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Originally published October 22 2006

The Birth of Big Pharma (comic)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

It's astounding: Nearly half the U.S. population is now taking a daily dose of one or more pharmaceuticals. The drug industry, which once merely hoped to medicate sick people, now has a more ambitious goal: medicate everyone, including people who aren't sick.

The way they do that, of course, is to engage in disease mongering (the invention and marketing of fictitious diseases that "require" medication), false advertising, junk science, bribery of doctors, corruption of government regulators, control of the monopoly drug market, and the destruction of natural alternatives, to name a few of the tactics.

That modern medicine today is even called "medicine" is astonishing. It has nothing to do with helping patients prevent disease or cure disease, and is almost entirely focused on "managing" or "controlling" disease symptoms through drugs that must be taken for a lifetime. The real scam, of course, is that patients actually pay for this sort of chemical abuse. Even worse, they're easily fooled into thinking it's "medicine."

This comic attempts to express these concepts in a simple dialog sequence among rich, powerful white men (the guys who run Big Pharma, the FDA, etc.). It describes the kind of scheming that goes on every day at drug companies and the FDA, where rich, powerful white guys figure out how to con the public out yet another billion dollars by promoting a fictitious disease, hyping a useless drug, and convincing members of the public that they needs to be taking yet another daily pill on top of the cholesterol drugs, blood pressure drugs, thyroid drugs, blood sugar drugs and antidepressants they're already taking.

What a scam. The result is that the population gets sicker while the rich guys at the top get richer. It's all about profiting from disease, and the more disease they can cause or invent, the more money they make (and the more America suffers, both in terms of actual health and dire economic consequences).

Ask yourself a couple of simple questions: If pharmaceuticals make people well, then why is America the sickest nation in the world even though we take more drugs (per capita) than any other nation in the world? And if modern medicine is such a good deal, then why do Americans pay, by far, the highest rates for health care services of any nation in the world, when our mortality statistics are nearly identical to Cuba and China -- two countries that spend a tiny fraction of what we spend on health care?

The answers are simple, of course: Because we're all being scammed by drug companies, doctors, cancer clinics, hospitals, medical journals, media outlets and FDA bureaucrats who push drugs onto everyone because it's profitable for them.

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