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Originally published March 19 2007

Jay Robb egg protein wins "Best New Protein Supplement" award at Natural Products Expo West 2007

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Jay Robb ( has received the "Best New Protein Supplement" award from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, following the Natural Products Expo West 2007 trade show in Anaheim, California. In this review, the Health Ranger offers a brief review of the Jay Robb company, its founder and product line:

Finding a good protein supplement is more difficult than you might think. First there's the choice of sweetener. Most of the popular protein products on the market are sweetened with refined sugars (obesity, anyone?), chemical sweeteners (toxicity) or sugar alcohols (diarrhea). But Jay Robb's protein products have no such sweeteners. They use the natural herb stevia. And somehow they manage to make even egg protein (which is usually rather boring) taste good. I know because I slammed three sample cups of this egg protein for breakfast one morning at the trade show (I couldn't find any healthy food at the hotels, so I headed straight for Jay's booth for some quality protein to get my day started).

Jay Robb is best known for whey protein and egg white protein, both of which come in an assortment of flavors such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. These protein products have a solid reputation in the industry of being among the highest quality protein products available in the marketplace. Jay's whey protein, for example, comes from cows not treated with rBGH (synthetic hormones), and I learned from talking to Jay this morning that he's working hard on introducing organic protein products in both categories (organic whey and organic egg protein). Once those are available, they will become the obvious choice for consumers seeking organic, natural protein products with no junk and no chemical additives. (We'll report on these products here at NaturalNews as soon as they're announced.)

Jay's products are also known for what they don't contain. The egg protein product, for example, is free of all the following:

Refined Sugar
Corn Syrup
Artificial Flavors
Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial Colors

Meet the man behind the company: Jay Robb

Beyond the quality and taste of any company's products, it's always important to know the character of the people running the company. I've seen lots of companies with great-sounding products that were, unfortunately, run by people who didn't seem genuine. But Jay Robb is the real deal. He's genuine, humble and always willing to listen to suggestions or new ideas. He even lives the lifestyle he promotes to others through his products and books.

In fact, Jay is simply an amazing human being. He stays focused on helping others improve their health while managing a multi-million dollar company that keeps growing every year. And yet he never sells out to cheap ingredients, fillers or additives. In an industry where so many other protein products are little more than over-hyped junk, the Jay Robb line of products is refreshingly authentic.

Being a person who eats very little meat (and never red meat), I use Jay Robb's products myself to add protein to my diet. I personally prefer the egg white protein, since I consume no dairy products (including whey), but for those who consume dairy, you can't go wrong choosing Jay Robb's whey protein products.

Five stars. Enthusiastically recommended. Check it out at

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