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Originally published May 18 2006

Outrage! Preschoolers used as guinea pigs in psychotropic drug tests

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

As reveals, in 2005, Massachusetts General Hospital conducted an 8-week trial study that recruited children as young as four years old to be drugged and monitored, including having their blood drawn, to see if their tiny four-year-old bodies would tolerate a powerful psychotropic drug (Seroquel).

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This is an 8-week open-label study aimed at assessing the effectiveness and tolerability of Quetiapine, in the treatment of preschool children aged 4 to 6 years with bipolar and bipolar spectrum disorder. This is an exploratory, pilot study, seeking to determine whether Quetiapine is efficacious and well tolerated in the treatment of preschoolers with pediatric bipolar and bipolar spectrum disorder in this age group.

Ages Eligible for Study:4 Years - 6 Years, Genders Eligible for Study: Both

Subject must be able to participate in mandatory blood draws.

Massachusetts General Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138, United States; Recruiting

Joseph Biederman, MD, Principal Investigator

Chemical child abuse

In my view, this exploitation of young children for drug testing amounts to nothing less than chemical child abuse. What possible medical justification could these doctors, hospital staff and drug pushers have for prescribing mind-altering drugs to four-year-olds? Even the "disease" being treated here is entirely fictional. So-called "bi-polar disorder" was wholly invented by psychiatrists with strong financial ties to drug companies. The purpose of this disease is not to help children, but to sell drugs to anyone and everyone, including toddlers.

I often wonder when the rest of the country will wake up and notice that the mass-drugging of our nation's children has gone too far. Why isn't the mainstream media giving this front-page coverage? Why aren't lawmakers demanding an end to the chemical abuse of our children? Why isn't the FDA halting these trials on toddlers out of plain decency?

You already know the answer: Because they're all making money from this chemical assault on our nation's children. The doctors, hospitals, drug companies, psychiatrists and mainstream media all profit handsomely from the sales of mind-altering drugs to children. Ethics will never get in the way of old-fashioned greed, even when we're talking about the health and lives of four-year-olds.

Modern psychiatry, with all its false authority, drugging of children and rampant disease mongering, is an affront to all people who believe in honest medical science and basic human decency. Armed with the DSM-IV, on-the-take psychiatrists invent diseases out of thin air (like "bi-polar disorder"), then vote official treatment protocols into the reference books. Yet a recent review of such decision panels reveals that one hundred percent of the psychiatrists and doctors involved in such decisions have financial ties to the drug companies that coincidentally happen to manufacture the recommended drugs.

This is a life-threatening scandal of such proportion that it deserves a Dept. of Justice investigation, complete with criminal charges being brought against many of these so-called "doctors." To characterize this as a crime against humanity is not an exaggeration.

Blatant quackery

Let's face it: Modern psychiatry and its incessant disease mongering amounts to quackery at its worst. This group both invents the diseases, then hawks the snake oil that "treats" those diseases. And underneath it all, there's absolutely no physiological evidence of any such diseases at all. They can be diagnosed in children on a whim, based on a mere sixty seconds of casual observation combined with the biased opinion of a drug-pushing psychiatrist being bribed by Big Pharma.

This is not medicine, folks. And it's certainly not science. It's just plain medical fraud. Yet the whole of conventional medicine goes along with it, pretending that nothing is amiss. Doctors, hospitals, FDA bureaucrats, teachers and even many parents just pretend that all these mysterious brain chemistry diseases have spontaneously appeared in the world over the last ten years, suddenly afflicting tens of millions of children. And thank goodness the drug companies just happened to have invented all these treatment drugs at the exact same moment in history when these psychiatric diseases became so widespread! Imagine the odds...

Where are the skeptics on this issue? Where are the quack busters on the drugging of our children? The silence is deafening. They have nothing to say about the lack of science behind psychiatric disease mongering. They aren't skeptical at all. Clear thinking, it seems, isn't allowed when the conclusions might question the institutions of modern medicine. And thus, the skeptics reveal themselves as little more than purveyors of medical dogma; protectors of a drug-the-children medical cult that demands unquestioning obedience to its profit-minded beliefs.

Good science has long since left psychiatry. And if you want to know the true, horrifying history of the mental health industry, visit the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights. Prepare to be shocked.

Born psychotic

Psychiatry believes there is no child too young to diagnose as having psychiatric disorders. It won't be long before psychiatrists will be hanging out in delivery rooms, declaring children to be mentally diseased at birth (because they keep crying, obviously) and immediately injected with powerful mind-altering drugs. To psychiatry, human life has no value other than the possibility of creating a new paying customer, and every new birth is seen as another opportunity for dispensing profitable drugs.

