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Originally published January 7 2007

What's ahead in 2007 for NaturalNews, an update from Mike Adams

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

With nearly everyone back on the job and (mostly) sobered up from the New Year holidays, it's time to look forward to 2007 and examine some of the ways we can improve not only our own lives, but also the lives of others. Here's what's ahead in 2007 for NaturalNews.

For starters, here's a big "Thank you!" to all the readers who have donated operating funds to NaturalNews in the last two months. We are a reader-supported independent news network that takes no money from the companies we cover, and the donation funds make a big difference in helping us pursue important stories with rare objectivity. Your support not only lets us help cover the costs of producing our content, but it also lets the entire NaturalNews staff know how much they're appreciated.

Non-profit organization to be announced

In a matter of weeks, we'll be announcing the launch of our new non-profit organization, which has full IRS recognition and approval as a 501(c)3 organization, able to accept tax-deductible donations. So if you're thinking of offering a donation of some kind to NaturalNews, you might want to wait a couple of weeks until this non-profit is announced. At that time, we'll be gladly accepting donations from both readers and companies (although donations from drug companies will be politely rejected) to fund our many nutrition and health public education programs.

One of the primary projects for the non-profit will be our NFEM program: Nutrition For Expectant Mothers. It's designed to teach expecting moms how to nourish their babies to maximize their health and avoid birth defects.

Since virtually nobody in the conventional medical industry has bothered to tell mothers the truth about nutrition, we thought it was time that an energetic, compassionate non-profit got the job done. We'll use donations to hire a project manager who can coordinate the educational efforts with birth centers around the country. If you have any goods, services or funds you'd like to offer us in conjunction with this program, please call us at (520) 232-9300 or use our feedback form to send us a note.

Other programs offered by this non-profit will include school nutrition programs and small pilot studies on the effects of nutritional supplements on people who exercise.

More product reviews and recommendations

Starting in a few weeks, our editorial focus will shift towards more product reviews and recommendations. Readers have told us they want more specific guidelines on which products to buy -- and they want that information from a truly independent source like NaturalNews. So we're putting together a new product focus effort that will bring you honest, independent reviews and recommendations on: Each product review will include the ingredients list, where applicable, plus our opinions and comments on whether the products should be purchased or avoided. Naturally, we won't charge companies for this editorial coverage, and our reviews will remain entirely independent and unbiased. Our main focus will be on products we like and recommend, but from time to time, we'll also review products that should be avoided.

Natural Health Solutions book to launch this month

We are about to launch our latest book, Natural Health Solutions, which will be featured in a nationwide infomercial campaign. The book, nearly one year in the making, is our best book yet about the dangers of conventional medicine and the promise of natural health.

Inside, you'll find natural health solutions for over one hundred health conditions, plus a shocking tour of the harmful, inhumane and downright criminal actions of the FDA, drug companies and conventional doctors. You can get the book now in softcover from Truth Publishing. It contains a lot of new information that's never been publishing on NaturalNews, including a full timeline of all known FDA raids against clinics, vitamin shops, health food stores and even a church!

More CounterThink cartoons on health, environment and more

You've already seen a few dozen CounterThink cartoon published on NaturalNews, but throughout 2007, we're rolling out a steady stream of smart, hilarious cartoons on topics that really deserve some hard-hitting satirical humor: the FDA, global warming, drug companies, car companies, TV advertising, nutrition in schools and much more. And hopefully, you'll soon be able to vote on each comic so that we can determine what you like best. (Feature coming soon...)

Make sure you see our new CounterThink cartoons such as Expensive Urine and Saving the Planet. You can sign up to receive each new cartoon free via email. Just visit and enter your email address. All CounterThink cartoons may be freely posted on any website, blog or publication through January 1, 2008. continues to grow

Our open-source health solutions website,, continues to grow, and we'll be adding substantial new content to it in the months ahead. Readers have posted several new solutions, such as How to protect yourself from electropollution by Lynn Pepple.

If you're interested in posting a five-step solution that shares your wisdom with the world, you may use this posting form. All Five Step Solutions that we accept get promoted via related NaturalNews articles.

All this and more!

We look for 2007 to be an exciting, solution-oriented year here at NaturalNews, where we can all share information, ideas and resources that genuinely help make the world a healthier, happier place. And ultimately, that's the whole purpose of NaturalNews. It's not about the information, it's about the impact it has on nudging readers in the direction of healthier, greener living so that we might all have a planet left by the time our children wish to have children of their own.

Thanks for being a NaturalNews reader, and if you're not already a subscriber to our free daily email newsletter, you can click here to sign up now.

To your health,
- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


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