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Originally published July 13 2007

Free guide to pH balance and the health effects of acidic foods now available at

by Jack Challem

NaturalNews has published a free online guide entitled, "The pH Nutrition Guide to Acid / Alkaline Balance" by Jack Challem, the Nutrition Reporter. In this exclusive report, you'll learn one of the most important health secrets found in nutritional science: the pH secret to good health! Here's what's covered:

• How acidic foods strip your body of minerals.

• Why osteoporosis is actually promoted by the consumption of acidic foods.

• How eating lots of potassium-rich fruits creates a chemical buffer against the ravages of acidic foods.

• The important of your potassium-to-sodium ratio, and how the American diet radically imbalances this all-important nutrient ratio.

• Chloride warning: The average American diet has way too much chloride. Here's how it harms your health.

• Why muscle cramps are actually caused primarily by mineral deficiencies (and how to solve the problem without using dangerous prescription medications).

• How the mass consumption of meat and grains causes the body to become overly acidic.

• Which four foods in the average American diet are the most acidic and lead to the greatest loss of bone mineral density and lean muscle mass.

• Why consuming large amounts of dairy products does nothing to prevent osteoporosis.

• The real cause of osteoporosis, and how to reverse the condition through dietary changes.

• Why your diet is far more important to overall pH level than supplements alone.

• What the Hunter-Gatherer diet can teach us about health in the modern world.

• How to accurately test your own pH levels.

• A list of which foods are the most acidic vs. most alkaline.

• Scientific references supporting the information presented here.

You can read the full report here:

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