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Originally published April 11 2007

Attack on Health Freedom (comic)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Is your health freedom under attack? You bet it is. There's a global effort, spearheaded by drug companies, to outlaw nutritional supplements, herbs and vitamins. The FDA wants them all regulated out of existence, or reduced to non-therapeutic dosages so that patients remain sick and addicted to prescription drugs. See our article on The FDA's Final Solution to learn more.

Also see our articles on CODEX or health freedom to learn more.

I've documented many of the attacks on health freedom in my book, Natural Health Solutions and the Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing About Them. Five years ago, I never would have believed what I'm telling you today, but after reviewing the evidence, documenting the FDA-ordered book burnings, armed raids on vitamin shops, censorship campaigns launched by the FDA against cherry growers and even being personally targeted by covert criminal gangs this year (see this article for details), I'm no longer naive enough to think that the most powerful corporations in the world (drug companies) are simply going to stand by while folks like me educate the public about the dangers of drugs and the promise of natural medicine.

They will fight back to protect their medical racket, and they will do so using any means necessary: intimidation, censorship, smear campaigns, political influence, television propaganda and even the recruitment of celebrities to push the pro-drug message. (Shame on the celebrities!)

Conventional medicine is a criminal racket

Health Freedom is being oppressed. True information about herbs, supplements and superfoods is being routinely censored, and your health is being manipulated by a system of such overwhelming corruption and harm that it currently represents the single greatest threat to the health and safety of western nations. Not even terrorism compares to the number of Americans killed each year by the Big Pharma / FDA conspiracy. See the statistical details at

I'm convinced that the FDA is a criminal organization, operated as a legalized drug protection racket. In an honest society, FDA officials would have long since been arrested and tried for their crimes against the American people, but since virtually our entire government (the legislative, executive and judicial branches) have become the puppets of powerful corporations, the crimes committed by the FDA are not called crimes at all. Instead, they're called "public health policy."

Our collective last stand against corporate tyranny and the outright banning of natural medicine is to fight for our health freedom on the internet. It's the only medium that governments and corporations have not yet seized. They've tried to, mind you. Legislative efforts have been pursued that would make it illegal to discuss herbal medicine on the internet. Posting advice about how to use, say, dandelion root, could land you in prison (fortunately, such legislative efforts never made it through Congress). But that's where all this is heading if we don't join our efforts and stand up for health freedom right now.

Health freedom is as fundamental as religious freedom

What is health freedom, really? It is the right to have access to the health remedies we choose regardless of what system of medicine they spring from. It is the right to openly discuss how herbs, vitamins, superfoods and natural remedies work for ourselves and might help others. It is the right of food growers to openly talk about the health benefits of their food products -- from the anti-cancer properties of garlic to the anti-inflammatory benefits of cherries -- without being threatened or censored by the FDA.

Health freedom is an extension of the freedoms most of us consider to be central to our lives in a "free" nation. Free Speech is a right that should extend to issues of health, and yet the FDA has censored free speech for anyone who makes, grows or sells foods or supplements. Do not think for a minute that you live in a truly free society where the rights of private citizens are respected and honored by those who run the government. Rather, individual rights are routinely and willfully destroyed in order to protect the power and profits of the corporations that really run our government.

Natural health threatens to destroy drug company profits

Free speech is restricted on nutritional supplements for the simple reason that if everyone found out about the healing power of vitamin D, or garlic, or chlorella, then Big Pharma would go bankrupt overnight. Censorship is a tool used to protect profits and keep the American people in a state of managed ignorance.

For many years, I have fought for health freedom, and this cartoon is my way of putting a humorous slant on the issue. But it's actually not a funny topic. It's serious. If we don't fight for health freedom today by taking back our rights from the FDA and the corrupt government thugs who have stolen them from us, we might all wake up one day and find ourselves living in a medical police state, where only "authorized" statements about medicine are tolerated, and all herbs and supplements are outlawed.

We're not far from it now, and vitamins are under renewed attack by fraudulent scientists and authors who have staged fraudulent studies with synthetic chemicals while calling them "vitamins." CODEX is a huge threat, too, and the global power brokers who control food and medicine are working hard to make sure consumers have no access to nutritional supplements that actually work. Even today, for example, you can't ship a bottle of CoQ10 to Germany. Many European countries are already living under medical tyranny.

