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Originally published September 19 2006

CounterThink natural health political cartoons tackle tough health topics with outrageous humor

by NaturalNews

(NaturalNews) An all-new series of political cartoons from that satirize the shady practices of the U.S. healthcare system have grown in popularity since their introduction last month.

"There's so much absurdity in medicine today, it was inevitable that someone would start illustrating it in a political cartoon format," says Mike Adams, editor of and concept creator for the popular "CounterThink" cartoons.

Some of Adams' most popular CounterThink editions -- illustrated by artist Dan Berger -- poke fun at conventional medicine's often-ridiculous ideas on health freedom and the presence of high-profit, unhealthy vending machines in schools.

A frequent CounterThink cartoon target is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which Adams and Berger ridicule for its reputation as a mere "rubber-stamp" for high-profit pharmaceutical companies in the drug approval process.

"It's hard to look at the FDA and not start laughing," says Adams. "Here's an agency just begging to be featured in a series of outrageous cartoons."

Other cartoons criticize the food industry for dishonest labeling and characterize the mainstream media as an advertising money whorehouse.

Readers commenting on the weekly comics commend Adams for his blunt, humorous portrayals. Melissa from San Jose says, "Mike -- your CounterThink cartoons hit the nail on the head in the most IN YOUR FACE way!"

Gary from California recently posted, "Keep it up! I wish we could get cartoons and articles like this into the mainstream, instead of just preaching to the choir, but keep on keepin' on and don't let up on the evil empire of Big Pharma."

Adams says the weekly cartoons illustrate the evils of U.S. mainstream medicine in a more poignant way than other formats. "I've found that comics reach many readers more powerfully than articles, reports or books," says Adams. "A well-planned cartoon illustrates the main point in seconds rather than minutes. People just 'get it' and they can't wait to share these comics with their friends."

Adams has given readers permission to re-print CounterThink comics for any non-commercial purpose, providing credit is given to, along with a link to the source. Those wishing to use CounterThink comics for commercial use must contact for details.


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