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Originally published January 17 2004

Enormous supply of clean hydrogen fuel can now be tapped for the hydrogen economy

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

This is a seemingly insignificant news story, but don't let appearances
fool you: this is in fact one of the most important news items of the
year, with enormous long term ramifications. You see, a tremendous
amount of clean hydrogen energy is stored in the form of gas hydrates
(frozen gas and water, basically) found on ocean floors across the
world. Until now, nobody has known how to tap into these gas hydrates to
release the hydrogen. And, of course, we don't yet have a hydrogen
economy, since most engines still run on oil in one form or another. But
put the pieces together in the near future: hydrogen-powered vehicles in
the form of fuel cells, plus a plentiful, clean source of hydrogen fuel
from these gas hydrates found on the ocean floor. Now you've got a whole
new world economy where Canada and even Japan are sources of fuel, and
the Middle East is no longer so strategically important. The science is
all here: we have the fuel cells and now a plentiful source of hydrogen
that doesn't come from barrels of oil. It's only a matter of time before
these come together in our economy.

For the first time, an international research program involving the Department of the Interior's U.S. Geological Survey has proven that it is technically feasible to produce gas from gas hydrates. Gas hydrates are a naturally occurring "ice-like" combination of natural gas and water that have the potential to be a significant new source of energy from the world's oceans and polar regions. The United States is committed to participating in international research programs such as this one to advance the understanding of natural gas hydrates and the development of these resources. Even though gas hydrates are known to occur in numerous marine and Arctic settings, little was known before the Mallik project about the technology necessary to produce gas hydrates.

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