It takes careful planning and execution to keep a nation ignorant

If it all sounds like some grand conspiracy, that's because it is. It's a conspiracy to keep the population in a state of disease so that maximum profits can be extracted from the people, all while telling them it's "medicine." The things that interfere with this drug racket are: Education, information, enlightenment, free speech and a free press. That is why each of these is being carefully and methodically suppressed or hijacked.

Big Tobacco used the same tactics for decades, recruiting doctors to promote cigarettes ("More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette!") and buying off the media and government regulators. They sold a deadly product to the public and even created powerful ad campaigns to target children and get them hooked on nicotine. They suppressed evidence, threatened whistleblowers and engaged in countless criminal actions to protect their cigarette racket.

Today, Big Pharma operates much like Big Tobacco. They sell a deadly product, they've bought out the press and the FDA, and they're working on new, devious ways to convince people they need even more drugs. It's like Big Tobacco, Part II. And just as with Big Tobacco, the Big Pharma house of cards will someday crumble away, revealing a foundation of astonishing fraud, corruption and criminal activity.

Skeptical? Do the research yourself. Prove me wrong

If you disagree with any of this, I suggest you simply have not done sufficient research on this issue. Any sane person, when presented with the true facts of the history and behavior of the drug companies, the conventional medical organizations, and the FDA, can only conclude that these organizations act out of extreme malice, operating a profiteering medical racket that intentionally and willfully results in the death of at least a hundred thousand Americans each year, simply to their maximize their profits and centralize their control over everything related to health. It's a grand turf war, and the pro-drug people in charge of the system have no intention of letting naturopathic medicine gain acceptance in the public mind, even if it works better, cheaper and more safely than pharmaceutical medicine.

No other industry I know of could kill a hundred thousand people a year and remain virtually devoid of any real scrutiny. Can you imagine the outcry if a food product killed a hundred thousand people a year? Or a laundry detergent? Or an automobile? Or even a war? We mourn the dead soldiers in Iraq, but we say nothing about the dead senior citizens killed by prescription drugs right here at home.

The truth of what's going on is scarier than you think. Modern medicine is not simply a business run by incompetent people, nor merely by corrupt people. It is a business with disease run by blatantly EVIL people. Enron-style evil. "Let the power plant burn" evil. "Give 'em cancer because we sell cancer drugs" evil. This is no exaggeration.

And it is against this evil that the defenders of the health freedom movement now fight. In their own way, often bickering amongst themselves, the health freedom people are trying to prevent evil corporations from gaining complete dominance over everything related to health: food, supplements, medicine and even speech.

I hope you'll join us in this fight by standing up for your own health freedoms. Demand reforms at the FDA. Support a ban on drug advertising ( Stop buying prescription drugs that enrich the drug companies. Educate yourself, share what you know to be true and teach your children how to take care of their own health through the natural healing power of foods, herbs, sunlight, clean water and various healing modalities.

Help us take back our rights to choose our medicine and talk openly and freely about our health. Restoring these rights, which have already been partially stripped from us, will require:

• Radical reforms at the FDA (and arrests of the criminals running the agency)
• Outlawing drug advertising
• Eliminating corporate influence over public policy
• Revamping medical schools to actually teach health
• Radically reforming patent law to eliminate intellectual property claims over medicines, genes and seeds
• Overhauling health care to focus on disease prevention, not disease management
• Rooting out scientific fraud in medical studies and medical journals

All of these can be accomplished, but only if we insist on defending our freedoms and not tolerating the corruption and criminal behavior that counts as "medicine" today. The future is up to us. We can either continue to live under a medical police state, enforced by armed FDA agents (who actually do carry guns), or we can refuse to accept medical tyranny and fight for our rights to openly consume and publicly discuss supplements, herbs, and superfoods.

Remember, friends, it wasn't long ago that hemp seeds (rich in omega-3 fatty acids) were considered contraband. Even growing industrial hemp in the U.S. will still get you charged with federal crimes. We still live under medical tyranny today. But we can change it and create a better, freer future, if we join forces and make our voices hear.

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