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Originally published May 9 2007

Mike Adams launches eco-friendly LED lighting technology with 1000% improvement in energy efficiency

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

I'm passionate about solving problems and doing my part to make our world a better place. My passions focus on areas that include disease prevention through nutrition, green living, renewable energy, consumer safety, animal welfare and more. For the past four years, my efforts have focused primarily on education, grassroots activism and content creation. Today, I'm expanding the scope of these efforts with the launch of two new for-profit entities that aim to deliver practical yet innovative products that help people live healthier, more sustainable lives in harmony with our planet.

The two companies are:

EcoLEDs ( - A manufacturer of mercury-free, energy-efficient LED lighting products using breakthrough technology to deliver the most environmetally-friendly lighting products in the world. These LED lights, which replace regular light bulbs in homes and offices worldwide, greatly reduce CO2 emissions, save money on electricity and contain no mercury like compact fluorescent light bulbs do.

Better Life Goods ( - An online retailer of innovative products for sustainable living. Currently, Better Life Goods carries our EcoLEDs lighting products and superior quality NiMH rechargeable batteries that offer tremendous savings in both money and natural resources compared to throwaway alkaline batteries. We also carry a new, breakthrough NiMH battery charger with a super bright backlight display and the ability to refresh old NiMH batteries.

As we add more products in the coming weeks, you'll see an assortment of unique solutions for green living, energy conservation, personal safety and much more. (This retailer will never carry vitamins, herbs or nutritional supplements, by the way. I'm happy to recommend other sources for those products.)

Introducing RoHS compliance

Both EcoLEDs and Better Life Goods offer products adhering to strict RoHS guidelines. That's the new European standard called Reduction of Hazardous Substances. It means our products contain no mercury, cadmium lead or other toxic chemicals or heavy metals. As far as I know, we are currently the only consumer products company in the United States that has gone to the trouble (and expense) of manufacturing and selling RoHS-certified products.

Since these rules are not required in the United States, most retailers pay no attention to them and keep selling products made with mercury and other toxic substances. But because I'm such a proponent of protecting both nature and human health, I insist on sourcing RoHS-certified products wherever possible.

Through Better Life Goods, we'll be able to provide cleaner, greener products to millions of people -- products that reduce CO2 emissions, conserve electricity, reduce the use of toxic chemicals, support sustainable living and much more. We'll even be able to redirect a portion of those funds to directly supporting our consumer advocacy programs such as the Nutrition For Expectant Mothers program being pursued by our non-profit Consumer Wellness Center. (

Make no mistake: EcoLEDs and Better Life Goods are for-profit companies. I intend to earn an honest living from their commercial success. At the same time, I also intend to use these companies as independent fundraising engines by redirecting a portion of their profits to organizations and programs supporting consumer protection, environmental protection, health freedom, animal welfare, sustainable living, and so on.

To adhere to my journalism ethics, any article published on NaturalNews that mentions a product in which I have a commercial interest will be clearly labeled as such with a "full disclosure" summary. Any editorial coverage of Better Life Goods or EcoLEDs will clearly state that I am the owner of those companies. We will publicly post all funding of non-profits or grassroots campaigns so that you can see where the donation funds are going. I want you to know exactly what we're supporting and how we're making a positive difference by funding non-profit programs that make a lasting, positive impact on our world (and the people in it!).

What if every corporation acted with integrity?

Did you ever wonder what kind of world we might live in if every commercial entity acted with integrity? There's nothing wrong with selling a safe, Earth-friendly product at an honest profit, but there's a whole lot wrong with selling foods, drugs or personal care products that harm people... or stifling innovation in order to protect an outmoded technology like the combustion engine. (Big Oil, anyone?)

But what if corporations suddenly started acting with greater responsibility towards the environment, the people and our collective future? Imagine the good we could accomplish...

Part of my aim here is to demonstrate how responsible corporations can achieve commercial success while protecting health, consumers and the environment. I believe we CAN do well by doing good, and we CAN create a better future even while creating increased economic abundance for our fellow human beings. We do NOT have to pit the business against the economy. We can have both: Eco-conscious business and responsible profits -- but only if we operate these entities with respect for nature and humility towards the consumers who ultimately support such operations.

