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Originally published October 28 2005

Lluvia skin care line from Amazon Herb Company offers healthy skin solutions without toxic chemicals

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

I've never had many good things to say about cosmetics and skin care products, because if you want to be honest about it, probably 98 percent of the skin care products on the market are complete garbage. They do nothing whatsoever to beautify your skin, and, in fact, most of them actually harm your health, because they contain artificial fragrances composed of cancer-causing chemicals. When you put this stuff on your skin, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream and causes liver damage, or even DNA damage. It is a direct promoter of cancer. In fact, according to federal law, nearly all bottles of perfume, deodorant, lotion, shampoo and skin care products are illegally labeled, because they contain cancer-causing ingredients, and yet they have no warnings on the labels whatsoever to alert consumers about those ingredients.

But now there's a new skincare product line from the Amazon Herb Company that is actually healthy. It actually contains only helpful ingredients. None of those harmful ingredients found in most other skin care and cosmetic products are found in this line. The line is called Lluvia, and it's the first line of personal care products that I have been willing to stand up and talk about as being healthy. These products contain potent rain forest botanicals, but more importantly, they have no artificial fragrance, no fillers and no sodium laureth sulfate. They are not made with things like transmission fluid and brake fluid, which are the chemicals found in most other cosmetic products. This is an exceptional product line, and I'm going to discuss these products in more detail in future articles.

Even though I have tested the Lluvia product line for this article, I don't use them on a regular basis, because as a general guideline, I don't use any skin care or cosmetic products at all. I don't put anything on my skin. My strategy is to create healthy skin from the inside, through outstanding nutrition. I do this by eating raw foods and drinking raw food juices. If you ever want to see a bunch of people with a really vibrant, healthy glow in their skin, just go to a raw food group. Those who have been eating raw foods the longest will probably have the best skin.

But most of the world isn't going to convert to raw foods, so most people need external nutrition for their skin, and in that case, I think this Lluvia product line is the very best I've found yet. If you're going to put something on your skin, let it be this.

Lluvia has all the products you might expect in a skin care line: Cleanser, moisturizer, a deep penetrating oil that gives healthy oils to your skin tissues and a nice spray to spritz your face. In addition to these products, they have a camu C serum, which is loaded with camu fruit. As you may know, camu is very high in antioxidants and contains an extremely high level of vitamin C. If you put this serum on your skin, there's no question about it: These nutrients will be absorbed into the skin and provide external nutritional.

The efficacy of external medicine

Many herbs and medicines throughout the centuries have been used externally. For example, you can chew up comfrey leaves, make a paste, apply that paste to a broken bone, and it will help that bone heal more quickly. Herbs do get absorbed through the skin.

Lots of things get absorbed through the skin. Medically speaking, this is one pathway through which the body can ingest healthy, healing rainforest botanicals. In fact, the skin is the single largest organ on or in your body. If you're going to put healthy products somewhere, the skin is a great place to put them. At the same time, I think you should put healthy products in your mouth as well, because you also have a lot of surface area in your small and large intestine, and that's where the foods come into contact with your bloodstream. So, if you want healthy skin, make sure to take good care of your intestines by following a clean diet as well.

The secret to healthy skin

Over the years, my criticism of the entire cosmetics industry has been quite consistent. The industry teaches people that they don't have to be healthy from the inside. All they have to do is buy the right products and they can cover up everything from the outside. I strongly disagree with that line of thinking. Even now, with this wonderful product line from the Amazon Herb Company, I would never recommend that anyone use this product as his or her sole health regimen.

The use of healthy rain forest botanicals on the outside should always be coupled with outstanding nutrition on the inside. After all, you can't go out and eat pizza and cookies all day and then treat your skin with a couple of doses of Amazon herbs and expect to have healthy, glowing skin. It doesn't work that way. You have to follow a pristine diet, avoid ingredients that cause disease and take in fresh foods, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and whole grains. Whenever possible, eat these foods raw. If you want truly exceptional-looking skin on the outside, then combine a healthy diet with Lluvia. That's my take on this product line.

Personally, I won't be using it because I don't have the patience to apply skin care products every day. (I keep my hair short, for example, because I can't stand taking the time to dry long hair.) But for those of you looking for health-enhancing skin care products, this is a great way to go, and it's the best skin care product line I've seen yet. It's also great for people with sensitive skin, thanks to the lack of toxic chemicals. In fact, one person in my office -- who has a skin reaction to just about every skin care product on the market -- was amazed that she had no reaction to the Lluvia products.

100% independent review

Finally, just so you know, I'm not involved with the Amazon Herb Company. I'm not a distributor, I don't profit from your purchase of these products and I don't have any affiliate links. Whether or not you decide to purchase or use these products makes no financial difference to me. I bring you this information because I value my readers and want to bring them the best information I can find out there, and in terms of skin care products, these are the best that I've seen.

The Amazon Herb Company is a network marketing company, so if you want the products, you have to buy from an existing distributor. If you already know someone who introduced you to this article, then please purchase from them. If you don't know anyone from the Amazon Herb Company, then my recommended distributor is Terry Pezzi, a heartful gem of a woman I've known for almost two years now. She dedicates a percentage of her proceeds to charities, by the way. Here's how to reach her or purchase the Lluvia skin care products:

Phone: (520) 247-1700
Toll-free USA: 1-866-693-8622
Website for purchases:
Amazon Herb ID# 95284

By the way, if you are already an Amazon Herb distributor, Truth Publishing has waived the copyrights on this article, so you reprint this as long as credit is given to the author (the Health Ranger) and Change the contact information to your own and use this article as a third-party endorsement of the Lluvia products, if you wish. Enjoy!


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