There's no end to the evil that psychiatry might do in the years ahead. As long as society continues to give psychiatrists carte blanche to invent fictitious diseases, there is no human behavior, emotion or condition that's safe from being labeled a pathology. So-called "adult ADHD screening tests" label a whopping 80 percent of participants with the disease. Behavioral disorders screenings for children demonstrate similar numbers. And the things that can get you labeled as "diseased" are all too mundane: Feeling overwhelmed, feeling distracted by modern life, handling too many projects as once, being afraid of public speaking, feeling shy in social situations... gee, is there anyone who doesn't experience these sooner or later?

But it wasn't enough to attempt to drug up all the adults, you see. Modern psychiatry had to expand its markets, and that meant reaching younger and younger "customers." A couple of decades ago, they started drugging teens with antidepressant drugs. Then they attacked younger schoolchildren with Ritalin. Now they're targeting preschoolers, and the trend is clear: Children will soon be "born psychotic" if psychiatry has anything to do with it.

Years ago, the giant soda companies handed out baby bottles emblazed with the logos of their flagship soft drink products. The idea was to get mothers to feed their infants soda instead of infant formula, thereby altering the taste of the infant for life, creating a lifelong consumer of soft drinks. When I first uncovered this disturbing report, I thought it was perhaps the most evil thing a corporation could do to the health of infants. But now, psychiatry takes the prize.

Using four-year-olds as guinea pigs to test psychotropic drugs is more than merely unethical; it's predatory. It's Nazi-esque in its use of human beings for medical experiments, and yet it remains strangely acceptable across society. Child Protective Services does nothing. Hospitals gladly run the trials (they get paid, of course). Psychiatrists and doctors happily drug these children, observe them, then draw their blood, all in the name of corporate profits. And thus, they all join the long and sordid history of human medical experimentation that demonstrates ethics, or human lives, or plain decency will never get in the way of the forward march of medicine.

The complicity of conventional medicine is astounding. The American Medical Association, to my knowledge, says nothing skeptical about disease mongering by psychiatry. Few doctors see any problem at all, and fewer still have the courage to speak out. The FDA, which is supposed to protect people, gladly approves one psychotropic drug after another, even for use on toddlers. Lawmakers take campaign finance contributions from drug companies and look the other way, and the mainstream media continues publicizing fictitious diseases, lending them false credibility and creating customer demand for dangerous drugs.

Only a handful of doctors, authors, organizations and celebrities dare tell the truth on this issue, and they are singled out for incessant ridicule. Take Tom Cruise, for example. Although he speaks the truth about the drugging of children, he is endlessly dragged through the mud of public opinion simply because he expresses authentic passion for ending this chemical child abuse. Cruise should be applauded for his efforts, not ridiculed.

Let's hospitalize the psychiatrists

When it comes to mental health, there is one group of people in this country that truly needs to be drugged: The psychiatrists. Because to practice psychiatry today, and to support the mass drugging of toddlers and schoolchildren, is to demonstrate a deep-rooted madness that may justify chemical restraint. To drug toddlers, or to use them for medical experiments, should be rightly regarded as a crime. And there's no question whatsoever that the children of our nation would be safer, healthier and happier if the practice of modern psychiatry simply disappeared.

Besides, the real cause of depression, mood swings, emotional disorders or other so-called "diseases" mostly comes down to diet and lifestyle. Remove the food additives and refined sugars from a child's diet, and he returns to normal in about two weeks. Feed children healthy oils, live foods, whole grains and superfoods, and you automatically create energetic, curious, fast-learning children who need no drugs. Give children some sunshine, play time and some time with nature, and you get balanced, healthy children. It's no secret, it's just common sense.

But psychiatry has no common sense, and no one in the industry dares mention that most so-called mental disorders are really just caused by nutritional imbalances. Because to admit to the truth about the mental health of children would be to render their careers irrelevant. And no psychiatrist is going to commit career suicide by admitting that bi-polar disorder was just made up, or that toddlers need good food, not expensive drugs. Just like conventional doctors, psychiatrists have to protect their egos and revenue streams, and that means convincing parents that little Johnny has a brain chemistry imbalance and he'll have to take psychotropic drugs for life. The parents, as gullible as ever, naively go along with the scam, usually after being frightened into compliance by a psychiatrist who warns them what might happy to little Johnny of they don't drug him. "He might commit suicide," they're sternly warned.

Will the scams of modern medicine never cease? Is there no child too young to be targeted for medical experiments? Will the sinister desire for Big Pharma profits ever be balanced against basic human decency?

Probably not. The world has, indeed, gone half mad. And psychiatry is standing by, ready to drug everyone, regardless of their age or mental health status.

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