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Originally published December 8 2005

Best of Show awards at the 2005 Arizona Natural Health Expo in Tucson, Ariz.

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Hello everyone, this is Mike Adams the Health Ranger reporting from the Arizona Choices Natural Health Expo in Tucson, Ariz., 2005, and here are the Best of Show awards based on products I've found that I think are innovative and definitely can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. I've selected four products for this show. I'll introduce you to them here one at a time.

The first product I found that I really like is the Royal Himalayan Pink Crystals Salt. Now, this is a natural full-spectrum salt found in nature. This wasn't generated in a chemical factory. It's not a processed salt. It is a mined salt. It's actually mined out of the earth, out of the mountain range in the Himalayas.

I also want to mention that this salt is a full-spectrum salt, so instead of just getting sodium and chloride, you're getting a full spectrum of trace minerals and macro minerals, as well. Remember that table salt you might be consuming, or the sodium found in processed foods, is just sodium chloride. You don't get the trace minerals, and it is those trace minerals those other 90 elements, for example that you need in order to be a healthy, vibrant human being, and with this kind of salt product, you can get this into your diet very easily, very quickly, and I also think quite affordably. So, this remains one of my top choices for the show.

This product is available from Transition Nutrition.

TKO Orange cleaner

The next product I've selected for the best of show award is the TKO Orange product. This is a super-concentrated natural organic cleaning product that you can use around the home.

I took some of this home and tried it myself. This stuff works. This is super concentrated. Just one ounce of this makes gallons of cleaning solution, and it saves you hundreds of dollars a year in buying other cleaners, which are normally toxic cleaners. You know those typical, traditional cleaning products that you buy at the store contain toxic chemicals. You don't want those around your home, especially if you have pets or children or if you're dealing with a chronic disease that can be worsened by chemical sensitivity, such as cancer or autoimmune disorders, for example.

This product is a replacement for dozens of household cleaners, and it really works. I'm going to be buying more of this myself. I'll be using it in my laundry as an antibacterial orange-scented liquid to add to the natural laundry detergent that I use right now. So, it's TKO Orange, and this is definitely a best of show product. I highly recommend this and it's definitely at the top of my list. Available at

NingXia juice

Another one of my top choice products here at the show is NingXia juice. This is a superfruit juice concentrate. I really like this product for a couple of reasons. First off, it's made with the NingXia wolfberry fruit, which is a lot like a goji berries, and goji berries are receiving a lot of publicity lately, due to the fact they are really nutritional powerhouses. They are superfruits in every sense of the term. They contain beta carotine, they are high in vitamins and minerals, and they're loaded with phytonutrients that actually prevent chronic disease.

I can say that independently, although the company that makes this product probably couldn't make that kind of claim, but the facts are out about this, and we know nutrition really works to prevent disease, and we know that Chinese wolfberries, or the NingXia wolfberries, contain phenomenal quantities of phytonuytrients.

The other thing I like about this product is that you won't find junk juices in it, which means there's no grape juice or pear juice or apple juice; that's really just a filler or a sweetener in many other superfruit juices. Here you find juices like pomegranate juice or blueberry juice. These are quality juices that on their own have medicinal value. In fact, pomegranate juice has been recently shown to prevent the onset of prostate cancer.

So to put it all together, it's a worthwhile product. I highly recommend it, and remember that I have no financial ties to this company or any of the companies or products that I mention here, or that I have chosen for the best of show awards, so I don't make a dime from this product, but I hope that you avail yourselves of this kind of nutrition and experience the benefits for yourself.

Aquarius Water

One more product I've chosen for the best of show awards is the Aquarius Water product. It is a crystallized oxygen water product from Oregon. It comes out of the spring there and it is processed to put oxygen into the water, and it has a pH of 7.7.

I like this water a lot. I like the taste. I like the history of the company, I like what's in the water, and I like the pH well. I think this product exhibits many superior qualities, so I might choose this over many of the mainstream water products on the market. Now the truth is, it's not the least expensive water you can buy. Then again, it's your health at stake here. I don't want a discount on what I'm putting into my body, I want the very best and this is the very best water product that I've found at this show, so check it out. It's Aquarius Crystallized Oxygen Water at

So those are the best of show awards here at the Natural Choices Exposition in Tucson, Ariz., 2005. Thanks for reading. I'm Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reporting for Truth Publishing.

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