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Originally published October 25 2006

Chiropractors Expanding Practices with Cold Laser Therapy (press release)

by NaturalNews

Cold lasers, also known as low level lasers, have been utilized throughout Europe for decades. While new to the United States, decades of worldwide cold laser use have produced few, if any, widely reported of side effects to date.

Laser light has been thought to stimulate tissue and aid tissue to heal more rapidly. Common uses include pain control, wound care, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other painful and debilitating conditions. Many doctors use the comparison of taking a sick plant and putting it out in the sun in describing how they believe laser light helps to heal tissue in the human body. Laser light penetrates the body and is thought to stimulate metabolic process in the body.

Cold lasers are low powered and are frequently referred to as "low level lasers." Cold lasers do not significantly heat or damage tissue. They are very different than the cutting lasers used in surgery or hair removal.

Experts in the field of cold lasers are also using cold lasers as part of a program to help patients stop smoking. Recently a seminar was held in Washington DC that included a live treatment of a patient so that the doctors in attendance could observe the treatment process and protocol involved.

Several of the doctors in attendance treated themselves, and or other doctors, for various musculoskeletal conditions. Many doctors who received treatments became believers in the benefits of laser therapy and purchased laser component equipment at the seminar. Some who received treatments and were so impressed by the results, that they purchased laser equipment for the first time at this seminar.

Cold laser components used in the demonstrations were provided by http://www.Laser-Therapy.US, a leading provider of affordable cold or "low level" laser components. Licensed health care professionals can obtain cold laser components from Laser-Therapy.US for a fraction of the cost of name brand equipment.

Cold laser equipment is available from Laser-Therapy.US can be reached at 877-Laser-50 or at http://www.Laser-Therapy.US.

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