluate each candidate's integrity, skills and philosophies. And once that evaluation is conducted, it's a no brainer to see that Ron Paul is the only realistic candidate who has both solid integrity and solid ideas that would restore our freedoms and protect our future. He's the Paul Revere of modern America, and while I don't agree with Ron Paul on every single thing (and neither should you), I agree with him so strongly on his core principles that he's the obvious choice for leading this nation into a better future.

Imagine a new future for this country...

Image a new United States:

• Where our civil liberties are restored, the Bill of Rights is respected, and the government no longer spies on its own citizens.

• Where disease rates plummet as the FDA's monopoly over medicine is broken, unleashing free market economics, free speech and free trade of both pharmaceuticals and natural remedies.

• Where the IRS is put out of business, and the terror of the IRS is lifted from the shoulders of all Americans. Imagine never having to pay income taxes again (and never having to file a dizzying array of confusing tax papers every April 15th...).

• Where control of the money supply is returned to the American people, then protected with a gold standard so that savings can never again be stolen from the American people by the Federal Reserve.

• Where wars are ended, troops are brought home, and the international reputation of the United States of America is restored.

• Where out-of-control debt spending is halted, the national debt is steadily reduced, and fiscal sanity is returned to Washington.

• Where powerful corporations no longer have control over our President. Imagine a President that honestly and truly represents the interests of the People instead of the ultra rich.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who will honestly and tirelessly work towards this future.

Support Ron Paul to Save America From Financial Collapse
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Ron Paul doesn't have the support of Big Business because he represents the People, not the rich, corrupt corporations that currently run this country. He also doesn't have the support of the mainstream media -- the dishonest news outlets owned by Big Business! That's why Ron Paul needs your support. He needs financial support from individuals like you and me. We're the ones who have donated over $18 million to Ron Paul already, and we'll donate even more to help this candidate win.

Donate to Ron Paul right now at

This is a way that you can help take back our country from the criminals, crooks and corrupt politicians who have stolen our future. Finally, we now have a chance to take it all back by electing a candidate who actually believes in the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Free Speech and the liberties of the People. Paul is the only true patriot left in the Republican party today, and supporting Ron Paul is quite simply one of the most patriotic acts you can engage in.

Whether you believe in health freedom, anti-war philosophies, honest economics or protecting the U.S. Constitution, Ron Paul delivers in all counts. He's the only candidate who has been able to unite people from the far left (anti-war) to the far right (economics). That's why he's the choice of thinking people everywhere.

Don't be an idiot and vote for mainstream candidates. Be smart. Vote for real change. Join the Ron Paul Revolution. Watch the People of this nation take it back from the criminals, fat cats, war mongers and corporate crooks who now run it.

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