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Originally published February 4 2006

The media assault on Mexico's alternative cancer clinics

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

The mainstream press seems downright giddy over reports that Coretta Scott King (widow of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.) recently died of cancer while exploring an alternative cancer treatment clinic in Mexico. What the press didn't report is that conventional medicine had already given up on her and left her to die (after poisoning her with the usual cancer treatments first, of course). It's no surprise she would want to check out alternatives. Sadly, she was too late.

The truth is that many patients only seek alternative care after they been poisoned, radiated and chemically bombarded by conventional medicine. At that point, even the best alternative medicine in the world has very little left to work with. But at least naturopaths can offer some degree of realistic hope for terminal cancer patients, long after conventional oncologists have told them to go home and die (after they pay their $150,000 chemotherapy bill first, of course).

Blaming an alternative cancer clinic for the death of a patient who was terminal when they walked in the door is like suing an auto body shop worker for damaging the car you towed in after it was totaled in a high-speed collision. The press, as usual, is blaming the wrong party. But someone has to play the propaganda role in the grand effort to suppress health freedom, right?

If there's one thing conventional cancer clinics are good at, though, it's making sure patients are evicted BEFORE they die. One it becomes obvious that no more profits can be extracted from the dying patient, and that even the patient's family has finally caught on to the truth that all these expensive conventional cancer treatments are only making the patient worse, oncologists finally admit what they suspected from the very beginning: "There's nothing we can do."

By the way, one doctor commenting on alternative cancer clinics in a recent mainstream news article concludes that Mexico's clinics are useless because, "We just have not seen any cured patients coming back and telling us they've been cured." Therefore, the doctor muses, no cures are taking place. The arrogance of this statement is difficult to fully describe, so I won't.

But he's forgetting the most important thing: Patients who are first harmed by chemotherapy, and then ultimately cured of cancer in Mexico cancer clinics have no reason to come back and talk to conventional medical doctors. Why would they? Would you want to talk to the doctor who nearly killed you before you finally escaped to Mexico and got real medical help?

Conventional medical doctors have already made up their minds anyway. You could show them a dozen patients cured of stage 4 cancer, and they'd dismiss the whole bunch, concluding, "It's just spontaneous remission." It's not like many doctors actually have open minds following eight years of propaganda in their reeducation camps (medical schools, I mean). Some do, and I love 'em. But most don't.

Cancer treatment and management is a multi billion-dollar industry in America. And it's almost entirely a cruel hoax, if not a criminal enterprise. In a truly free society, patients would be able to seek out alternative treatments, and naturopaths wouldn't be arrested for actually helping people heal. Check out the Burzynski story to see an example of modern-day suppression of cancer cure research.

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