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Originally published September 19 2005

Proper contact lens care can prevent eye damage

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Many wearers of contact lenses risk loss of sight due to corneal ulcers. To prevent this, ophthalmologists recommend never sleeping in contacts, never using water or saliva to clean a lens, and replacing contact cases every 3 months to prevent contamination.

Going blind is a pretty scary thought, especially knowing you indirectly caused it. About 30,000 cases of corneal ulcers are diagnosed each year. One underlying cause is not giving your contact lenses the TLC they need. Pam Worsham all most lost her sight to a corneal ulcer. Fortunately, she saw an ophthalmologist in time to prevent real damage. Experts say there are some sight-saving tips contact lens wearers should use. "It is best not to ever sleep in the contact lenses. Extended-wear lenses do not imply that patients should be sleeping in them," says Ophthalmologist Shahzad Mian, M.D. "Water should never be used because tap water can be contaminated with bacteria and parasites, which can lead to very serious problems." Also, clean your cases often and replace them every three months.

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