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Originally published November 17 2007

The Healing Power of Pets

by Maida W. Genser

(NaturalNews) How does the person with the most stressful job in the country relieve the pressure? President George W. Bush does it by playing with his dog. Stroking a pet, holding a purring cat, hearing a bird sing and chirp, and even watching a fish swim in a tank can have a calming effect. Playing with pets or even watching their antics can be endlessly amusing and rewarding.

One writer said that pets are the furry form of valium. An extensive body of clinical research indicates that animal companionship helps with anxiety and depression, and even lowers blood pressure. In this high-anxiety world, going back to nature with animal companionship is just what the doctor ordered.

The mental health profession has long recognized the health benefits of having companion animals. Psychiatrists have added pet therapy to their treatment repertoire. Therapy pets are used in schools, mental institutions, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and children's hospitals. Seniors are a target group which can greatly benefit from more opportunities to be around animals. People are retiring earlier and living longer.

More and more people are able to continue to responsibly care for pets, making it a win-win situation for the animals the people who care for them. When people cooperate by taking proper care and responsibility for their pets, there are fewer objections to having pets around. For our health and for the homeless animals, we need to have a pets-allowed environment in all types of housing. Citizens for Pets in Condos, Inc ( is working to increase acceptance of pets in condos and other types of association-run housing.

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