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Originally published November 8 2006

Votazac (comic)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

This cartoon was carefully hand-crafted for all the candidates -- and their supporters -- who lost the U.S. mid-term elections. As the whole world knows by now, this appears to apply largely to the Republicans, who have discovered to their great surprise that the American people are done being slapped around by tyrants and war mongers.

Top political appointees are dropping faster than Dick Cheney's hunting buddies, and the party that invented the national pharmaceutical price fixing scheme will now need its own mega-dose of antidepressants just to muddle through the rest of the year.

This is all very good news for sane Americans.

But what are we to do with all the poor voters who feel depressed after seeing the Democrats sweep both houses of Congress and win back key governorships to boot? I say we give 'em a dose of their own medicine. Literally.

We should round up all the really dangerous psychotropic pharmaceuticals (you know, the ones that doctors prescribe to infants and schoolchildren) and write a lifetime prescription for every single lawmaker who conspired with drug companies to harm the American people through the Republican-led Medicare profiteering racket.

Big Pharma collaborators are worse than terrorists, and they've killed far more Americans than the terrorists ever did. That's not an exaggeration: At the time of this writing, FDA approved pharmaceuticals have killed 547,383 Americans since 9/11, vs. 2,986 Americans killed during the attacks on the twin towers. That's over half a million American souls killed by an industry that continues to harm over two million Americans each year and kill another 100,000... all in the name of corporate profits and the ridiculous pretense of "managing disease."

It's the equivalent of using a stealth bomber to drop a nuclear bomb on a sizeable U.S. city every single year. And the lawmakers who take money from Big Pharma are piloting that bomber, zeroing the target and letting the bombs fly. It is a travesty of justice and a hideous scar on the face of America. These professional politicians are guilty of taking money to support an industry that harms their own brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren. Have they no shame?

If there is a Congress in Hell, the Republicans will no doubt find themselves in the majority there. And perhaps they can dish out meds to each other until eternity. There will certainly be plenty of drug company executives standing around to hand them out. But for the rest of us who have a life to fulfill here on Earth, it's time to stop the medication madness and start teaching our brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren how to live healthful lifestyles based on real food, real nutrition and real medicine provided by Mother Nature.

This election has proven beyond a doubt that the American people still have enough wits about them to know when they're being screwed by politicians. My only hope is that they can soon apply that same skepticism to conventional medicine and realize just how completely they're being exploited, harmed and robbed blind by pharmaceutical companies.

With this election, we may have just witnessed the beginning of the end of Big Pharma's evil empire. "Accountability" is the new word on the street in Washington, and if Big Pharma executives, marketers, reps and drug pushers were held accountable for all the harm they've caused the American people, they'd be hanged alongside Saddam Hussein.

Do the math yourself. Hussein was convicted of killing 148 people. But in the last five years, Big Pharma has killed 547,383 people (just in America, too). By my calculation, that means Big Pharma has killed 3,699 times as many people as Hussein was convicted for. Our nation went to war to destroy Hussein, but it did nothing to stop Big Pharma's ongoing genocide. Where is the accountability for Big Pharma's crimes against humanity?

Want a real solution to all this? Put Eliot Spitzer in charge of investigating the FDA. Then you'd really see some heads roll.

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