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Originally published August 23 2007

Product review: Vitalizer Plus produces structured water with a countertop vortex machine

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

There's been a lot of talk lately about the molecular structure of water. The work of the now-famous Dr. Emoto from Japan shows that water has "memory" and takes on different complex strucutures based on the vibrations (or intentions) being directed at it. Not surprisingly, new products are starting to appear in the marketplace that promise to enhance the structure of your water, making it either "wetter water" or "hexagonal water" that works far more effectively in the human body than the typical stagnant, dead water coming out of your faucet.

One such product is called the Vitalizer Plus ( I purchased this device and tested it for several months to see how well it worked. The unit is a countertop device with a nice cosmetic design. It goes well with other kitchen countertop appliances, and the operation noise level is very low (far quieter than a blender).

To operate the unit, you simply fill it with filtered water (or spring water), then turn it on by pressing a button on the front panel. It runs for a preprogrammed number of minutes (you can choose the number of minutes), then automatically shuts off.

When operating, the Vitalizer Plus generates a nice vortex in the water (is looks like a miniature cyclone) that makes a typical "water going down the drain" sound. Technically, it all seemed to work fine, and I could not find any problems with the unit's operation. The difficulty in reviewing such a unit, however, is in testing the results. How do you test the structure of water? And how can you determine its health benefits if you're already healthy? Not having the resources to run a clinical trial with this water, I am going to have to settle for the idea that the device works quite well mechanically, but that I cannot scientifically determine whether the water coming out of it is any better than the water that went into it. I tried to see if I could tell any difference by taste, and I couldn't (the pre-vortex water tasted the same as the post-vortex water, which actually seems to make good sense).

It's also difficult to experience any health effects from this water if you're already healthy. This is one of the challenges I often face in trying new health-related products: Since I'm not suffering from any disease or nutritional deficiency, it's often very difficult for me to feel any significant difference in such products, whereas other people who are in a worse state of general health might notice a huge difference. So I can't say that I felt any more energy or clarity after drinking this water, but that might simply be because I feel a lot of energy and clarity on a daily basis anyway.

One thing I don't like about the product, however, is that it's made out of some sort of polycarbonate, and the water is definitely in touch with these materials throughout the vortex cycle. Still, it's a high quality poly material (this is not some cheap plastic) and I doubt there's much transference of molecules between the materials and the water. After all, the whole thing operates at room temperature and never gets hot.

If you're interested in drinking structured water, you may want to acquire one of these devices yourself and see what difference you experience. It's definitely on the leading edge of water forming technology, and as far as I know, there's nothing else like it on the market. Although I cannot currently prove it, I believe this device helps oxygenate and activate water molecules, making them work more efficiently with your human biology. It likely makes the water "wetter," in much the same way as Mother Nature does when water is spinning and swirling down a stream or waterfall. Experiment with it yourself to see what you think! Also check out all the additional information at the company web site:

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