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Originally published March 2 2007

ZeroWater filtration technology goes retail for home and office drinking water

by David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Zero Technologies, LLC, announced this month that its new ZeroWater filtration system soon will be available from retailers nationwide. The company also plans to substantially expand its television direct-marketing efforts, such as infomercials, starting when it introduces newer products in the spring.

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What you need to know - Conventional View

• ZeroWater uses multi-layered resins to remove particles and organisms that may be toxic or may affect the taste of the water. The filtration system is effective against organic, inorganic and radiological substances.

• A meter included with each system allows consumers to measure the total number of dissolved solids present in their water. This allows them to determine when a replacement filter is needed and to compare the effectiveness of different brands of filters.

• According to Zero Technologies, the ZeroWater filter removes dissolved solids and chemical contaminants to a purity of zero parts per million.

• The U.S. market in water filtration is $1.7 billion annually, and the market for filtered water is $6.3 billion. Zero Technologies CEO Charles Orr says he hopes that the new filter will allow the company to "capture a significant share" of these markets.

• The company plans to use financing from sales of ZeroWater to develop new products, including filtration pitchers for entry-level consumers and under-the-sink filtration systems for higher-end purchasers.

• Quote: "The filtered and bottled water markets are both growing at a very healthy clip, and we believe that ZeroWater will be able to achieve an important place in these markets. Our complete system - which includes filters and a convenient dispenser - will attract consumers from both markets who enjoy and understand the importance of drinking uncontaminated water - water that is 'just water'." - Charles Orr

What you need to know - Alternative View

Statements and opinions by Mike Adams

• It is essential that consumers filter their water, especially before drinking it. Municipal water treatment facilities do not remove many contaminants, and they actually add new toxic chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine.

• Chlorine has been shown to increase the risk of bladder cancer. Fluoride is well known to cause fluorosis (darkening of the teeth) and loss of bone mineral density which can cause an increase in hip fractures.

Bottom line

• ZeroWater filtration systems soon will be widely available for purchase.

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