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Originally published July 24 2006

Natural health community up in arms over Judge's sentencing of Abraham Cherrix to chemotherapy

by NaturalNews

(NaturalNews) The natural health community is outraged at 16-year-old Abraham Cherrix being forced into chemotherapy treatment by a Judge's decision.

Cherrix, a native of Chincoteague, Va., was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease last summer and began chemotherapy soon after. Cherrix felt the treatment was poisoning him rather than saving him, and refused further treatments. He then made the choice, along with his parents Jay and Rose Cherrix, to pursue alternative therapies such as eliminating sugar from his diet and eating organic foods, all under the guidance of a doctor in Mexico.

Cherrix's decision was reported to the Accomack County Department of Social Services, and a judge ordered Cherrix to undergo conventional treatments or be put in juvenile detention. Additionally, his parents Jay and Rose were found to be neglectful in their decision to allow Cherrix to make his own health decisions, and now have to share custody of their son with social services.

The backlash from the natural health community has been fierce and widespread. Natural health sites such as The Liberty Papers, Hammer of Truth and have each covered Cherrix's story, as well as Health Ranger Mike Adams' exploration of the case alongside other examples of what he calls, "Gunpoint Medicine."

"It all makes me wonder: With all the talk about "freedom" today, didn't anybody stop to think about the freedoms we desperately need right here at home?" Adams said. "The true enemies of freedom, it seems, have medical degrees. They don't wield weapons of mass destruction delivered by rockets, they wield chemical weapons delivered by injection."

Hammer of Truth writer Michelle Shinghal specifically states that she is not supporting alternative therapy over conventional therapy (at least in this case), but is simply outraged that the state insists it has the right to force someone to choose one way or the other.

Even such mainstream news sources as Virginia's own WAVY-TV and the Virginia Pilot have offered high-profile coverage of this medical injustice.

It would seem that Cherrix plight is so horrifying, that both aspects of the media -- alternative health and mainstream press -- have banded together to tell his story. While Cherrix and his parents struggle to maintain a grip on his "guaranteed" freedoms in the courts, it is public education and outcry that has the only chance of protecting other children (and maybe, later, adults) from state-sponsored poisoning and medical bullying.

As Adams said about the case, "With the Judge's decision on Abraham Cherrix, it is now apparent that the state believes a family that follows a no-sugar, organic diet while preventing disease with medicinal herbs is engaged in child abuse. This idea is utterly absurd. That the most health-conscious parents in the country, who say no to junk foods, toxic prescription drugs and radical cancer treatments for their children, would be labeled criminals is an affront to every natural law known to humankind. It demonstrates, beyond any doubt, that combining our modern medical system with our legal system produces an extremely dangerous system of control that represents a very real threat to the health, the safety and the freedoms of all Americans."


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