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Originally published November 27 2007

Take Part in the World's Largest Online Nutritional Detox Event: Over 1,000 People Now Participating

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Experiencing a cleansing, disease-reversing nutritional detox has never been more social: Over a thousand health enthusiasts from around the world are participating in Jon Barron's global detox event that runs from now through January 6, 2008. The event features premium detox supplements, complete detox instructions, a podcast, a blog, reference information and industry support from The Health Sciences Institute,, IAmHealthy radio and many others. Complete information is available now at:

I named Jon Barron's Baseline of Health Foundation my No. 1 recommended nutritional supplement company in 2006. As 2007 winds down, I'm about to announce a new round of awards for 2007, and the Baseline of Health Foundation remains at the top of my list. It offers some of the most potent nutritional formulations I've ever experienced. Their Metal Magic product is an extremely effective metal-removing detox tincture, and their kidney cleanse product works so well to eliminate kidney stones that in my opinion, it makes kidney stone drugs and surgical procedures utterly obsolete.

Their blood cleansing product, as I've stated before, is loaded with plant-based medicine that I know to be among the most powerful anti-cancer medicines in the world, and their colon detox product is simply among the best you'll find anywhere in the industry -- at any price! This is a supplement formulator that cuts no corners and goes all out to bring you the very best of Mother Nature's medicine. (By the way, I have no financial ties whatsoever with this company. I remain 100% independent and unbiased in my honest recommending of this company's products. I earn nothing from this global detox event, and I have not been paid to mention it here.)

Join this global cleanse and experience amazing health results

Now, you can join their global detox event going on right now, and through December, you'll cleanse your colon, kidneys and gallbladder. In early January, you'll cleanse your liver and blood, getting rid of the toxic chemicals lodged in your tissues thanks to chemicals in food, personal care products, pharmaceuticals and home environments. You'll emerge from this experience with a clear mind, a healthier body and a renewed sense of youth and vitality. Virtually everyone who experiences this cleanse reports a similar outcome.

Now that doesn't mean the cleanse itself is easy. Passing toxic waste products and dangerous chemicals out of your body is not a fun experience. Many people experience temporary side effects such as weakness or moodiness. Cleansing effects vary widely based on your current health status and how much toxic gunk you have to get rid of. But that's where Jon Barron's FAQs are so incredibly helpful! Check them out at

You'll find answers to virtually every detox question you can think of. Literally millions of people have gone through a nutritional detox, so you're not alone in this experience. I've done them myself, and I intend on doing an abbreviated version of the Baseline of Health detox through December and January. (Then again, I drink fresh vegetable juices and superfoods on a daily basis, so I have a lot less stuff to detox than most consumers...)

Introducing the new you in 2008!

The holidays are upon us now, and most consumers are eating garbage foods, packing on pounds and loading up on toxic chemicals. Are you interested in creating a whole new you in January? If so, I urge you to consider taking part in this global detox event. The healing that can take place from this kind of experience is nothing less than miraculous.

I've known people to overcome cancer by starting with a detox event like this, and then turning to daily juicing and medicinal herbs to beat their cancer. I've seen people reverse type-2 diabetes in a matter of just a few weeks, and I know that virtually everyone who takes prescription drugs of any kind (even "happy pills" like antidepressants, or over-the-counter painkillers) has a clogged liver and could experience incredible benefits from a serious liver cleanse.

If you've never done a cleanse like this, you probably have no idea just how good you can feel afterwards. You may, in fact, have completely forgotten what it feels like to have a more youthful, energetic and healthy body. This kind of detox experience can bring that body back to you! Not all by itself, of course. You still have to avoid all the toxic food additives, dangerous personal care product chemicals and other unhealthful exposures, but cleansing your liver, kidneys, gallbladder, colon and blood is the single most important step to creating a whole new you in 2008. You'll feel so good afterwards that exercise will seem easy! And that can unleash a whole new program of exercise that leads to healthy weight loss, increased bone density, more lean body mass and many other benefits.

Cleansing goes way beyond just physical healing, by the way: It opens up a whole new universe of incredible brain performace. It even gives you more spiritual clarity and emotional stability. The benefits of this cleansing experience are nothing short of miraculous. Cleaning out the gunk in your body is a powerful form of medical self-treatment. It involves no drugs, no surgery and doesn't require a prescription. It puts power back into your hands, letting YOU create the health future that you want for yourself.

Yes, it takes courage. It takes a little bit of money to buy the products, and the stuff that comes out of your body will make your shake your head in disbelief. But it's all worth it. When you wake up in mid January and you realize you've completed a personal healing journey, and that you've joined a thousand other people walking that same journey at the same time, you'll instantly realize that you've just successfully completed a huge milestone in your personal growth, and that the rest of your life from that moment forward will now be immensely improved.

Check it out for yourself:

I urge you to consider participating this year. I'm doing a partial detox, and many people I know are joining in with this. Most of my staff is participating, too, because they want healthy bodies (and clear heads) in January! Even if you're still planning on gorging yourself on a Christmas dinner, you can still do this cleanse and experience tremendous benefits from it. You don't have to put your life on hold or stop celebrating the holidays. This is a cleanse you can do along with your busy holiday schedule. This cleanse is even portable! You can take it with you on a plane and keep on cleansing when you're visiting relatives or friends!

The benefits of detoxing

What are the main benefits people experience from completing a detox like this? Here's what I've found in researching detoxification and talking to people who have gone through similar experiences:

• Rapid loss of excess body fat
• Reversal of depression
• Shrinking of cancer tumors
• Eliminating of chronic pain
• Reversal of inflammation conditions such as arthritis and asthma
• Greatly improved mood and brain performance
• Reduction in apparent age (you LOOK younger!)
• Increased stamina and cardiovascular performance
• Increase libido and sexual performance
• Improvement in cardiovascular profiles, including cholesterol and blood pressure
• Greatly improved digestion and elimination of digestive disorders
• Elimination of dark areas under the eyes
• Elimination of urinary tract problems
• Marked improvement in reproductive health and fertility
• Stabilization of blood sugar and elimination of diabetes symptoms
• Calming of cravings for sugar or carbohydrates
• Greatly improved vision and neurological health (including reversal of symptoms of Alzheimer's or dementia)

... and the list of benefits just keeps on going. It's amazing what kind of healing can take place in the human body when all the toxic chemicals are out of the way!

This is not a drug detox

One note of caution here: This is not a drug addiction detox. If you're addicted to meth, or heroin, or nicotine, please seek professional help from a local detox center specializing in addictive substance recovery. What I'm talking about here is a nutritional detox designed to get all the toxic synthetic chemicals out of your liver, blood, kidneys and colon. It's a detox that literally everyone needs to go through. We all have way too many chemicals in our bodies right now, and it takes regular cleansing through programs like this to keep our organs and tissues free of contaminants and functioning at their very best.

Action items: How to begin now

You can participate starting right now. Here are the detox instructions:

And here's where you order the products:

Simply order these 2 products:

Intestinal Detox Package


Kidney / Liver / Gallbladder / Blood Detox Package

Together, these two detox packages will cost you around $230. But the benefits, of course, are priceless!

Then stay tuned to for blogs and other information to help you through the detox event.

Additional notes: This detox should never be pursued while pregnant. It's also not for children (adults only, please). Please check with a qualified health practitioner (preferrably a qualified naturopath instead of an M.D.) before undergoing this nutritional detox and let them know your plans. Drink lots and lots of water or fresh juice during the detox, and avoid consuming toxic substances during the event (including caffeine).

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