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Originally published July 7 2007

This July 4th, declare your independence from America's failed health care system

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Independence Day is a wonderful holiday. It's a time to remember the great success America's forefathers (and mothers) achieved in gaining freedom from tyrannical rule. This July 4th, whether you live in America or not, I encourage you to continue the great tradition of rejecting tyranny and embracing freedom by throwing off the shackles of conventional medicine and seeking, once and for all, a system of health care that actually cares for your health.

Conventional medicine (also called "Western medicine" or "modern medicine"), you see, is a system of medical profiteering that destroys both patients and the health care practitioners attempting to help them (doctors, nurses and other health care professionals largely despise America's current health care system, much like patients do). Today's health care system is nothing short of a medical monopoly -- many even consider it a medical dogma -- and it is achieved through the censorship of alternative and the aggressive commercialization of medical products and services that most patients don't even need.

This is no casual accusation. Read the articles on this website covering the FDA, Big Pharma and conventional medicine to learn the documented truth of how the profiteering corporations that dominate conventional medicine actually seek to exploit patients for profit rather than helping them heal. (In fact, the word "cure" isn't even allowed to be uttered in today' medical system. Rather, the focus is on high-profit "treatment" and "management" of disease. Any talk of a "cure" is immediately considered quackery regardless of its merit.)

Conventional medicine offers no hope for either individual health or the health of the population at large. Its greatest achievement was the invention of antibiotics to battle infectious disease, and it often seems that conventional medicine hasn't achieved any meaningful progress since. In fact, the system is stuck in the germ theory of medicine, believing that every disease or condition (including degenerative disease) can be treated with a synthetic chemical. This is why you end up with drugs to treat osteoporosis, for example, when osteoporosis is quite clearly not caused by a pharmaceutical deficiency.

There is no meaningful effort in medicine today to actually prevent disease, teach holistic nutrition to patients or promote non-patentable things that help people heal (like sunlight, water or medicinal herbs). And that's partly why conventional medicine doesn't work. The system has failed America, and this failure is obvious in the simple fact that while Americans pay the highest prices in the world for health care services, they simultaneously suffer the highest rates in the world of preventable degenerative disease (like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, depression, etc.) In no other industry would people pay far more, receive far worse results, and call it "the best in the world!" It boggles the mind that anyone still has faith in conventional medicine today.

Most people who enter hospitals die there

People who enter the system of conventional medicine seeking treatment for one disease are almost always made worse over the long term due to the systemic toxicity of pharmaceuticals and other dangerous treatments like radiation for cancer. Most drugs actually cause damage to patients, either through liver damage, kidney damage, weight gain or interference with normal physiological function (such as statin drugs blocking the creation of cholesterol -- a nutrient that's extremely important for your health, despite the medical myths promoted by cholesterol drug companies).

We all know this to be true by simple observation. Think of the last person you saw admitted to the hospital for chemotherapy, for example. How are they doing two or three years later? If they even survived the initial chemical onslaught, most chemotherapy patients begin to show symptoms of heart damage, liver damage, kidney damage or brain damage within a few years (if not right away). They often live in a state of severe immune system suppression, and when their cancer returns, they have few internal resources left to stave off the disease. That's why cancers often return as more aggressive diseases following chemotherapy. The chemo destroys the immune system and lets cancer have free reign over the body.

Those cancer patients who have turned to naturopathic therapies, however -- who have declared their independence from conventional medicine -- have far better outcomes. Many are cured outright, and those who aren't are still able to live out their lives with far better quality of life than conventional cancer patients, who are essentially poisoned to death by chemotherapy.

If you want to experience genuine health, and you're tired of being exploited and victimized by the conventional medical system that still dominates American medicine today, it's time to declare your independence and embrace naturopathic medicine.

How to declare your own independence from health care tyranny

The good news in all this is that you no longer have to suffer under the delusional, dogmatic system of medicine practiced in America today. You can choose a different system of medicine -- one that actually works to prevent disease and help you heal. Naturopathic medicine is that system.

There's only one catch: Under a naturopathic system of medicine, you have to take responsibility for your own health, whereas under a pharmacological system of medicine, you can play the victim role and go along with the false beliefs implanted in your brain by television commercials. You can place your faith in Big Pharma's version of snake oil -- "magic bullet" pills that promise to take away your pain and disease but in reality do neither for anything other than a deceptive short term.

Under naturopathic medicine, you can cure yourself of virtually any disease, including cancer, but only if you embrace the simple truth that no external medicines, substances or practitioners can do the curing for you. Taking responsibility for your health means empowering yourself with the state of belief necessary to initiate spontaneous healing, and the body already knows how to spontaneously heal itself of even scary-sounding diseases like cancer, by the way. All you have to do is give your body the right nutrients, environment, movement, removal of toxins and avoidance of toxins. From these circumstances, the body naturally gravitates towards a state of balance (health). Botanicals, acupuncture, superfoods and other naturopathic therapies can accelerate this progress, but they cannot replace or override your role in the healing process.

The benefits of health freedom

Once you declare your health freedom, the benefits you'll experience are enormous. While taking responsibility for your health certainly requires time, effort, money and personal commitment, the benefits you receive are substantial. In addition to living a healthier, happier and more mentally alert life, you'll also:

• Save all kinds of time from no longer having to wait around in doctors' offices, clinics or hospitals.

• Save the environment by not excreting pharmaceutical contaminants into waste water.

• Deny profits to the wealthy drug corporations that mark up their drugs as much as 569,000% over the cost of their ingredients (that number is not a typo).

• Economically boycott the entire system of western medicine by refusing to give it your hard-earned dollars.

• Eliminate the need for expensive health insurance policies that mostly rip off patients by denying coverage for services that they promised to cover.

• Save your liver, kidneys and brain from the massive inundation of toxic chemicals used in conventional medicine treatments.

• Promote the proliferation and success of naturopathic health practitioners and companies who care about health, the planet and our collective future.

• Avoid being trapped by oncologists or other specialists in a system of harmful medical treatments that primarily turn you into a lifelong patient requiring ongoing treatment rather than making you well enough that you no longer need their services or products.

In all, declaring your freedom from America's failed health care system is the single most important thing you can do for your health. To learn more about how to join millions of other people who have already done this, keep reading the articles on this site. Also, please remember: Never stop taking pharmaceuticals abruptly. You'll need to work with your naturopathic physician to slowly wean yourself off pharmaceuticals, only under the supervision of a qualified naturopathic health practitioner.

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