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Originally published September 28 2007

Photo shows beer promotions at McDonald's restaurant (humor)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

On a recent road trip to Phoenix, Arizona, I stopped to take a driving break and found myself staring in disbelief at the scene depicted in this unaltered photograph: A McDonald's restaurant is apparently advertising beer! As you can see in this picture, a neon "Miller Lite" sign is clearly visible in the window, as well as a "Budweiser" logo and sale sign.

McDonald's is the same restaurant, of course, that advertises heavily to children and even goes out of its way to build thousands of childrens' playgrounds in its restaurants. Is it appropriate for this same restaurant to have neon beer signs in its front window?

Thanks to countless dollars McDonald's has spent advertising to children over the past several decades, children are programmed to feel a sense of trust when they see the big "M" logo (the golden arches). But as this photograph clearly shows, the golden arches appear almost directly above these signs advertising beer. What's the message to children here: Trust McDonald's, drink beer?

Acute observers might point out, no doubt, that this particular McDonald's appears to be an "Express Stop" restaurant, which means it's sort of a combination restaurant and mini grocery store. So it's not purely a McDonald's restaurant, and I'm pretty sure McDonald's doesn't actually serve beer (although it might be an improvement over the stuff they do serve!). But the point here is that the placement of these signs directly beneath a McDonald's logo, underneath a McDonald's roof, creates the appearance that McDonald's is either selling beer or endorsing the consumption of beer.

It gives a whole new meaning to the term, "Happy Meal," huh? Maybe chicken McNuggets will come with a new Vodka-flavored dipping sauce, and Big Macs can be ordered with a side of Big Shots. Perhaps the McDonald's menu will soon carry some new favorites such as Long Island Iced Tea and Absolut Strawberry Shake. Perhaps adding alcohol to the menu could even save McDonald's from its steady decline in popularity among customers. It seems that the age of Americans worshipping burgers and fries is long gone… but getting drunk remains forever popular (especially in Arizona).

In any case, I'm willing to bet these beer signs aren't actually the fault of the McDonald's company. I'd guess that the Express Stop owner placed these neon signs in the windows in violation of their franchise agreement with McDonald's. This photo is posted primarily for entertainment purposes because it deserves a good laugh. It's not any sort of indictment of McDonald's restaurants -- because there are a lot worse things going on in those McDonald's kitchens than beer, if you ask my opinion. But that's a whole different story that starts with the cattle feedlots in Greeley, Colorado, and it's a subject too sickening to talk about right now.

This photo is accurate and true. It has not been edited in any way other than to adjust brightness and contrast. It was taken at an Express Stop McDonald's just SE of Chandler, Arizona, on Interstate 10 heading towards Tucson. (In the window reflection, you can see a gas pump area and a Carl's Jr. restaurant across the way.) You can stop by there and see the beer signs for yourself. You might even buy yourself a cold one. Just make sure you don't keep driving on the interstate afterwards.

Disclaimer: This photo is offered under the free speech provisions of the United States Constitution and is condered "Fair Use" for the purposes of public commentary. All comments about McDonald's in this story are pure satire and/or personal opinion. Nothing in this photo or story is meant to imply that the McDonald's corporation actually sells beer or endorses beer.

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