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Originally published June 17 2006

Healing foods, herbs and nutrients reference sites to be launched; Update from Truth Publishing

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Here's an update on what's new at and Truth Publishing. Remember the survey a few weeks ago when we asked what you wanted us to offer next? The No. 1 most requested feature was a free online database of healing foods, herbs and nutrients. We have since built exactly such a series of websites, and they're going to be launching in a few days. lists all the top healing foods along with the diseases or disorders they may help. It also lists the nutrients found in each food and which body systems may be helped (like the immune system or circulatory system). You can search for healing foods by food name or by disease name (like "osteoporosis"). lists medicinal herbs and their uses, covering Amazon herbs, Western herbs, Chinese herbs and even medicinal mushrooms from Japan. is a reference database of healing nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients like anthocyanins or saponins. Using this online reference site, you can find out which nutrients help certain health conditions, or even which foods contain specific nutrients. is the smallest of these sites, listing dietary supplements like psyllium, glucosamine and others that don't quite qualify as individual nutrients. Currently, this site is sparse, but we are working on adding new supplements as quickly as we can. In time, we plan to list actual recommended products in this database as well.

All of these reference sites are hyperlinked to each other where appropriate. So you can click around and explore all the healing properties of foods, herbs, nutrients and supplements, or you can look up a particular health condition (like "depression") and see what's good for that.

The research is based on thirteen books by authors like Michael T. Murray, Gary Null and Michael Tierra. We are adding more research citations right now and hope to expand the base to 25 books within a few months.

Thank you for your suggestions and your support! Without your suggestions, we would never know which features and sites to develop first. And without your support (through book purchases, primarily), we would never have the funds to build something like this. So if you're a customer of Truth Publishing, thank yourself for helping make this happen. These free online databases will reach millions of readers all over the world, helping to empower them with practical, positive information that can help them make better choices about preventing disease and enhancing their health through foods, herbs and supplements!

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Browster is a breakthrough web browsing tool that makes browsing websites and search engines amazingly fast and efficient. Tech magazines and gurus are raving about this new tool, and it's becoming an instant hit across the 'net.

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I downloaded it yesterday and have been extremely impressed with its functionality and speed. It allows me to blaze through search engines to find exactly what I'm looking for without having to wait for every page to load. Browster is free of spyware, takes few system resources (so it won't hog your computer's memory), and doesn't bug you with ads.

For PC users, I give it a five-star recommendation. Grab it at

Pre-Launch of The Hundred-Year Lie

The Hundred-Year Lie by Randall Fitzgerald is one of those breakthrough books that has the potential to shatter widely-held illusions and wake people up to what's really going on with the use of synthetic chemicals in our foods, cosmetics, drugs and industrial processes. Authored by an investigative journalist (Fitzgerald), this book will lave you shocked and amazed in just the first 28 pages.

Truth Publishing is helping to promote this book (and its author) due to the extreme importance of its message. You can order the book here and receive a free bonus report from Truth Publishing. The book ships as soon as we receive our inventory, which should be no later than June 30.

The Hundred-Year Lie takes you on a whirlwind tour of how our nation's largest corporations routinely ignore the devastating health and environmental effects of synthetic chemicals. As they continue to pump up foods, cosmetics, drugs and personal care products with toxic chemicals, the population is experience skyrocketing rates of cancer, dementia, liver disorders and bizarre neurological reactions that were unheard of in the 19th century. If you want to know the truth about the real harm caused by these synthetic chemicals, read The Hundred-Year Lie. As author Fitzgerald explains, "We will become a mutant species..." if we don't make some changes right now.

If you read this book after seeing An Inconvenient Truth, you will never view your world in the same way again. The Hundred-Year Lie delivers a much-needed wake up call to anyone courageous enough to explore the truth about how synthetic chemicals are destroying our health and our future on this planet. Also be sure to visit the website

WebSeed changes

On more mundane maintenance issues, we are moving all the pages to the domain in order to make keyword navigation less disorientating to visitors. So when you click on a hyperlinked keyword in an article, you will visit a page on listing other articles and resources related to that keyword concept.

Speaking of WebSeed, we're also launching the WebSeed Content Management System (CMS), a service that renders large collections of content into organized, cross-linked web pages. All the web pages you see across the NaturalNews Network were created with WebSeed CMS, including this one.

If you or your organization has a large collection of content (documents, articles, reports, etc.) that you need to post online, but you don't want to pay millions of dollars for a high-end content management software product, WebSeed CMS is a smart, affordable, alternative solution that actually delivers better performance, reliability and security than traditional CMS technologies (at a fraction of the cost).

Click here to learn more about WebSeed CMS.

Stay informed, stay healthy

Finally, be sure to stay in the loop as we reveal yet more breakthrough information on healthy living in the months ahead. We're working on several major stories and books, including a critical look at one of the largest cancer non-profit organizations, breakthrough supplements for appetite control (a new one has just been discovered, and it works far better than hoodia ever did), and natural health solutions that really do prevent and even help treat degenerative disease.

Consider some of the astonishing things we've learned just this year:

... and many more surprising facts. There's much more to come, so stay tuned. We'll be launching videos shortly, too, giving you yet another way to connect with useful content.

Once again, thank you for your continued support. We are dedicated to bringing you more outstanding articles, reports and videos in the months ahead. The natural health movement is gaining real momentum now, and we intend to keep supporting this movement to help bring true health freedom, disease prevention and nutritional education to people all over the world.

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