In fact, if we do not find a way to operate our economy in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way, I believe we will ultimately destroy our environment AND our modern civilization. What's at stake here is everything we value: Life, food, nature, families, communities, and our very future. That's why I think it is so important that our most successful retailers and manufacturers of consumer products operate with a strong passion for protecting both consumers and the environment. Merely talking green isn't enough. Companies need to actually deliver green products that make a significant difference right now.

Our EcoLEDs lights do exactly that. Change one 100-watt light bulb into a 10-watt EcoLEDs light, and you'll save $450 in electricity and reduce CO2 emissions by an astonishing 9,000 pounds over the life of the bulb. That's a measurable, immediate difference made possible by an innovative product delivered by a company that actually cares about saving our planet from climate change disaster.

The debate on climate change is over. Now is a time for action

Personally, I'm tired of waiting around for other corporations to do the right thing. Sometimes, if you want something done right, you've gotta do it yourself. You have to jump in and be willing to do the hard work necessary to demonstrate eco-friendly concepts to the business community. Taking action to make this a reality is a lot more powerful than sitting back and criticizing other corporations for being such lousy stewards of the environment. I believe that right now is a time for action. That's why I've decided to launch these companies now. Waiting around for the status quo to change things will never happen. If we want positive changes to happen in the business community, we must demonstrate how it's done with eco-friendly products that are good for consumers and good for the environment.

Thank you, as always, for being a reader of NaturalNews and an informed, empowered consumer. It continues to be a great honor to be able to write for you, and with the launch of these new eco-minded business units, we will be able to expand our content projects, our reach and our education efforts concerning natural health, disease prevention, nutrition and much more.

Our reach will continue to expand

All the content, consumer guides, interviews and videos we've produced so far are only the beginning. For the last several years, we've produced NaturalNews on a shoestring budget, relying almost entirely on reader support through donations and book sales (thank you to all Truth Publishing customers who have made this possible!). Now, with the financial support of our own eco-friendly business unit, we can turn up the volume on the messages we've been promoting over the last three years: Preventing disease with nutrition, banning pharmaceutical advertisements, reforming the FDA, switching to clean, renewable energy sources, ending the cruelty of animal "meat" factories, promoting solar technology and much more.

With the benefit of these commercial entities, we maintain complete freedom to keep reporting the truth on these topics, with no strings attached. Because we operate independently of investors and large corporate donors, nobody can censor us, no one can control our message, and nothing will stop NaturalNews from expanding its reach to empower consumers with the information they need to live healthier, happier and more abundant lives.

Watch for upcoming announcements about Better Life Goods and EcoLEDs, and thank you for helping NaturalNews grow to this point where we can begin to reach the masses with practical products that make a measurable, lasting difference in the future of our world.

You can help stop global warming starting right now

If you're interested in reducing the CO2 emissions and energy usage in your own home right now, using the brightest and most energy efficient LED lighting products available in the world today, check out my new company EcoLEDs (

In the coming days and weeks, I'll be writing about lighting technologies, covering incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting products. You'll learn about the massive mercury threat posed by compact fluorescent lights, the extreme waste of energy from incandescent lights, and why LED lighting is the future for both residential and commercial lighting.

I'll also be conducting in-depth scientific reviews of the ACTUAL energy usage of various light bulbs using a watt meter, a professional light meter and a remote temperature sensor. Each bulb will be shown with its associated CO2 emissions and landfill statistics, as well as any possible harm to the environment caused by the use of hazardous substances. In all, you'll soon see the most exhaustive investigation ever conducted on consumer lighting technologies and their implications for the future of our planet.

All test results will be publicly published, and the testing equipment used will be clearly listed so that anyone in the world can duplicate our results if they wish to confirm our findings.

This will be an eye-opening report. The research has already been completed, and the implications of what we've found are simply astounding. Did you know, for example, that America could meet the Kyoto treaty guidelines for reduced CO2 emissions right now by switching to energy-efficient LED lighting? Did you know that the California power plant energy crisis from a few years ago could have been entirely avoided if every household in the state had simply switched to a single LED light bulb?

Twenty percent of the electricity used in the United States goes to power lights, and an astonishing ninety percent of that electricity is right now wasted. Through the extremely efficient lighting products offered by EcoLEDs (, I intend to put a stop to that waste. Watch for more announcements on this revolution in Earth-friendly lighting products.

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