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Originally published March 13 2006

New omega-3 rich superfood discovery (preview)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

This is an exclusive story about one of the most exciting new superfoods you've probably never heard of. It is a selectively-bred superfood seed derived from chia. Chia is a well-known ancient grain or seed used by the Aztecs as a superfood source, and by itself it is very nutritional. It's something I've used for years in my own diet. Chia is loaded with omega-3 oils, high-quality proteins, fibers and lots of minerals, but this new superfood (which I'll just call "super chia" for convenience) takes it to a higher level.

Super chia is a consistently produced crop with higher nutrient density than chia, and it is grown by a company in Canada. The company does its growing in Peru which has the right climate and the right soils for plants like this and it is now selling this super chia to food companies throughout the world that are starting to integrate it into their foods. As an individual consumer, you can buy this superfood by the pound and use it in your own cooking in lots of innovative ways, which I will describe for you. But first, let me tell you why I'm so excited about this and what this could mean for nutrition across this country and around the world.

People all over the world are nutritionally starved

If you think about the problems in nutrition today, they're very simple to describe. People are eating lots and lots of food, but they're starving themselves because they don't have good nutrition. You can eat donuts, pastries, crackers and cookies all day long, and you can fill yourself up with refined white flour, bleached flour, milled grains, refined sugars, corn syrup and other ingredients, and still be starving because your body doesn't get the nutrition it needs out of those ingredients. They are nothing but empty carbohydrates, and that's why they contribute to obesity, adult onset type 2 diabetes, and even mental disorders like depression, mood swings, aggressive and violent behavior in young males or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These refined grains and sugars cause many of the health problems experienced by wealthy nations.

What if you could replace some of those ingredients with something that was loaded with outstanding nutrition? I'm talking about omega-3 oils, quality proteins from plants, insoluble fibers and major minerals like magnesium, which is deficient in most people today. Such a superfood is now available. It's the "super chia" I'm talking about here.

This super chia isn't black like chia, however. Its seeds are white. What does that mean to you as a consumer? It means that you can put it in a coffee grinder and grind it up into fine white flour. Then you can take that white flour-like substance which is really loaded with omega-3 oils and complete proteins and minerals that are missing from wheat-derived flour and you can put it into breads and pasta and use it as a replacement for flour in your kitchen.

Replace harmful baking products with super chia

You can mix this superfood into many recipes, and since it's white, you won't notice any color difference, and no one in your family will notice any color difference. So if you bake your own bread, but your children will only eat white bread, guess what? You can now make white bread with 20 percent or 30 percent super chia, and all of a sudden, it transforms that bread from a nutrient-depletion product to a nutrient-delivering product.

All of a sudden, that bread is loaded with healthy omega-3 oils, quality proteins and insoluble fibers, which are outstanding for digestive health and for lowering cholesterol. All of a sudden, you have a health food, but it doesn't look any different from regular bread.

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