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Originally published September 10 2007

New online consumer health guide reveals nutritional deficiencies caused by prescription drugs

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor, a leading natural health news and information site, has launched NaturalNews DrugWatch(TM), a free online resource that reveals the nutritional deficiencies caused by over 540 brand-name prescription drugs. The pages are provided free of charge as a service to enhance the health and safety of consumers:

All prescription drugs have unintended side effects, and many drugs deplete the body of essential nutrients. Today, most consumers are not being told about these drug-induced nutritional deficiencies, and they continue taking pharmaceuticals without knowing they are often leaving their body in a dangerous state of nutrient depletion that can lead to chronic degenerative disease. Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, for example, greatly interfere with Coenzyme Q10 production (a nutrient essential for cellular energy), but instead of being told to take supplemental CoQ10, many patients suffering from fatigue and exhaustion on statin drugs are simply diagnosed with another disease and given yet another prescription drug to take.

Antidepressant drugs, as another example, interfere with the metabolism of carbohydrates. Most people taking antidepressants are deficient in the B vitamins (especially folic acid). Supplementing with B vitamins has been found to either make the antidepressant drugs seem more effective or eliminate the need for the drugs altogether.

The NaturalNews DrugWatch database aims to teach consumers how to protect themselves from the nutrient depletions caused by pharmaceuticals by compensating with nutrient supplementation through either foods or dietary supplements. When pharmaceuticals cause an accelerated loss of vitamins, minerals or other important nutrients, consumers can protect their health by either finding a natural way to end dependence on the pharmaceutical or by supplementing with the proper nutrients to avoid the inevitable onset of nutritional deficiency diseases.

The NaturalNews DrugWatch resource also lists warnings about which nutrients should be avoided while taking certain drugs, along with notes about which nutrients may actually potentiate the pharmaceuticals, allowing patients to safely take a lower dose (under the supervision of a qualified health professional, of course). Herbal interactions are listed, covering herbs like Ginkgo Biloba and St. John's Wort, among many others.

Over 540 brand-name drugs are listed in the NaturalNews DrugWatch database, including Amoxicillin, Celebrex, Prozac, Ibuprofen, Risperdal and others. Each health caution is backed by cited references. The data for this consumer guide was provided by Applied Health (, a nutritional research and solutions company specializing in restorative nutritional therapies.

The NaturalNews DrugWatch database is updated monthly to reflect the latest research about drug-induced nutrient deficiencies. It is financially supported by the presence of Google advertising on each page, keeping it free to the public.

The NaturalNews DrugWatch database can be accessed here:

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