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Originally published September 17 2006

Breakthrough wellness supplements, part one: Good Cause Wellness

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

In the world of nutritional supplements, it's often the smaller, more passionate companies that are the most innovative. In this four-part series, I introduce four little-known wellness supplement companies who are on the cutting edge of modern nutritional science. I've spent many hours talking to the founders of these companies, and I am a regular customer of their products. You'll see more interviews and product reviews about them in the weeks ahead.

Each of these four gets an enthusiastic no-strings-attached recommendation from yours truly. Remember: I earn nothing from these products, and I take no money from nutritional supplement companies. (That's one advantage to getting your health news at, by the way -- you get the straight story on the best health products out there, not just the ones that we sell or get a commission on, because we don't sell any nutritional products, and we earn no money on their sales.)

These four companies join my list of highly-recommended nutritional supplement companies like Ola Loa, Ruth's Hemp Foods, Nutiva, Jay Robb, the Amazon Herb Co., and so on. For each of these companies, I also share which of their products I recommend the most. All of them sell directly to customers over the web.

Part one: Good Cause Wellness


Founded by Alan Friedman, a fitness enthusiast and family-oriented nutrition consumer, Good Cause Wellness not only offers some hard-to-find nutritional products that I personally use every day, they also donate 10 percent of net sales to health freedom organizations that fight for your right to buy nutritional supplements. Note that this donation is not 10 percent of profits, it's 10 percent of net sales (a much bigger number). They'll also be publicly posting those donations as proof of their commitment to supporting these important consumer advocacy organizations.

Just as importantly, GoodCauseWellness has an outstanding product lineup. Here are my favorites:

Antioxidant Defense System - PURPLE is essentially a superfood powder made of phytonutrient-rich plants (fruits and vegetables) that provide literally hundreds of different nutrients that support health, fight disease and protect the body from free radical damage. When I talk about eating "superfoods" in my articles and books, this is the kind of superfood I'm talking about. Read the ingredients on this product and you'll be amazed: pomegranate seeds, acai, goji berries, camu camu, mangosteen, elderberries, purple carrots (my favorite!) and many more. Check it out for yourself! You can blend this superfood powder into a smoothie or just drink it in a glass of water.

Antioxidant Defense System - RED is just like the purple product, above, except it's made with red fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, raspberries, astaxanthin, cherries, etc. As with the purple product, this tastes fantastic! If you've had trouble stomaching superfoods in the past, try this for a pleasant surprise. It's so good, you can just stir it into water and drink it straight. From looking at the ingredients, I can also tell this is an outstanding product for prostate health, joint pain, eye health, skin protection and cardiovascular support (among other benefits).

Chia seeds - You've heard me rave about chia seeds in the past. Finally, here's a great source for buying them. Shipping is very reasonable from GoodCauseWellness. Sprinkle chia seeds into smoothies or practically any recipe (pancakes, for example) and you'll boost your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and other chia seed nutrients.

Also be sure to check out GCW's Nopal powder (made from cactus) for controlling blood sugar and cholesterol, and their grape seed extract which, in my opinion, is one of nature's most powerful medicines for heart health. It's practically a must-have supplement for anyone with heart disease.

Summary: Great superfood supplements, chia seeds and agave nectar, too. Donates 10 percent of net sales to health freedom causes.

Coming next: Yet another innovative nutritional supplements company in part two.


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