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Originally published July 11 2006

Apple under increasing fire for faulty products and quality gaps

by NaturalNews

(NaturalNews) Apple's strong reputation may be suffering from some quality issues reported in their newest products.

Apple customers have gotten used to paying a little more for their goods, but the cost is usually offset by the superior quality of the product. But recently, reports have been emerging about MacBook laptops that may hurt the Apple brand.

Dave Verwer, a technology professional in the UK, said his MacBook Pro would unexpectedly power-down while the readout claimed he still had 30 percent of his battery power remaining. Then, after a couple of weeks, Verwer started noticing that his battery casing was swelling and warping away from the laptop. Other Mac laptop users have had similar battery issues, and many are using user-review web sites to vent about the problem.

"It seems to be affecting a very small percentage of products," said Nate Elliott, a digital home analyst with Jupiter Research. "Apple has always done things so well and asked customers to pay more for products that work well. Any problems that do exist are going to be reported."

Other experts agree with Elliott's assessment, noting that people are more likely to report issues than satisfaction on user-review sites, which could be blowing the problem out of proportion.

According to Apple, the company is "aware of this input and is looking into it." The statement went on to advise any customers with technical issues to contact AppleCare.

The Apple brand still seems strong however, as even Ferwer said that he would purchase another Apple product in the future, with only one caveat. "I might not buy it so closely to it coming out, however."


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