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Originally published July 31 2005

Interview: Miracle Greens superfood supplement

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Mike: I'm here with Josh Wright of Miracle Greens, Inc. They have a product here called Miracle Greens. Can you give us an overview of what is in the product?

Wright: Well, it's the only green product out there that's made with organic barley versus wheat grass and alfalfa and things like that. So it's less reactive and it's a milder detox than you get in all the other greens products. And for anyone who's tried Miracle Greens, we're known for our taste. That's another good thing about the barley; it's got a better taste and is not as grassy as the alfalfa or the wheat.

Mike: I can vouch for the good taste. It's very nice, a little bit fruity and a little bit green.

Wright: Yes. Usually you mix it with either water or apple juice and water. Today we have it mixed with a smoothie that consists of strawberries, peaches, bananas, Miracle Greens and apple juice, which I can tell is going to be the hit of the show.

Mike: Definitely! You'll run out.

Wright: I think we will. I just went and bought 15 lbs of strawberries and peaches, and I think they're going to be gone.

Mike: What is the address of your website?


Mike: And can consumers buy directly from that site, or do they have to go to retail?

Wright: Yes, you can buy directly off the site, and we're also carried at most Whole Foods, Nature's Best and other stores like that.

Mike: Okay. What about the different product sizes you have available?

Wright: We have three sizes, and we have a fourth coming out. We have a two-ounce size, which is about equal to a week's worth. It's to get you familiar with the product, because we find that some people are averse to buying a big portion of something that they don't know they're going to like. What we find is that these smaller sizes drive the prices of the bigger ones. The two-ounce is about a week's worth, and that retails for $9.95. The 10-ounce, which is about a month's worth, retails for $39.95.

Mike: Are the portions one serving a day then?

Wright: Well, the good thing in this case is that more is better. I personally take it in the morning for breakfast, before I go to work and after I come home from the gym before I go to bed at night. So more is not going to hurt you. Once a day being the minimum, I know people that take it two or three times a day. We also have a large size, a kilo. That's about three months for one person, but it's also a good family size. We've had more parents turning their kids onto it; they slip it into their drinks. That's one of the reasons I got into taking it -- I don't like vegetables and I didn't eat vegetables. And knowing that you obviously have to get the vitamins and minerals and nutrition that you get in vegetables, I got turned onto this product and haven't stopped drinking it since.

Mike: So what are the top four or five ingredients in this product?

Wright: The most prominent would be, let's see, let's run down the actual list. There's the barley, first and foremost, then the spirulina, the chlorella cracked cell and the spinach powder.

Mike: Excellent.

Wright: We've also got a page on the website where you can see how we're compared against other green products. If you line us up against all the other products that are out there, you'll see that we have more concentrations of al the vitamins and minerals and antioxidants and things that you'll need. Things such as vitamin C, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba and aloe vera, just to name a few.

Mike: You even have aloe in it, huh?

Wright: Yes.

Mike: Excellent.

Wright: So you can see that we stack up much better against all the other greens. Like I said, we're made from organic barley, so we're less reactive.

Mike: Outstanding. For the listeners here, I want to add my own personal opinion on this. Spirulina is an excellent source of trace vitamins, vitamin B12, and it has a little GLA oil in it too. It's ocean dried blue-green algae, and it's an outstanding health product. Also you've got aloe vera in here, which has benefits for cardiovascular health. That's my opinion, not their claim.

Wright: I've found the same thing, what I was alluding to earlier was using it for the more body building fitness aspect. What a lot of people don't know about is balancing your body's pH. When you're on a heavy protein diet, things like stress and processed foods will drive you into acidic pH. What this product does is bring you back to a more alkaline state. When I was dieting down to take some pictures it really helped me with carbohydrate cravings. For me, and I think most people would agree, nighttime is the worst. That's when cravings start creeping in. And that's why I take it along with my post workout meal and a shake to help, number one, break up the lactic acid, and number two, to help with those carbohydrate cravings.

Mike: Wonderful. So also for those listening, if you've had some taste barriers with things like The Ultimate Meal, which I recommended in the past there's a pretty strong taste in that product. Definitely check out Miracle Greens, it's got a very pleasant taste, I've tasted it myself. I just drank it with water and I thought it was great. Some people aren't used to greens and probably need a little bit of sweetener.

Wright: Exactly. That's why we have it mixed with half apple juice, half water, and there are also the smoothies that we're debuting today, which I predict will be very hot.

Mike: That's wonderful, can I talk to the formulator?

Ortiz: Hi, I'm Sylvia Ortiz.

Mike: Sylvia Ortiz. I talked with Josh for a few minutes about your product. I've tried it, and I love it. I'm a big proponent of green foods and superfoods. What I like about your product is it's more palatable than some of the other greens products on the market.

Ortiz: Miracle Greens is one of the best-tasting greens -- or superfoods -- on the market. The reason is that it consists of non-allergenic greens, no wheat and no alfalfa. The result is that you don't get that heavy, grassy taste; you don't get that heavy detox.

Mike: I see. And what was the reason that you formulated this product? Where does the passion come from?

Ortiz: The passion comes from [my own family]. I've been in the business for 23 years and my son was very obese. He was active in tennis and everything, but he was 16 years old and he was over 225 pounds. I said to him, look, I'm going to put together a formula that's going to get you all the nutrients that your body needs and it's going to stop food cravings, because it's going to shift your body into the right pH balance. And he said "I don't care what you make, Mom, if it doesn't taste good, I'm not going to drink it." So I went ahead and made the Miracle Greens. It took him six months and he lost 65 lbs.

Mike: Wow.

Ortiz: He totally transformed his life.

Mike: That's a wonderful experience. And now you're sharing it with everyone else.

Ortiz: Everyone loves the Miracle Greens -- they love the gentleness of it, they love the fact that they can drink it on an empty stomach, and they can get all their nutrients. You know, it's a vitamin tablet times ten, but it's coming all from whole foods, so there's no synthetic vitamins or chemicals in the Miracle Greens.

Mike: All whole food concentrates?

Ortiz: All whole food concentrates.

Mike: No sweeteners, no fillers?

Ortiz: I put just a touch of stevia in it and that's it.

Mike: Ah, perfect. That's the best way to go. I like it. And can people purchase this direct from your website?

Ortiz: We have our website, it's We're in most of the health food stores throughout the country, including Whole Food stores and Ralph's grocery stores.

Mike: Wonderful. Thank you!

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