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Originally published November 28 2007

How to Make Healthy Decisions

by Peter Ragnar

(NaturalNews) When it comes to making major decisions in life, people often feel out-of-sorts with themselves. Some just freeze and do nothing. Others lunge forward blindly out of sheer frustration.
To freeze and do nothing is an attempt to stop the action, to release the pressure of decision-making. And to lunge forward blindly is just a different way of surrendering to the pressure. Can you imagine the long-term effects this behavior can have on your major life-altering decisions?

Major life altering decisions. . .

An escape from the pressure created by two or more alternatives is basically an escape from using our mind. To never venture out beyond the confines of our comfort zone is simply another way to shrink our world. The walls of the comfort zone encase the soul in a straight jacket of confinement. Sadly, every so often we see the elderly fearful of even leaving their room or apartment.  The sheer terror of not being able to trust their mind has paralyzed decision-making.

Some people base decisions on feelings. Others agonize over the smallest detail. One is a bouncing ball, the other concrete. Neither one is productive. 
Now you might object, "Some people have worldly success and others do not. Didn't the successful ones make better decisions?" On the surface it appears so. But consider the possibility of this true-ism; "nothing fails like success." To make a major life decision to enter a career that eats up your life force, and at the end of that career spits you out as a wrinkled skin bag of wasted flesh, is indeed a suicidal decision. Whether you decided on a whim to study medicine, high finance or political science, or you methodically planned each step from grade school matters little. The end results are everything. 
So how do you make a decision?
Toss a coin! No I'm not joking. If two things have equal value it is a simple this or that decision. Not all decisions are this easy to arrive at. Say, item one is heads and item two is tails. When heads comes up - meaning yes, go with this, and you feel strongly that it should have been tails your sub-conscious has just exerted its influence. Why? Because your major purpose or world view is speaking. If you hold the preservation of life as your highest value - go with tails - you'll win every time.
Now here's a more analytical approach. Say, you want to purchase a home. Give each benefit a percentile rating of 1 to 10; 10 being a strong benefit and 1 being of little or no benefit. Let us say you've come up with 5 categories of benefits you really want. Now simply tally up your score with each house you consider buying. The one with the highest score gets bought.
Here is an even simpler way to do it. Fold a piece of paper in half. In column 1, list the benefits and advantages of house number 1. In column 2, do likewise for house number 2. Now, which column has the most? You just made a decision.
Define your best interests, identify your highest values, consciously re-state your passion for life, and you'll be astounded as your garden of blessings flower about you. May you be blessed with great decisions!

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