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Originally published December 17 2007

Health Freedom Candidate Ron Paul Raises $6 Million in Record-Setting Online Boston Tea Party

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Rep. Ron Paul, the only 2008 presidential candidate who supports honest health freedom reforms and the ending of Big Pharma's monopoly over medical free speech, raised more than $6 million in yesterday's record-breaking online "Boston Tea Party" event. Nearly 25,000 of the donors were new donors, indicating that Ron Paul's support base continues to rapidly expand, reaching new people who resonate with the message of genuine freedom for the American people.

Registered as a Republican, Ron Paul is actually a Libertarian who strongly disagrees with the current Republican administration. Paul is against the war in Iraq, against the Federal Reserve running the nation's money supply, and against the United States surrendering its sovereignty to outside authorities such as the World Trade Organization. Most importantly for NaturalNews readers, Paul is the primary Congressional sponsor of the "Health Freedom Protection Act" that seeks to end the FDA's censorship of nutritional supplements, granting the American public full access to scientifically accurate information about the benefits of herbs, superfoods and nutritional supplements.

Why the FDA censors the truth about healing foods and supplements

Current FDA regulations do not allow nutritional supplement manufacturers to make any true statements about the health benefits of their products. Companies that sell vitamin C, for example, cannot claim vitamin C cures scurvy without being threatened, raided at gunpoint and having their inventory confiscated by the Food and Drug Administration. Also notable: Cherry growers and cherry product manufacturers have been threatened and intimidated by the FDA over simply linking to scientific articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals which describe the health benefits of natural phytochemicals found in cherries.

The FDA's campaign of censorship and intimidation against nutritional supplement companies has been called "a campaign of terrorism" against U.S. companies, and even while over 100,000 Americans are killed each year by pharmaceuticals -- the very people who could likely be saved by safe, natural and effective remedies that work even better than prescription drugs -- the FDA continues to protect the financial interest of Big Pharma by censoring all free speech from food or supplement companies. The FDA, it turns out, simply wants to keep the American people enslaved to Big Pharma and ignorant of their natural health options.

If elected, Ron Paul would introduce desperately-needed reforms that would help restore genuine health freedoms to the American people. This could dramatically improve the health of Americans, providing them with safer, more natural and far more affordable options for preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol, restoring healthy blood sugar levels, beating heart disease and enhancing their health and productivity through the use of honestly-labeled natural health products.

No other candidate in the running supports health freedom. Even both Democratic candidates (Clinton and Obama) essentially support the status quo in health care today. And the Republicans? They seem closely allied with Big Pharma and have no apparent reason to offer reforms that would disturb Big Pharma's monopoly over medicine in America.

Challenging the status quo

This is precisely what makes Ron Paul the exception: He's willing to shake up the establishment and end the FDA's campaign of tyranny and oppression against the American people. At the same time, he's looking to dismantle the IRS, restore honesty to the U.S. money supply (requiring that the currency be backed by gold) and end our illegal war on Iraq and Afghanistan. While Paul may have other positions that aren't much liked by progressive thinkers (he's not yet well informed on global warming, for example), he's probably the only truly honest, freedom-supporting candidate running for President today.

This is the guy that the mainstream media (MSM) is trying to shut out. They don't want Paul in the debates because he makes all the other candidates look like liars (which, of course, they are). Paul is willing to tell the truth, and he's willing to shake up the establishment. In an honest voting system that wasn't engineered to favor the two-party system, Paul would no doubt be the victor. Such voting systems include Instant Runoff Voting where voters choose their first, second and third choice, allowing them to vote for who they really want to support without fearing they might "waste" their vote on a candidate who doesn't have a real shot at winning.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties hate the idea of an Instant Runoff Vote because it would allow independent-minded candidates to threaten their stranglehold over U.S. elections. Click here to learn more about Instant-Runoff Voting at Wikipedia. You can also learn more at

Ron Paul needs your continued help. I donated another $100 last night as part of the Boston Tea Party event. You can donate today at

And you want to know the most interesting part of all this? Ron Paul is a doctor! He was actually trained as a physician, and yet unlike most other physicians, he believes in genuine freedom for patients. Paul believes that patients should have open access to scientifically accurate information about the usefulness of natural remedies and nutritional supplements. This just goes to prove that not all doctors are idiots!

In fact, as I've stated in every article I've written that's critical of doctors, many of the strongest advocates for health freedom are, in fact, doctors. While probably 98% of doctors remains nutritionally illiterate and hopelessly brainwashed by Big Pharma into believing that drugs are the only answer to disease, there are a few outstanding, brilliant doctors who are interested in promoting what really works: Superfoods, disease prevention, high-grade nutritional supplements and natural healing modalities.

If you believe in freedom and you want to support a candidate that will actually work to restore it, Ron Paul is the only sensible choice for the next U.S. President. Everybody else will only defend the current system with minor tweaks or reforms.

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