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Originally published August 2 2006

Goji Berries Impart New Vigor In Your Daily Life (press release)

by NaturalNews

The modern day executives are always tired with all the stress and running around that forms an essential part of their lives. This causes early aging and reduced energy levels for everything. Regularly eating Goji berries, the Himalayan wonder fruit with the highest nutrition value and antioxidant properties can impart new energy levels and enable you to live an energetic life and carry out the daily grind with vigor.

Many people who now eat Goji berries on a daily basis have noticed improved eyesight, restoration of hair color, improved libido, mood enhancement, noticeable improvement in energy levels, better sleeping habits and more zest for life.

Tim O'Shea of Salem, Oregon reported,"After taking Goji berries for about 2 months, my diastolic blood pressure went from Stage II HBP with readings in excess of 100 to readings between 71 and 79, which is considered normal. I couldn't believe it! Previously, I had tried Omega 3's, liquid multivitamins and minerals, Human Growth Capsules, and calcium, but nothing seemed to affect my blood pressure. The only thing I did differently was take about 20 of the dried Goji berries every day."

Goji Berries are produced in fertile and pollution free Tibetan Himalayas and imported in bulk by Jeni Bachelder of Goji who offers consumers in USA a chance to enjoy a livelier life by taking their daily intake of the dried Goji berries and juice. The berries are more effective than the juice though some people may prefer the latter because of its taste.

Jeni explained "We are proud to mention that our Goji taste the sweetest because they are never touched by hand and are picked by shaking the vines and dried in shade." Her store also offers Goji seeds and seaweed fertilizer if you wish to grow Goji here locally.

"While you can also buy in small quantities from our online store, you can make substantial savings by ordering a wholesale supply of your requirement", Jeni reported. "This is very important because once the stocks for the Goji berries are exhausted, it takes 4 months to get the next lot from Tibetan Himalayas," she added.

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