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Originally published January 30 2007

Pharmaceutical television advertising is a grand hoax

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Television drug ads engage in such blatant deceptions and exaggerations that even the medical journals are starting to condemn the practice. This week, the Annals of Family Medicine published an analysis of popular drug advertisements that concluded the ads essentially lie to the public about the benefits of pharmaceuticals while utterly ignoring alternative health strategies like dietary or lifestyle changes.

The advertising practices of drug companies are so outrageous that even David Kessler, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, penned an editorial condemning them. In fact, Kessler says television ads never should have been allowed by the FDA in the first place (the FDA legalized drug ads in late 1997, after Kessler left his position there). Today, the United States is the only industrialized nation in the world to allow drug ads on television.

So how do drug ads lie to viewers? Essentially, they show healthy-looking actors roleplaying a fairy tale. At the beginning of the ad, the actors' lives appear to be in total disarray while they're suffering from some symptom (such as migraine headaches, restless legs, high cholesterol or whatever). Then, after getting on the drug, the actor's life is magically transformed into a state of perfection: They're happy, everything is cheery, life is glorious, all their personal relationships are suddenly successful, and so on.

Of course, the narration never directly says these drugs will transform your life and make you a happy, youthful, organized and successful person. Rather, it is implied by association through a carefully-construction formula of television influence that exerts its power through the messages that are not directly stated.

Beer companies pull the same trick when they show beer drinkers surrounded by sexy young women. The message that gets driven into the subconscious minds of male viewers is that drinking their beer will make them attractive to women. It doesn't have to be stated; it's presented in context, using body language and associative conditioning that the subconscious mind immediately understands.

Drug companies use the same influence strategies by associating their brand-name drugs with images of happy, successful, vibrant people. The message? Take our drugs and you'll be just like these people!

Of course, it's all a grand hoax.

Pharmaceuticals don't treat health conditions, only symptoms. None of these drugs have ever cured anyone, nor made them fundamentally healthier. In fact, most pharmaceuticals cause damage to various organs of the body, including liver damage, heart damage, brain damage and kidney damage. Many pharmaceuticals cause heart attacks and strokes, and nearly all pharmaceuticals cause nutritional deficiencies that are almost never mentioned by doctors, drug companies or even the FDA. Furthermore, most drugs don't even work on most people. To be approved by the FDA, a pharmaceutical only has to demonstrate some effect on about five percent of those who take it.

Even the FDA approval of today's popular pharmaceuticals is based almost entirely on fraudulent science, manipulated by drug companies to produce the statistics they desire so that the corrupt FDA decision makers can approve it for widespread use. The drug approval panels, meanwhile, are deliberately and routinely stacked with decision makes who maintain strong financial ties to the very drug companies impacted by their votes.

And then there's the fraudulent practice of off-label prescribing, too, which means that a drug approved for ANY condition can be legally prescribed for ALL conditions, regardless of whether it has undergone a single test for those conditions. Example: A drug approved for migraine headaches can be legally prescribed for heart disease, even if it hasn't undergone a single clinical trial for heart disease. So much for the grand claims of "evidence-based medicine."

Pharmaceutical medicine, as practiced today, is a grand medical hoax involving the mainstream media, the FDA, drug companies, medical journals, medical schools and even M.D.s. They've all quietly agreed to do whatever it takes to maximize profits at the expense of public health, regardless of the science or the ethics involved. So-called "evidence-based medicine" has become modern-day quackery. Statin drugs, for example, have now been proven to offer absolutely no medical benefit whatsoever to women, with zero reduction in the risk of heart attacks or strokes. HRT drugs have been scientifically proven to actually cause breast cancer and heart attacks, not prevent them. Antidepressant drugs cause diabetes, and diabetes drugs cause liver damage. I could go on, but you get the point.

All of this is of absolutely no concern to the FDA and drug companies, who just keep pushing these toxic chemicals through blatantly fraudulent TV advertisements that are extremely effective at selling products, but utterly useless at improving peoples' health.

I recently completed a book that details the depth and severity of this grand medical hoax. It's called Natural Health Solutions and the Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing About Them. In this book, I dedicate two full chapters on documenting the fraud, corruption and crimes against humanity that now seem routine in our present-day medical monopoly. If you want to know the shocking details of what's really going on in medicine, read this book. You'll learn why 29 states are suing drug companies for fraud, how the FDA ordered the burning of recipe books to protect the profits of chemical companies, why the FDA conducted armed raids on vitamin companies, health food stores and even a church, and how the mainstream media operates as a willing co-conspirator by promoting dangerous drugs while accepting hundreds of millions of dollars in Big Pharma ad money every year.

I also explain why disease organization like the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association and even the American Cancer Society are, in my opinion, little more than Big Pharma front groups that are far more interested in pushing drugs than curing disease. In my book, I discuss how these groups actually ignore known cures for these diseases and attack alternative medical treatments that offer real solutions.

Meanwhile, the toll on American lives from this modern medical hoax is truly daunting: Over two million Americans are harmed each year by pharmaceuticals, and over 100,000 are killed by FDA-approved drugs. It's the equivalent of dropping a nuclear bomb on a major U.S. city each year, year after year, all for the financial benefit of drug companies who reap profits from the carnage.

American medicine, which was once a noble calling, has now become a global embarrassment. It is now based on hype, not science. It's based on profits, not compassion. And the more Americans it can keep in a state of chronic disease, without curing them, the more profits it can squirrel away. Pharmaceutical medicine has now become the single greatest danger to the health and safety of the American people, and the FDA has become the single most dangerous organization in North America, far outweighing the dangers of terrorism. Consider this: Through its negligence and refusal to protect the public, the FDA will cause the deaths of more Americans this year than if a terrorist set off a nuclear bomb at the Superbowl.

That is no exaggeration. And yet this practice remains tolerated -- in fact, supported! -- by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, but predominantly Republicans who seem to be in bed with drug companies.

The American people deserve better than this. It is time to ban drug ads for good, and protect Americans from the fraudulent hype, propaganda and quackery of pharmaceutical medicine. The era of pretending that synthetic chemicals could cure disease is over. Let's bury it and move on to natural health solutions that really work. Diabetes is curable. So is cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, depression and Alzheimer's disease. It's time to stop censoring these solutions and start healing the American people through things that really work: nutrition, herbs, sunlight, exercise and avoidance of toxic chemicals in their foods, homes and personal care products.

It's time to end the quackery of modern medicine and the profiteering from human suffering. End the patent protection for medicines, ban television ads, prosecute the criminals running the FDA and end the censorship of nutritional supplements.

I say let's teach America how to heal and end this business of disease.


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