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Originally published September 28 2006

Amazon Herb Company launches Liquizon capsules with alcohol-free, concentrated rainforest herb liquids

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

The Amazon Herb Company, an innovator in rainforest botanicals, has launched an innovative line of highly-concentrated rainforest herbs in a hybrid delivery system that combines the power of liquid herbs with the convenience of vegetarian capsules. The new line, called "Liquizon," replaces the company's existing line of encapsulated herb powders.

This Liquizon line of products includes the company's flagship formulas like Illumination (a combination of eighteen rainforest herbs) and Una de Gato (also known as Cat's Claw, a potent immune modulator and a formula used by many who are either preventing cancer or fighting cancer). Other Liquizon products include Warrior, Sumacazon (based on suma and maca), Recovazon (for recovery from injury or physical exertion), Calmazon (reduces stress, calms the mind and body), Arcozon and others.

Departing from the typical plastic bottles used for most nutritional supplements, the Liquizon line of products is packaged in eco-friendly recycled paper boxes that are both stylish and convenient. Inside, ten individual envelopes each contain three capsules, making thirty capsules total per box. The Amazon Herb Company has been working on the new liquid encapsulating technology and product packaging for well over a year.

NaturalNews has no financial relationships with the Amazon Herb Company, and none of our writers are distributors for the organization. We do, however, highly recommend a number of Amazon distributors who represent the most capable business leaders within the organization.

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If you're simply interested in ordering the new Liquizon products, click here to place an order from (Selected distributor is Terry Pezzi.)

Mike's opinion on Liquizon products

I'm always impressed with the Amazon Herb Company. Not just the company's ethics, commitment to environmental sustainability, economic support for the indigenous tribes in the Amazon and honesty in doing business with people, but also the company's remarkable vision. They're always thinking ahead. Amazon John started cultivating camu camu trees in Peru eight years ago, for example, and was finally able to launch a camu product earlier this year. From its Lluvia skin care line to the way it seeks to truly educate people (and not just push products), the company always seems to get it right.

This innovative spirit is fully present in the new Liquizon product line. To put it bluntly, I'm genuinely impressed with Liquizon. When I got my hands on the product samples, the first thing I did was pop a capsule in my mouth and chew on it (rather than just swallowing it). That's because the only way to know the potency of herbal medicine is to taste it.

And boy, did I taste it. I got a mouth full of liquid herbal concentrates that simply leave most tinctures in the dust. These are herbs with a potency rarely found in the supplements industry. The Kavazon Liquizon product, for example, which is made with Kava, tingles and then slightly numbs your tongue. That's how you know it's the real deal. You can easily taste the medicinal bitters in Recovazon (one of my favorite products) or the wholesome intensity of Una de Gato.

Whether it's Chinese herbs or rainforest botanicals, I prefer to taste the medicine I'm taking. But you may not want to (most westerners, who eat far too much sugar, find these herbs to be extremely bitter). And that's the whole point of the capsules. You can take these herbs and benefit from them without having to taste them if you don't want to.

There are two other major advantages worth noting. The liquid forms of these herbs are far more potent than the powders, and they're much easier to assimilate. There's virtually no digestion required at all, and with so many people suffering from weakened digestion and suboptimal gastric acid production, this is a very important point. In the Liquizon format, these products go to work right away, even if you don't have the best digestion.

The other noteworthy point is that there's no alcohol in these Liquizon products. The Amazon Herb company has long offered these same herbs in tincture format, but in order to take a large dose of these herbs, you had to drink more than a few shots of alcohol at the same time. And personally, I don't drink alcohol recreationally, so I'm no fan of it. In fact, the Amazon tinctures were the only source of alcohol in my diet. But I'm happy to say goodbye to the alcohol shots and move up to the Liquizon capsules, which I've found I'm actually enjoying. The Illumination capsules, for example, actually taste good! And I'm getting my Amazon herbs more frequently now that they're in the capsule format.

The Liquizon capsules are also far easier to take with you when traveling. They're smaller, lighter and can be packed into a purse or briefcase. They won't spill or leak (unless you stomp on them). It's truly a super-convenient form of rainforest medicine. Kudos to the Amazon Herb company for this latest innovation in rainforest medicine for consumers.

Keep your eye on the ball

By the way, the Amazon Herb company is growing rapidly. And this is where many companies really hit the big challenges. How do you stay grounded in your ethics, passion and vision when the company gets so large that it necessarily has to deal with multiple departments and bureaucracies?

And some companies, when they get to a certain size, cave in to profit pressures and start to water down their formulas. That has not happened at all with the Amazon Herb company, and knowing their leadership style, I don't think it will. But it's a challenge that's typical of successful, fast-growing supplement companies. Let's hope Amazon John can insist on keeping this product as pure and potent in the years ahead as it has been in years past. My own recommendation of this company, for one, depends entirely on it staying true to its current philosophy of pure products, rainforest protection and honest business practices.

It will probably never be "mainstream" because the average consumer isn't interested in paying for quality supplements. Average consumers want the watered-down, sugared-coated supplements that let them imagine they're getting good nutrition when they really aren't. Only a special kind of quality-minded consumer will really understand why the Amazon Herb products are so unique and valuable. (And why they cost more than other competing products. They're worth it, trust me.)

Real medicine

This is real medicine, by the way. I haven't even talked about the medicine found in these products, and this isn't the place to detail all that, but the short version is that in my opinion, these products contain the real, natural medicine that nature intended us to consume.

In my sole opinion, and based on considerable independent research, these products can utterly eliminate the need for nearly all popular prescription drugs (work with your naturopathic physician on this, okay?). They contain powerful compounds that have been scientifically shown to destroy cancer tumors, protect the nervous system from oxidative damage, cleanse the liver and protect it from toxic chemicals, stabilize blood sugar, invigorate the heart, halt joint pain (eliminating the need for prescription painkillers), dramatically boost mood and mental function, enhance circulation and much more.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally thousands of phytochemicals found in the plants used by the Amazon Herb Company, and even the most knowledgeable plant chemists in the world don't yet know what all the benefits might be.

Personally, I'm now chewing on Illumination capsules several times a day, plus some Recovazon to help me recover from intense physical workouts. I'm also taking Kavazon in the evenings when I want to relax and chill out. I take the Warrior formula a couple of hours before training in Capoeira, and I'm noticing phenomenal endurance benefits. I mean really astounding endurance.

I'll bring you more reports on the Liquizon products in the near future. There's a lot more to tell. In the mean time, I encourage you to try these products yourself. The link below allows you to order through Terry Pezzi, an Amazon distributor. Just so you know, I have no financial ties to this, and I earn nothing from any product sales. This is simply a product line so good that you've got to try it yourself. I'm recommending it to everyone I know.

Click here to try Liquizon yourself.. (Distributor is Terry Pezzi.)


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