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Originally published August 2 2006

Controlling Constipation the Natural Way: Ancient Asian Remedy Provides Healthy Alternative to Laxatives (press release)

by NaturalNews

If you suffer from chronic constipation, you are most certainly not alone. About 80 percent of all Americans suffer from constipation at some point in their lives and more than 2.5 million Americans seek medical treatment for it every year. In fact, it’s the most common complaint that patients have about their digestive systems. Doctors regularly prescribe a whole host of medications that aren’t always effective.

People wary of nasty side effects often seek natural cures for constipation. Luckily, there is a natural remedy that is effective to help alleviate constipation and ward off other bowel complications like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and bloating. Dr. Rulin Xiu, a natural health expert and the founder of Pharm East, believed that constipation was controllable without harmful medication and set out to find a cure. She succeeded.

While in Tibet, Dr. Xiu discovered that several Tibetan herbs, if picked at the right times and processed correctly, could also be used to healthy and regular bowel functioning. Consisting of rhubarb root, mirabolan fruit, ginger fruit, and elecampagne fruit, Ibistrol’s ancient Tibeten formula is based on ancient Tibetan wisdom and on modern technology and scientific studies.

“Ibistrol is the most effective remedy known so far for supporting regular bowel function,” says Dr. Xiu. “This remedy has extensive clinical studies and its ingredients have been used for centuries. Through balancing and strengthening the gastrointestinal and digestive system, it helps enhance energy flow. It also strengthens intestinal muscles and promotes the movement of large and small intestines.”

Other health experts are impressed by Ibistrol’s effectiveness. “Unlike laxatives, it is safe to use Ibistrol long-term because instead of forcing bowel action, Ibistrol seeks to normalize action,” says Dr. William Wong, nationally-known naturopathic doctor and health expert. “Ibistrol is so safe that if the suggested dose does not have the desired effect in a few days, it is perfectly okay to double the dose in order to bring about the positive change.” People all over the country are discovering how effective Ibistrol really is.

Dr. Xiu is pleased by the overwhelming positive and enthusiastic response she gets from people who have been helped by Ibistrol. Unsolicited rave reviews pour in to Dr. Xiu from all over the world.

People going on trips away from home have learned to take Ibistrol to help keep them regular. Dannie from Hilo, Hawaii, is very enthusiastic about the product. “I take Ibistrol every day,” says Dannie. “I will make sure to take Ibistrol with me on our cruise. I feel so much better with Ibistrol.”

Pam K. from Hawaii also makes sure to bring Ibistrol along when she is away from home. “I take Ibistrol whenever I travel and never have problems, but the time we didn’t take it, we got constipated right away,” says Pam. “It’s just been great having it and I never go on a trip without it now.”

People with difficult and hectic lifestyles also benefit from Ibistrol. Shiela Novack from Detroit, Michigan, had to take milk of magnesia two to three times a week because she never ate enough high fiber foods and had constant stomach problems. After her son introduced her to Ibistrol, her life has changed completely.

“Ibistrol works for me and I love it,” says Novack. “I keep it right next to my vitamins. It’s a good feeling to know that I have it to keep myself healthy and waste-free. I only use Ibistrol now. No more milk of magnesia!”

Stress can often compound constipation and stomach problems. Pat V. from Denver, Colorado, began having problems triggered by a high-stress position at his company. “Constipation became a continuous and debilitating condition,” says Pat. “I could go five days or more without a bowel movement, bloating and discomfort increasing all the while. I tried laxatives, but they didn’t help. They only added to the pain and discomfort I already had.”

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