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Originally published August 28 2006

Sweet deals: Agave nectar, Raw Revolution food bars are a steal at

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

I've found two incredible deals on health food items at's new gourmet grocery section, and I want to pass these on to you. We don't make anything off these links, but they could save you a bundle. (Deals were accurate as of August 28, 2006. If you're reading this after that date, prices and availability may have changed.)

A steal on agave nectar

This is the best price I've seen yet on agave nectar. As you probably know, agave nectar is emerging as the new sweetener of choice both for health-conscious people and diabetics. It's a super sweet liquid, but surprisingly low on the glycemic index (anywhere from 19 - 34, depending on the brand), meaning it doesn't spike blood sugar levels and invoke an exaggerated insulin response.

Agave nectar is, of course, far more expensive than corn syrup. I've paid as much as $12 for a single 9 oz. bottle. But over the weekend, I spotted this "sweet" deal:

Organic Raw Blue Agave from Wholesome Sweeteners: Pack of six11.75-ounce bottles for just $18.75.

Do the math: That's barely over $3 a bottle! Unless it's some kind of Amazon typo, it's a steal.

Click here to view on

If you can't get the link to work, just go to and search for "wholesome sweeteners agave"

They also have a larger size available: Six 23.5-ounce bottles for just $26.25. That's what I purchased.

If you have the Amazon Prime membership ($75 a year) and you're in the U.S., you get free shipping on all this, too.

New Raw Revolution Bars

The next "steal" I spotted is a steep discount on a new raw food bar that's so outstanding, I've written it up in a feature story to be published later this week. It's called the "Raw Revolution Bar" and it's available in a variety of flavors, including cashew, coconut, chocolate, spirulina and raspberry chocolate.

These raw food bars are simply outstanding in every way: They taste great, they're made with pure, organic, raw ingredients, and they contain absolutely no junk (like high-fructose corn syrup, soy protein, etc.). I bought several cases and I've been munching on these bars before and after my workouts. They provide sustaining energy without a sugar overload. (They still contain a lot of carbs, but they're fruit carbs, not processed grain carbs or processed sugar carbs.)

The deal on Amazon is amazing: Just $13.50 for a case of 12 bars (normal price is $23.88). This currently applies to all the flavors they sell. You can find them by going to and searching for "Raw Revolution"

Plus, at the moment, Amazon offers $10 off any grocery order over $49 by using the code grocery2 at checkout. So you can shave another 20 percent or so off your order. Combine that with the free shipping from the Amazon Prime program, and it's a deal that's too good to pass up. That's why I personally bought six cases of Raw Revolution bars.

Raw Revolution bars also deliver more food than most bars. Each bar is 2.2 ounces (64g) of raw food goodness, versus the more typical 1.75 ounce size you'll find on other bars. When it comes to food bars, size does matter.

Click here to view the Cashew bar.

The customer comments on are not kind to the Raw Revolution bars, but that's because too many people are expecting these bars to taste like candy bars. They're not candy bars, they're real food bars. And they taste like real food, without all the artificial flavors, chemical taste enhancers and factory processing. To me, that's an exciting taste, but to the average American, it's just too boring. Hence the low rating on But don't fall for it. If you're into health foods, I think you'll find these bars quite likable.

However, if you're expecting these to taste like Snickers bars, forget it. These aren't candy, they're real nutrition. They don't taste like sugar.

Other interesting items...

As you shop for these items, you'll also see some related items such as SmartMonkey bars, PURE Bars and the Zico coconut water drink. Each of these is also highly recommended and will be mentioned in upcoming feature articles and product reviews. The Zico coconut water drink, in particular, is a great replacement for popular sports drinks. But I'll leave the details for a future article.

It's interesting that is now offering these health food items at such good prices. It's not what I expected, but I'm glad to see it. While I always support local health food stores and natural food retailers, when internet retailers put together deals this good, it's worth paying attention.

Coming soon: More detailed reviews of the new raw food bars.


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