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Originally published October 10 2007

Breast Cancer Deception: New tell-all report from Mike Adams reveals profit motive behind the pink ribbons

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Outspoken natural health author Mike Adams (aka The Health Ranger) has launched a 17-page special report that sharply criticizes the breast cancer industry. The report claims that pharmaceutical companies and cancer non-profit groups put profits before prevention and actually receive a financial windfall from the continuation of the disease.

Using charts and graphs from the National Cancer Institute -- along with the latest scientific research about powerful anti-cancer nutrients and botanicals -- Adams demonstrates how the cancer industry blatantly ignores the No. 1 solution that can prevent 77 percent of all cancers. This simple solution has zero side effects, is available to everyone and costs absolutely nothing, yet it remains censored by the cancer industry and remains virtually ignored by cancer doctors.

The special report, entitled Breast Cancer Deception, is available at no charge at:

Inside, readers learn:

• The top 18 causes of breast cancer that you can control or change
• How breast cancer provides billions in profits for drug companies
• Why the breast cancer industry isn't looking for a real cure
• Which simple nutrient prevents 77% of ALL cancers
• The latest research on natural breast cancer prevention therapies that really work
• Names and web addresses of my top recommended anti-cancer herbs and supplements
• The real reason why cancer mortality is much higher in blacks than whites (and why you were never told the truth about this...)
• The shocking truth about the miserable failure of over-hyped breast cancer drugs
• How chemotherapy causes permanent organ damage to cancer patients
• Why "pink products" are often just a marketing sham
• Why the cancer industry ultimately doesn't want people to prevent cancer
• How certain cancer non-profits are actually front groups for Big Pharma
• How the cancer industry victimizes black women by keeping them ignorant of simple cancer prevention strategies
• The truth about deadly mammograms (and why mammography harms ten times as many women as it helps!)
• The top 22 ways to prevent or even cure breast cancer
• Which anti-cancer foods work best to halt tumor growth
• How the male-dominated cancer industry exploits women for corporate profits
• Which breast cancer non-profit you can really trust!
• Which herb from the Amazon rainforest shows powerful anti-tumor activity
• Why your geographic location on the planet impacts your breast cancer risk (includes graphs)
• Why running in circles to raise money for a "cancer cure" is a complete waste of time
• How top cancer non-profits have abandoned cancer prevention in favor of screening and "treatment"

In this special report, Breast Cancer Deception, Adams reveals that teaching the population how to prevent cancer would financially devastate cancer non-profit groups and pharmaceutical companies. "This medical industry needs cancer for its own survival," Adams said. "Making sure the disease continues to proliferate is a matter of life and death for the corporations and non-profits that feed off this disease. That's why they are doing everything in their power to censor information about cancer prevention solutions that are available for free," Adams explained.

In this special report, Adams reveals over a dozen potent anti-cancer therapies, products and nutritional supplements, yet he earns no money whatsoever from the sale of such products. Maintaining his journalistic independence, Adams simply reports on the true causes of cancer and genuine cancer cures without any financial involvement whatsoever in the products he recommends. "While non-profit cancer groups gladly take money from companies that profit from cancer, I simply refuse to accept any money whatsoever from the products that I recommend for preventing and curing cancer," Adams said. "Readers need to know that my recommendations are made entirely based on merit, and unlike the cancer non-profit groups operating today, I cannot be bought off with Big Pharma money. I am here to help save lives, not to prop up the shareholder value of some pharmaceutical company."

The full report, Breast Cancer Deception, is available now at:

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