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Originally published February 15 2007

Eating fish during pregnancy boosts babies' communication, social skills

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

A new study from the US National Institutes of Health and Bristol University that questioned 11,875 pregnant women on their dietary habits found that eating more fish during pregnancy resulted in significant, measurable benefits to the communication skills and social standing of their children seven years later.

What you need to know - Mainstream View

• Eating less than 12 oz. of seafood each week was found to result in a 48% increased risk of children ending up in the lowest group of demonstrated verbal intelligence.

• Low fish consumption was also strongly correlated with poor motor skills, troublesome behavior, poor communication skills and lower social status.

• The socioeconomic standing of the mother and family were taken into account so that the ability to afford more fish in the diet did not bias the results.

• Health experts warn against pregnant women eating certain types of fish -- such as tuna -- due to latent mercury content.

• The health benefits of fish consumption are believed to be due to the omega-3 fatty acid content of oily fish.

• Quote: "This idea of fish being toxic has been around for a long time but this study seems to be saying that is a minor problem compared with the benefits you get from fish." - Professor Robert Grimble, professor of nutrition at the University of Southampton

What you need to know - Alternative View

• Nutrition during pregnancy has a powerful impact on the future behavior of children. "Problematic" behavior in children needs to be treated with diet, not drugs.

• The mercury content of fish can be largely nullified by taking chlorella (a superfood supplement) or eating cilantro (a common culinary herb) during the meal that fish is consumed.

• Mercury is found in fish because industrialized nations continue to pollute the environment with mercury from dental fillings ("silver" fillings) and coal-fired power plants. Mercury fillings introduce over 300 metric tons of mercury into the environment each year.

• In the U.S., the FDA warns women about the health hazards of excess mercury consumption, but fails to inform the public of the tremendous health benefits of oily fish.

• Great nutrition during pregnancy creates smarter kids with healthier nervous systems and better language skills, which leads to greater social success and career success.

• Quote: "Expectant mothers should eat more oily fish and boost their intake of fatty acids like DHA, which are available in nutritional supplements." - Mike Adams, author of The 7 Laws of Nutrition.

Recommended Resources

• Fish oil supplements from Nordic Naturals, the Life Extension Foundation or other trusted sources.

Metal Magic cilantro / chlorella tincture from Baseline Nutritionals blocks the absorption of the majority of mercury found in fish.

• Activated charcoal supplements can also protect against mercury in food sources.


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