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Originally published September 24 2007

Integrated Health offers outstanding nutritional supplements at breakthrough price for NaturalNews readers

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Here at NaturalNews, we're always on the lookout for outstanding nutritional products that can benefit our readers. We've recommended hundreds of health products over the last three years, and we've never taken a cut or commission on any of them.

Today, I'm thrilled to bring you yet another great find on a line of nutritional products from a company that offers some of the best nutritional formulations in the industry: Integrated Health (

A special discount code for NaturalNews readers gets you 10% off everything. Use code NT2008 for that. But there are even better deals here that will earn you up to 60 percent off products that represent some of the best nutritional formulations in the industry.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about: The company produced a line of extremely high-end chewable children's vitamins called Kids Mighty-Multi. Sweetened with Xylitol, the product is one of the best multi vitamins I've ever seen for either kids or adults. It contains krebs cycle nutrients, high-end forms of all the major minerals, expensive forms of B vitamins (their vitamin B-12 is methylcobalamin, not the toxic cyanocobalamin found in cheap products) and powerful anti-cancer herbal ingredients like turmeric and quercetin.

It has none of the usual junk found in multi-vitamins for kids (no artificial colors, no sugars, no chemical sweeteners, etc.), but it's loaded with plant extracts and even tastes great thanks to the xylitol and stevia in the formula. See the ingredients yourself at:

Here's the catch: This formula was made with such high-end ingredients that most parents thought it was too expensive at $24.95 / bottle. So Integrated Health ended up with way too much product and not enough in-the-know parents to buy it all, and now they have several hundred bottles that still need to find homes because they will expire towards the end of this year.

This is your chance to save big! Because of this excess inventory, NaturalNews readers can save big! Integrated Health has slashed the price to $10.97 (55% off the $24.97 price), and you can also use the NT2008 discount code to get another ten percent off the price! This gets you a $25 bottle of extremely high-end nutrients for under ten bucks. It's such a good deal that I bought several myself. I don't know of a better deal on a high-end multi vitamins that's chewable. Sure, you can find cheaper vitamins if you don't care about what's in them, but if you're looking for world class nutritional support for both children and adults, this Kids Mighty-Multi is an outstanding deal. (It's actually great for adults, too. The only thing that's "kids" about this is the small size of the chewable tablets.)

What's left of their inventory will probably be sold out by Wednesday, so if you want to get in on this deal, order from their website right now. This deal simply won't last long…

Get 21% off a combination of premium supplements for adults

Integrated Health is also running a special 12% off one of their best supplement package deals: Their "Core Package" containing Multi capsules, omega-3 oils and a high-end antioxidant formula. Together with the NaturalNews discount code NT2008, you can get a total of 21% off this combination that combines premium ingredients for nutritional support, covering the primary nutritional needs for most people: Healthy fatty acids, antioxidants and multiple vitamins and minerals, all in their premium molecular forms for maximum assimilation.

Learn more about this combination at:

Other great savings for NaturalNews readers

Here are some of the other recommended formulations from Integrated Health, along with the special price for NaturalNews readers (use code NT2008 to get the discount):

Rejuvenate! ($53.95 w/ NaturalNews code):
(Awesome superfood product, high in RNA, see my comments below…)

Visual Ocuity Eye Drops ($31.45 w/ NaturalNews code):
(This is the eye drop formula used by diabetics to prevent them from going blind…)

Allergy Support Plus ($19.76 w/ NaturalNews code):

Joint Health Formula ($29.65 w/ NaturalNews code):
(One of the best joint formulas I've ever seen, made with Bioperine to greatly enhance absorption of all nutrients…)

Diabetes Support Formula ($26.95 w/ NaturalNews code):
(An outstanding formula for diabetics. I'm going to be recommending this product in the next edition of my book, How to Halt Diabetes in 25 Days…)

Plus, as a reminder, here are the two formulas mentioned earlier:

Kids Chewable Mighty-Multi! ($9.87 w/NaturalNews code):

Package Deal Special on Core Supplements ($44.95 w/ NaturalNews code):

NaturalNews earns nothing on these products

As always, neither NaturalNews nor myself earns any money on this recommendation. We take no cut or commission. Our recommendations are always based entirely on merit. In this particular case, I have spent many hours interviewing the formulator of these products (Dr. Hank Liers), and I'm very familiar with his nutritional philosophy and dedication to serving the needs of customers.

In fact, I know very well that this company could make more money by cheapening their formulas and using lower quality ingredients. Most consumers wouldn't notice the difference. But Integrated Health insists on using premium ingredients in their formulations, so they cater to a select audience of people who understand the difference between cheap vs. premium nutritional products.

These are nutritional products I use myself. In fact, I highly recommend their Rejuvenate! product, a high-RNA superfood product based on chlorella, chia seeds, nutritional yeast, spirulina and other key ingredients. It's a powder that blends well with a chocolate avocado smoothie (or any avocado smoothie), adding a powerful dose of plant-based medicine to any smoothie drink. Learn more about this product at:

I also highly recommend their 2DOCS supplements for pets. Formulated with the same high-end nutritional philosophy as their supplements for people, these 2DOCS vitamins are quite simply the best pet supplements I've found on the market. (Most pet vitamins from other companies are garbage.) I use the Large Pet Mighty-Multi with my Rotweiller. Learn more at

Incredible products at reasonable prices

If you go through the product catalog at Integrated Health, you'll find all kinds of amazing products that can literally help prevent and even reverse various degenerative diseases. They have a breakthrough Magnesium Oil product made from seawater, a Diabetes Defense for Pets (which I strongly recommend to pet owners, and an Olive Leaf Extract Topical Gel that's amazing for skin conditions.

Go through their website and see what I'm talking about. This is a provider of high-end nutritional solutions that you definitely want to become familiar with (if you're not already). I put it among my top recommended supplement suppliers such as Wellness Resources (, GHC Health (, Living Fuel (, Baseline Nutritionals ( and Applied Health ( (And many more that I recommend, too many to mention…)

Remember, use code NT2008 to get 10% off everything from Integrated Health. You'll be getting a great deal on premium nutritional products that I personally take myself.

Enjoy! I'll also be bringing you a lot more product recommendations in the coming weeks. We've got a great lineup of news about exciting products that represent the very best in the industry today. Stay tuned for more coverage from

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