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Originally published October 18 2007

FDA seizes $71k in herbal tea products as campaign of censorship against nutritional supplements continues

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, continuing its campaign of censorship against truthfully-described herbal supplements, seized $71,000 worth of Charantea herbal supplements last week in a raid involving U.S. Marshals. The company, Fulllife Natural Options, was accused by the FDA of marketing an "unapproved drug" due to the truthful marketing claims that accurately describe the blood sugar lowering effects of the product's main ingredient: Bitter Melon fruits.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, there is no such thing as an herb, food or supplement that has any biological activity whatsoever on the human body (other than simply providing calories), and any person who dares to make such a claim is immediately considered to be in violation of the FDA's authority. Any substance that has any therapeutic effect whatsoever on the human body is considered by the FDA to be a "drug" and must be approved as such -- a lengthy process costing about $800 million and requiring the favor of an agency that practically works for Big Pharma.

The FDA is well known for its censorship efforts against nutritional supplements. Earlier this year, the agency sent threatening letters to 29 cherry growers, warning them to remove all links to scientific literature describing the anti-inflammatory effects of phytonutrients found in cherries. Merely linking to such studies from a web page, the FDA warned, instantly transformed cherries into drugs requiring FDA approval. The FDA believes that the dissemination of scientific information about the health benefits of fruits, vegetables and plants simply cannot be tolerated.

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Censoring truthful health claims of nutritional supplements

While the FDA claims it raided the Charantea company in order to protect consumers from mislabeled products, the truth is that the agency -- which operates a criminal prescription drug racket that should be prosecuted under organized crime laws -- is far more interested in protecting the market for pharmaceuticals. Herbal tea products that effectively lower blood sugar are seen as competition for high-profit diabetes drugs. The most effective way to protect the market for patented pharmaceuticals is to disrupt the business operations of those selling natural alternatives such as herbal teas, and that's exactly why this raid took place.

From a scientific standpoint, there is absolutely no question that drinking bitter melon as a tea (or taking it as a supplement) helps regulate blood sugar. Cinnamon has a similar effect, as do many other herbs. These medicinal plants have been used for thousands of years to support human health. It is only in the last 75 years or so that western medicine has gained power over the industry and surreptitiously declared that all of the medicinal herbs used for thousands of years throughout human history are now suddenly inert or harmful. In today's system of medical oppression, merely telling the truth about your own product that actually works to regulate blood sugar is enough to get your warehouse raided by the highly corrupt FDA -- an agency with such a corrupt history of armed raids against supplement companies that you would think it was operated by the Russian mafia.

From Big Pharma's point of view, there is no question that this FDA tactic is highly successful. By terrorizing fruit growers, herbal tea companies and nutritional supplement manufacturers, the Food and Drug Administration continues to exercise iron-grip control over the printing of any information regarding the true medicinal applications of foods and plants. The FDA's censorship campaign is, by any measure, outrageously successful, and any company that dares to tell the truth about its own products is very much aware that they risk being put out of business by this rogue agency.

Our last defense against medical tyranny: Free Speech

The only reason that I am able to tell you the truth about the FDA is because I sell no nutritional supplements and earn no money from the sale of such supplements. The FDA has no authority over this article. If they did, I would have been imprisoned and censored off the internet years ago. This is part of the reason I continue to refrain from the entering the supplement business: Because it's far more important for me to remain independent and uncensored so that I may continue reporting the truth about how the FDA and Big Pharma are collectively operating as either corporate criminals or domestic terrorist organizations, depending on how much you believe about the real reasons of why they do the things they do.

When will medical tyranny finally be stopped in this "free" country? When will free speech finally become a reality for nutritional supplement manufacturers? It can only happen with radical reforms that end the medical monopoly currently enforced by the Big Pharma / FDA conspiracy. See my book, Natural Health Solutions and the Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing About Them to learn more:

Today, it is very clear that we are NOT living in a free society. Freedom of speech is simply not allowed for anyone selling food, herbs or nutritional supplements of any kind. Simply stating obvious truths -- like "vitamin C cures scurvy" or "chocolate makes the brain feel happy" -- is enough to land you in federal prison courtesy of the pharmaceutical thugs running the Fraud and Drug Administration. Today, we live under a system of medical tyranny engineered by the agency that, in an honest world, should be protecting consumers and finding ways to help enhance their health rather than focusing on ways to exploit them for Big Pharma profits.

The FDA has never threatened me to remove a single article I've written about the agency. You know why? Because if any of this went to court, all my evidence against the FDA would become a matter of public record. They'd rather ignore my work and tolerate the relatively small number of people who read this than take this public and risk it going national with a story of how the FDA tried to censor a free speech journalist. As much as NaturalNews has been hugely successful in the natural health industry, it's still barely a blip on the radar for mainstream America. Not even one in a hundred people are aware of this website or the importance of this information, and as long as Big Pharma owns Big Media, it's probably going to stay that way.

Accordingly, consider yourself fortunate to be among the very few people who are aware of what's really going on in our federal government. As Americans, we currently live under a system of medical tyranny. It is a system that insists on continuing disease among the population so that politically influential corporations can profit from disease, generation after generation. All cures are outlawed. Anything that actually works to prevent disease is censored. Medical pioneers who open clinics to cure cancer are arrested or run out of the country. Astonishingly, healing is a crime in these United States, and nutritional therapies that actually work will simply not be tolerated.

Charantea is simply the latest victim in an ongoing war against health-enhancing nutritional supplements being waged by the FDA / Big Pharma gang. Charantea was targeted precisely because their product actually works. While the FDA will openly tolerate useless synthetic vitamins (which are mostly made by pharmaceutical companies anyway), the rogue agency will not tolerate herbal products that actually work to cure cancer, halt diabetes, reverse heart disease or otherwise strip revenues from Big Pharma by eliminating disease.

Personally, I hope you support this company just to spite the FDA. You can learn more about their bitter melon product at

Bitter melon really works to help regulate blood sugar. In my view, it works better than diabetes drugs. Of course, what really works best overall is to stop eating processed foods and sugar, and switch to a raw living foods diet. Diabetes usually disappears within 30 - 60 days, never to return as long as you stay with the raw foods diet. There are many cures for diabetes, but the medical establishment does not want consumers to know about any of them because there's simply far too much profit to be found in the ongoing treatment of "lifetime diabetics."

This, folks, is exactly why the FDA attacks nutritional supplement companies. There's a revenue stream at stake here, and patients must remain diseased in order for Big Pharma to profit from them. Any herbal product that actually works will quickly find itself in the FDA's crosshairs, especially if it is described with honest, accurate language telling consumers the truth about what the product actually does. Garlic halts the growth of cancer tumors, but don't you dare say it on your web page, or the FDA will consider you a criminal and seize your garlic supplements.

If you think this is criminal behavior on the part of the FDA, you are right! The FDA is, indeed, run by unindicted criminals who are currently engaged in heinous crimes against humanity. I can only pray that, in time, these people will be made to answer for their crimes, and that freedom will be returned to the people in the form of a Health Freedom Protection Act that ends the decades of censorship that the FDA has enforced against nutritional supplement companies. The FDA represents an imminent threat to the health and safety of the American people, and its actions are far more dangerous to Americans than all the terrorists in the world. Statistically speaking, even a nuclear bomb going off in a major U.S. city would not equal the number of deaths caused by the FDA in just the last five years. This is an agency that is, without question, an enemy of the American people and a purveyor of death and disease.

Think about this: In a nation where telling the truth is a crime, power belongs to those who enforce the censorship. Read 1984 by George Orwell to see what happens nextů

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