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Originally published July 21 2006

Statements on Abraham Cherrix chemotherapy court decision by Mike Adams, consumer health advocate

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

"The court's demand that Abraham Cherrix, a clear-thinking young man seeking to save his own life from toxic chemotherapy treatments, be forced into chemotherapy at gunpoint is an assault on the health and freedom of all Americans. It is the ultimate misuse of power and equivalent to a death sentence upon Mr. Cherrix."

"With the court's decision on Abraham Cherrix, conventional medicine has once against proven itself to be grounded in tyranny. That oncologists must use intimidation and the threat of arrest to scare patients away from safer, natural treatments is a powerful indicator of the sad state of desperation to which the cancer industry has sunk in order to acquire paying customers."

"The Judge's decision to sentence Abraham Cherrix to chemotherapy against his wishes is nothing less than a death sentence by lethal injection, except that in this case, the patient must also foot the bill for the chemicals used. If Cherrix dies from the treatment, both the Judge and the oncologist must be charged with premeditated murder."

"Parents be warned: Do not take your children to visit conventional doctors or oncologists unless you are willing to surrender custody to the state. As the Judge's decision with Abraham Cherrix has clearly demonstrated, the twisted proponents of this deadly system of medicine will stop at nothing to inject toxic chemicals into the bodies of your children, all while billing you for the damage."

"Conventional medicine has become the laughing stock of the informed. Where patients once sought out services from M.D.s and oncologists, those who know better now flee such services in order to save their own lives. Only through the threat of violence can conventional medicine now maintain control and continue it's 'treatments' for cancer, a disease for which conventional medicine offers absolutely no cures."

"We now live in the age of gunpoint medicine, where medical authorities, desperate to bully their outdated beliefs and dangerous medicines onto as many people as possible, will openly resort to recruiting armed law enforcement agents to force their chemicals onto innocent victims. The concept of, 'First, do no harm' is but a distant memory in this system of Western medicine that has devolved into a for-profit racket designed to trade lives for dollars."

"With the Judge's decision on Abraham Cherrix, it is now apparent that the state believes a family that follows a no-sugar, organic diet while preventing disease with medicinal herbs is engaged in child abuse. This idea is utterly absurd. That the most health-conscious parents in the country, who say no to junk foods, toxic prescription drugs and radical cancer treatments for their children, would be labeled criminals is an affront to every natural law known to humankind. It demonstrates, beyond any doubt, that combining our modern medical system with our legal system produces an extremely dangerous system of control that represents a very real threat to the health, the safety and the freedoms of all Americans."

"For those trying to decide between conventional and alternative cancer treatments, you need look no further than the Abraham Cherrix case. If you do not want to be arrested, jailed and injected with toxic chemicals at gunpoint, you must avoid conventional doctors and oncologists at all costs. Even one visit can put you under the control of doctors who will stop at nothing to force you into treatment, regardless of your beliefs, knowledge or fears. The argument between conventional vs. alternative cancer therapy is over: Alternative therapies offers genuine treatment and cures, while conventional cancer therapies offer handcuffs on your wrists, a needle in your arm and a gun in your face. Which do you choose?"

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