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Originally published February 2 2006

Hospitals may be hazardous to your health

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Here are some words of caution for those of you who have someone in the hospital or a nursing home or retirement center. You have probably already figured this out yourself, but, if not, pay attention. Don't leave your loved ones in the hospital or nursing home without you being there, because the nursing staff and physician assistants are screwing up. They are giving your loved ones the wrong medication, forgetting to turn them in bed, not paying attention to them and not giving them enough water. Often, they are just feeding them foods that are going to make them sicker.

I have had some personal experience with people in the hospital. You go in and look around and say, "This passes for health care?" Grab a nurse and say, "Don't you know this is the wrong dosage? What are you doing here? What about the interaction between these two drugs? What about this person? What about their bed sores?"

We have a terrible healthcare system in this country. I don't trust the hospital to give anyone decent care. I am not saying that these nurses and physician assistants are intending to do harm. I think they have the right intentions, but they get thrown into these insane schedules that they have to adhere to, and they are expected to be mentally alert all the time. This is a very sickly environment. There is bad energy there, and it reeks of drugs and medications.

The hospital is not a place of healing. Let's get that out right away. A hospital is a place where people go to die. A hospital is one of the most dangerous places you can be. If you are not sick before you go, you are likely to get sick while you are there. Where do you think they breed superbugs? They breed them in hospitals, even though they try to confine them to certain floors. There are no antibiotics that can deal with these superbugs. There are things in the natural health world, like colloidal silver, that can help, but organized medicine still won't acknowledge this.

How bad is the care in hospitals? Here's a true story. This is a little outdated, but true nonetheless. A doctor wrote a prescription for some drops to be put in a patient's right ear, and on the script, he wrote, "R–ear" and the nurse read this and proceeded to administer the drops to the patient's anus (thinking the instructions said "rear").

Who puts eardrops in a patient's anus and calls it medicine? There was a trial in which people called nurses on the phone and pretended to be doctors. They asked the nurses to go get a certain drug and prescribe it to a patient down the hall. It turns out that the doses were fatal. Did the nurses notice that these doses were fatal? Of course not. They filled the prescription, marched down the hall to administer the dose, and the people who were running the experiment finally stopped them.

They were all ready to do it. Why? Because the doctor on the phone said so. What happened to common sense in medical training? Organized medicine is the leading cause of death in this country. Prescription drugs are the fourth-leading cause of death. There are more than 750,000 people being killed each year by conventional medicine.

My source for that is the document Death by Medicine, authored in part by Dr. Gary Null. These statistics have all been documented and published. Some of them have been published in The Journal of the American Medical Association. These are stats right out of organized medicine.

If you walk into a hospital and see what kind of care patients get, it should be no surprise. Even the hospital menus offer foods that are nutritionally deficient and that will give you blood sugar swings while offering virtually no healthy oils or phytonutrients to fight off cancer. These are foods that I wouldn't even feed my dog, because it would be animal cruelty. The foods are part of the hospital's standard menu. Some of the hospitals have fast food right on the premises. You can come in for heart bypass surgery and grab a cheeseburger and fries on the way out. Nothing like repeat business to keep the money coming in, huh?

Hurry up and wait to see the doctor

You know what else is bad about doctors' offices? If you make an appointment at 3 p.m. and you get there on time, they make you wait. It is kind of like a contract between you and the doctor. But when you show up, they tell you, "You have to go and wait in the waiting room."

What is that? It is like your time is worthless and their time is uniquely important. There is such arrogance in organized medicine. Test this out when your loved one is in the hospital getting poor care. Talk to the doctor and ask some basic questions like, "What about this drug? Is this the right dosage? What about this food? What about this I.V.?" A lot of the doctors will be taken aback by the fact that you dared speak up.

I have to qualify all this with one comment. I have been the recipient of reconstructive surgery on my shoulder due to a sports injury. I am glad that there are some doctors and surgeons who know what they are doing. They did a phenomenal job. That, along with strength and weight training, gives me shoulder strength that most people only dream of. I can do shoulder shrugs of almost 500 pounds, and it still holds together. I thank U.S. surgeons for that, and I repeat my position that U.S. surgeons are the best medical technicians in the world.

I have always said that hospitals are great for trauma. If something serious has happened to you, a U.S. hospital emergency room is a great place to be. Emergency doctors get a thumbs-up from me. They are brave and fast acting, and they don't panic easily. What can be done in the emergency room is a great testament to organized medicine.

In contrast to that, what I'm criticizing is the barbaric treatment of patients who really have no justifiable need for drugs or surgery. "Let's do gastric bypass surgery. That will help your obesity," say some surgeons. They take out part of your digestive tract. Have you ever thought about this? It is like saying that if you have vision problems then you should rip out your eyes. Gastric bypass surgery is no magic bullet solution, and people still get obese after having it. They just eat ice cream all day. Obviously, obesity is not a stomach size problem.

Did you know that mammograms give you cancer? The mammography equipment actually radiates your breast. Computed Tomography scans give you more radiation than hundreds of chest x-rays. A number of doctors were asked this question about CT scans, and only 20 percent knew how much radiation the scans would produce. Sure, it's $1,000 for the test, and you get mega amounts of radiation. Along with this radiation, why don't you take some prescription drugs, which also impair immune system function and cause nutritional deficiency, promoting chronic diseases? Put this all together, and you will be back soon.

To be healthy, we all need to learn how to just say no to organized medicine for treating chronic disease. Find a naturopathic doctor and find a safe way to get off prescription drugs. It is not that difficult to find ways to prevent chronic diseases.

Again, if you have someone in a hospital, nursing home or convalescence home, accompany him or her. Don't let the staff go to town on your loved one just because you are not there. People are not going to heal very well in the hospital. Of course, there are medical circumstances where they may need oxygen or a crash team that can come in and save their life. I understand that, but there are many people who don't need to be in the hospital. They would be much better off at home with the health provider only one phone call away.

There are professionals that can be in your home. This may be a little more expensive, but it's well worth it. For you, personally, do your best to stay out of hospitals. Work with a health provider, preferably one from the naturopathic world. I am not suggesting you ignore your health concerns. I am simply saying you might consider the real dangers of being in a hospital and take steps to avoid ever ending up there. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure (and probably a $200,000 hospital bill to boot).

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